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  1. please can u guys help me out. im a young guy and im around 50kgs which is pretty fat for my age and I don't like my appearance as I think I look really fat. my legs,stomach and ass are especially fat and I really what to look thinner and physically be fitter. can u guys maybe give me workout routines or tips on diet or workouts to help me become fitter. it would mean the world to me if you could help me! 😀 p.s I cant go to a gym

  2. Used to wonder where you could find girls that actually look like these Workout Music photos that get posted on the YouTube videos. Until I started going to actual gyms. Ya know, not that local one with a bunch of men. But them Planet Fitness, 24/7 Fitness, etc places where you're not allowed to hit on, flirt or come onto others. Yeah.. they're all there. They're real. lol

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  4. I use this product and combine it with my daily workout + diet. It is one of the most
    effective products on the market. Of course, if you are disciplined person who
    wants to achieve results and stay attractive.

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