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Best Judo throw from wrestling: Ura Nage

Best Judo throw from wrestling: Ura Nage

what I am going to to do when I am bringing my hips through is to ensure that his shoulders land first. So he lands shoulders, then back, then lowerback, then his hips hit. So you dont have to worry about him landing on your lock. Because he is going to be landing across his shoulders So I go double unders, he swings on the head lock, I swing around the body and my cheek is going to start looking into his chest You see how he lands across his shoulder blades first. can we see it again? I will speed it up a little bit. so i got double unders. He rips a head lock. So dont worry about that lock, hes land across his shoulders. Alright on three, one, two three!!

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22 thoughts on “Best Judo throw from wrestling: Ura Nage

  1. That looks badass! Just to recap, first secure the double underhooks then step around in a wide horse stance, pop the hips and rotate over your left shoulder to make sure my training partner lands safely. I have a question. Would you be able to use the Sasae as a feint for a kick or is it solely used as a throwing technique?

  2. Do you need to release your left arm from their back to avoid injury to your arm?

    Also, I’ve tried this a few times but end up landing first before the uke, what am I doing wrong?

  3. The throw is about timing. But for smaller guys, one key aspect is to push with your head. Once you get the opponents hip under your hips, you push with your head on their shoulder and hoist. If you take this to practice, and you are a bigger opponent and do this on a smaller opponent, I'd suggest you go easy, you can easily knock an opponent out, or cuncuss them, there is a lot of moment going to the matt.

  4. Hi im 14 years old and i struggle against adults taking the back grip during randori, can you do a video on shorter judokas vs taller?

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  9. Thank you for breaking this throw down for me. I would always practice this on the dummy at my school. I use to always think that you would have to bridge yourself after you throw. I will it this way. OSU!

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