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Beyond Scared Straight: Top 5 Inmates Who Break the Teens | A&E

Beyond Scared Straight: Top 5 Inmates Who Break the Teens | A&E

seen me on the last show? GIRL: I did.
They call me Ice Mike because I’m cold as ice. I want you to
hold this for me. It’s Kool-Aid, we put
this on bitches like you. Now take your finger and just
do this to the bottom lip. Come here. [KISSING SOUND] And I kiss you,
you orange-flavored [BLEEP].. I’m back, and I’m
ready for round two. I have my Kool-Aid ready. Matter of fact–
bitch, you hold this. (YELLING) Bitch, do you like
hitting on your grandmama? Man, I miss my [BLEEP] momma. I should hit you in
your [BLEEP] eye. What hood you from? Charlie. Charlie? Man, Charlie’s a
bunch of bitches. Do you understand me, bitch? Go on and swing. I’d beat the [BLEEP] out you. Make my day, bitch. Make it. [MUSIC INTENSIFYING] Unball your fist before I
smack the [BLEEP] out you. Unball your
[BLEEP] fists, man. Wipe that smirk off–
ICE MIKE: W– what’s that for? MALE INMATE: –your face, man. You a smart,
intelligent, dumb-dumb-[BLEEP].. Didn’t even make sense, did it? Give me this. ‘Cause
you got this bitch right here want to be a hoe. I’m gonna let her know
what happen when she come down here on 9th Street. Open that. Let me show you how you
do this you dumb [BLEEP].. Take this. You know what to do with it. Take the Kool-Aid, pour it. Yeah, you want to be
grown jumping out of cars. You know what to do with it! Stick it in there! Now put it on your [BLEEP]. Your lips, not your mouth! You want to be grown? Get– put– put
it in there again! Put it on your cheeks
this time [BLEEP].. Now you– you grown,
you want to be a hoe? You a little [BLEEP] girl. Where your mom at? (VOICE BREAKING) Paralyzed. ICE MIKE: She paralyzed and
you doing the [BLEEP] you do? I ain’t got no mama! And you abusing your mama! She paralyzed and you
taking advantage of her! If I knew you were out there
and saw you jump in the car, I would beat your ass
and beat whoever ass that jump, that you give me. If I was getting
out of here sooner, you would give me a name. Ain’t they older than 21? 20? That’s [BLEEP]! They [BLEEP] you! Whether you were willingly
giving it to him or not, that’s [BLEEP]! And when it comes to a person
taking advantage of a kid, [BLEEP] [INAUDIBLE]. I deal with it in my own way. Out of anybody in here– out
of any anybody, you, you should have learned something today. You. You should have learned
something today when you say your [BLEEP] [INAUDIBLE]. [INMATE CHATTER] You want it? Because you think it’s a game. You– you think it’s a game. MALE INMATE: Don’t [INAUDIBLE].
MONSTER: Huh? MALE INMATE: ‘Cause you saw it.
– No, I don’t think it’s a game. This one right here– look, you see him over there? Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. I’m sitting in jail on a murder
case ’cause of my friend. They call me Monster. But man, they got some stuff in
here that’ll turn your stomach. Coming in here, it
ain’t the place. I’ve been doing this
[BLEEP] since ’87, man. Back and forth to prison,
back and forth to jail. But you, you coming back,
and I’m sorry to say that. I wouldn’t wish this on my
[INAUDIBLE] worst enemy. Man, I cried
probably twice a day. Twice a day, cuz. I shouldn’t be
here, but I’m here. Please, don’t be like us. Please don’t. That’s all I
got to tell y’all. Bro, hit me! Come on, hit me. My name’s Travis. I’m 22 years old and been in and
out of jail at least 25 times. Once you come one time,
you keep coming back. I got an anger problem. I had it for a long time. Long time. I started when I was 10 years
old– caught my first charge. I’ve been in and out
of systems since then– I’m 22. This [BLEEP] is not worth it. And if y’all think
y’all tough, y’all can hit me in the face right now. You think you’re
tough, but you’re not. Let me tell you
something, this [BLEEP] get on you, this [BLEEP],,
that [BLEEP],, him, him. I guarantee you one thing,
you gonna be on the ground in less than 10 seconds.
MALE INMATE: That’s right. TRAVIS: Just that fast. I know what I’m doing, and
I’m not going to [BLEEP] with the big [BLEEP]. And I’ve been fighting
my whole [BLEEP] life. That shirt you’re wearing
would have been mine. Your name tag, I would have took
that [BLEEP] and wore it myself just so I could show
that you’re my bitch. And your little sister– [SNIFFLING] TRAVIS: –that
makes you feel good? You should be
taking care of her. What happens if you
go to prison one day and someone breaks in
your house and [BLEEP] your mom and your sister? You’re going to live with that
for the rest of your life. Come on, hit me in the
mouth like hit your momma. You ain’t [BLEEP]. You ain’t [BLEEP]. Yeah, you’re still
shaking your head, but you still ain’t hit me. I gave you many opportunities. You want to try again? What are you going to do? You’re going to hit
me in the mouth? That’s exactly what
the [BLEEP] I want. Y’all better change
y’all ways, I’d trade positions with any of y’all. MALE INMATE: It’s not
that [BLEEP],, man. I’m tired of seeing
you [BLEEP],, man. What the [BLEEP] funny? Bitch– It don’t mean [BLEEP]. [BLEEP] you. [BLEEP] you, punk. You touch me [BLEEP] and
I’ll [BLEEP] up quick. I don’t give a [BLEEP]
should have hit him. You would hit your dad
and beat your mama. I asked you why
you hit your mama, and you told me ’cause
you was mad at her– she pissed you off. Why didn’t you hit him? MALE INMATE: ‘Cause he’s scared. MALE INMATE: Come on,
man, you a coward, bro. That just showed
you, you ain’t tough. TRAVIS: Told you
I was [INAUDIBLE].. Who you trying to impress? Them? Y’all want him?
Y’all like him? That’s why I [INAUDIBLE]. They don’t want you. (SHOUTING) What up? What up, you
wonderful bitches? What’s up? What’s up, princess? What’s up? You bad? What you looking at? You look like you scared. Look like you soft. Up over here crying? Like a punk bitch! Get down! Get down right now! Get on your backs
and do flutters. Get the [BLEEP] up,
I’m not playing with you! She thinks you’re an actor. Yeah. You don’t think I’m real, huh? No, I think you’re real. Oh, come on. You want to go over
into the corner? Stay there. Do you want to test me? Since you want to trade your
lifestyle with somebody else, we’re going to give you the
lifestyle that you want. We’re going to give
you the lifestyle– – You want to test me?
– Go ahead. – Huh?
– No. You want to test me?
Come on! CORRECTIONS OFFICER: Go ahead. You don’t want to test me? No. Put your– put your dukes up! Put your dukes up! They call me Twin. If one of these kids
want to step up to me, I’mma [BLEEP] them up. And I’m not going
to play no games with them like they mommies. You want to come up in
here, you gonna be my bitch. (SHOUTING) You think I’m a joke? No, I don’t think
you’re a joke. Obviously you do! Obviously you think
your mama’s a joke too. What is your problem? Why are you disrespecting
them like that? Because they don’t
deserve my respect. They don’t deserve
your respect? No. Get the [BLEEP] [INAUDIBLE]. You ain’t learning [BLEEP]. Get the [BLEEP] down and do
some old flutters, home girl. I didn’t tell you to touch
[BLEEP] shoes neither! You think I’m playing with you?
– No! – Huh?
– No! Yeah, you do! (CRYING) No, I don’t. Yeah, you do,
you little bitch! You think I’m playing with you!
– No, I don’t! You have to keep up
with your [BLEEP] knees! [CRYING] Get the [BLEEP]. I ain’t broke you down yet! I’mma break you down! Keep on moving
your [BLEEP] knees! (CRYING) I am broken down. Keep on moving
your– no, you not! Keep on moving your knees! What’s going to happen
now, we’re opening the door, you now belong to them. When can we have them? You think it’s scary now? Wait till the door opens. Here, let’s go! And hands to your side! Close up the line! Let’s go! Hands to your side! Straight ahead. GREEN EYES (VOICEOVER):
Green Eyes– 15 to life. Been down 26 years. If you want to come, come
on ’cause it’s my house. On the yellow line! FEMALE INMATE: Let’s go! Follow the yellow line. Hurry up! FEMALE INMATE: Let’s go! Hurry up! [INAUDIBLE] On the fence! Hair up. Paper towels, makeup off! You need some help? Because I will help
you take it off. Wipe it off! All of it! Hurry up and get it off. FEMALE INMATE: Pick it up. All of it up. Not a ponytail, a bun! And don’t litter in my prison. Hands to your side
and face the fence! AKEEFA (VOICEOVER): Akeefa– W-454A1. Second degree murder,
down 19 years. And your hands will remain at
your sides the rest of the day. Whatever you’re accustomed
to doing, it’s over today. Turn around! Turn around! Are you deaf? Turn around! This is not a joke. This is not a game. This is a lifestyle. We live here. So if you chose to
live with us, welcome. Face that way and walk. FEMALE INMATE: Let’s go! Move it! Do you got a problem today? ‘Cause if you– I’m
up here, look at me! We’re here for you today. We’re not here to play games. Kiddie games or nothing else. So do you have a problem today? So are you–
– You say, “no, ma’am.” No, ma’am. When you see a cross,
what does it mean? Somebody died. Good answer. ‘Cause somebody did die. She died right here. Her rival gang members seen
her and beat her to death. Whatever she did on the
street followed her to prison, so they beat her until she died. And no sooner did she
died, it started raining. She laid out here in
the rain for two hours before she was even
covered with a plastic bag. They don’t care. Once you here,
you’re only a number. Who’s talking to you? You are. Then look at me
and pay attention!

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100 thoughts on “Beyond Scared Straight: Top 5 Inmates Who Break the Teens | A&E

  1. i encourage yall to look at the full clip of that 1st on the real though. he put that girl in her place. not going to lie if yall want to hear real talk listen to the aftermath.

  2. I swear, I've seen that woman "Green Eyes" on this show a few times. I remember watching this on TV when I was like 8 or 9 years old and I saw her on it back then.

  3. This show sounds like a Storm Alert Test with all the bleeps!
    This is a test run conducted by the Federal Emergency Alert System. If this had been a real emergency, instructions would appear at the top of the screen indicating what to do, along with designated safety points. The test will be over in a minute and you can then return to your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.

  4. People at my school scared of the teachers even the sweet ones I’d like to see them with them 😂 cause they actually scary not my teachers that’s for sure

  5. They used to have scared straight meetings in my hometown and I remember attending them out of pure curiosity. The most traumatizing experiences was a time when a man explained in detail getting raped when he first was put in prison and then told about a time he in turn raped somebody who looked like one of the boys in the meeting. He didn’t even yell just a monotone explanation and it scared me from even thinking about committing crimes.

  6. Idk why no one is talking about this but why are they using the kitchen nightmares sound effect in beyond scared straight??

  7. Due to emotional issues, if i was forcibly sent there id probably end up hurting myself. I understand how thre program works, but im emotionally unstable thanks to my mother. I already can imagine being screamed at, and having my fingers ripped aaay from my arms.

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