Hey everyone. Ben with Konkin Can Do and we’re talking again
about DAZN. And wait till the end of the video cause I’ve
got a message direct for you DAZN. Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your
feedback. We’re doing everything we can to get you all
your answers about DAZN. People have been asking, can you play multiple
games on multiple devices on one account? We put it to the test. We loaded up phone, tablet, laptop and HD
TV streaming live four separate games going on at once with no problems. This season there is one huge problem with
DAZN that is going to be affecting a lot of you out there. If you had Sunday Ticket. If you’ve unplugged, DAZN is an upgrade, it’s
going to be awesome for the season. If you have cable TV and you’re used to buying
the Sunday Ticket package, it’s going to be a downgrade. Alright DAZN, let’s have a little sit down
chat. All of us who’ve unplugged are going to love
this. However, you’ve taken away one of the best
tools for people who have cable and one of the biggest reasons they keep cable is to
have Sunday Ticket, which you don’t let them have anymore. Before they could watch all their games in
true live, they could watch them in true HD and now you’ve downgraded them to this. So, if you want to keep your people in Canada
happy you need to upgrade your system, you need to be live, you need to be HD. Get this to be the quality of cable, and you’re
in business. Otherwise, it’s going to be a tough road to
win over our hearts folks. Hey, thanks for watching, it’s Ben with Konkin
Can Do and remember, like subscribe, or nothing or whatever, you know what to do. I’m out. Go Hawks!

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