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Bikini Wax or Go Head-To-Head With an MMA Fighter? | Would You Rather | Cut

Bikini Wax or Go Head-To-Head With an MMA Fighter? | Would You Rather | Cut

– Hi, I’m Dietrich. – And I’m Daniel. – And we’re playing would you rather. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Oh no, this is so, nope, no. They gave me hot. (gagging) – A cup of, a cup of hot sauce? A full cup of hot sauce? – (Interviewer) Are you guys worried you’re going to lose today? – Yes. – Everyday, everyday I wake up. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’m afraid of that. – Alright, ready? Would you rather get a bikini wax or fight an MMA fighter for one round? Goddammit, at least we don’t
have to eat gross food today. – Yeah, just internal bleeding. – Guess we should start
weighing the pros and cons, eh. – Yeah. – Starwipe. – Hey Paul. – Daniel. – Hey what’s happening, Paul. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you Daniel. – Dietrich. – Dietrich, what’s up,
Paul, nice to meet you. – So if we’re boxing you’re
punching people in the face and to the body to try to
break ’em down and damage ’em. Not hard to break a nose, you know, you could potentially get cut,
tooth could get knocked out, broken finger, broken toe, you know. This guy here is Mike Ross. – He’s almost got like two
sets of teeth like a shark. – I bet he could rip both of
our arms off at the same time. – That’s what I’m saying,
that’s what I’m saying. – He can put his elbow across your throat and then punch you repeatedly in the face with like his other hand. – Is there any risk of death? – Ah, possibly but it’s going
to be super low, you know. I would happily get a bikini wax before I stepped into the cage with Mike Ross. – Yup, we’re going to do a bikini wax. – (Interviewer) Woo, fuck yeah. – Goddammit, that’s like really. – This is not confetti, this
is like straight asbestos. – Is this asbestos? – Hey, this isn’t bad
actually, it’s pretty nice. – This is muy romantic,
yes, let’s do this. I am, I’m ready to get waxed. Y’all ready, y’all ready for this? – (Interviewer) Oh yeah. Do you just want to see my
anus just to get it over with? – Not at all, not even one bit. – Two, one, here you go, ready. – Alright, so, we’ll
see how hot the wax is. – Get in there Dietrich, c’mon man. Be careful, don’t fucking
scorch my crotch man. – I can’t get past, I can’t
get through the pubes. (laughter) – Oh no, alright put a strip on it. You gotta put a strip on it now. Or spread it out, did
you spread it properly? – (laughing) I honestly don’t know. – Dietrich, I don’t trust you in this now. – Okay. – Oh no, how long is
she, how long, how long? – I don’t know. – It’s supposed to be taut. – Fucking do it, do it pussy. (laughing) – Dan I’m going to try again. – What, let me see the strip. Oh no. Aah, no. (yelling) I don’t know how I’m going
to get this thing off of me. It’s like. – It’s on there man. – (Interviewer) No, he
got it off, he got it off. – There’s one pube. There’s still so, aah,
it’s stuck to my belly. (laughing) Which is stuck to my crotch, ah. – Oh fuck. (laughing) – Fuck you Dietrich. – That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. – This went horribly wrong. (laughing) – (Interviewer) Can we get him a napkin? – Do you have an electric razor? It’s all just like sticking to me. – (Interviewer) Hannah,
you guys, we need more. – More napkins isn’t the answer Blaine. Ready, do it. – One. (ripping) – Ah, oh, (laughing) Oh, oh God, it sounded like
you’re tearing up carpet. – Would you move the tassel out of? Oh my fucking God, don’t. – Go Dietrich, go. – (Interviewer) Oh wow, that is, that is. – Oh, ho, ho, ho, Goddammit, Goddammit. – That tickles. – Oh. (laughing) – Ow. Can I put my ankle on your shoulder? Oh no. Yup. Ooh, ah. Ah, the towel’s stuck to my asshole, oh. (laughter) No, ah. – (Interviewer) Olive oil? – I can’t even walk
right, hang on I gotta. – (Interviewer) There you go. There use that olive oil
to remove that stuff. – Yeah, I’m going to. – (Interviewer) Alright, go
ahead, head to the shower. – Can I go, I don’t have to do it here. – (Interviewer) Go head to the shower, we’ll prep Dietrich for
you that’ll be next. – Cool, get ready buddy. What’s your favorite band? – (laughing) Cake. – Cake? What’s your favorite Cake song? – Take Off Your Stick and. – What’s that? – Oh, you’re really on my penis right now. Ow, oh no, it didn’t go
all the way off did it? So, I’m going to fart, I’m
definitely going to fart. – I wanna try to go the other way. – I’m definitely going
to fart when you do that. (laughing) – It’s so close to being done. Ready, ready? – No. – Three, two, one. (ripping) – Ooh, fuck, fuck, fuck. – Oh, it smells so bad. Three, two, one, oh no. – (Interviewer) Alright, finish it Dan. – Do you want me to finish it? I just need to see what
the smell’s like over here. – It’s not optimum. – Okay, do you trust me? – No, oh. (laughter) – Ready? – Just do it, (screaming). – Here, here, put your, put your. – No, no. – There you go, there you go. See now you don’t have to
worry about your (laughter). Three, two. (screaming) – Fuck, fuck, ooh. – (Dan) Wow. Good job man. – Thanks man. – (Interviewer) Alright,
are you guys ready for the Google results? – I forgot about this part to be honest. I completely forgot about this. – (Interviewer) Are you guys
ready for the internet results? – Yeah. – (Interviewer) 55 out of 100 people said they would fight the MMA fighter. How do you guys feel right now? – I’m fucking not stoked
about this at all. – (Interviewer) Sorry guys you lost, so. (loud screeching) Alright, how do you guys feel? – That is real violent right there. – Is that him punching? – That’s him punching right there. – (Interviewer) Look behind you. – Let’s do this, Fantastic
Beasts comes out. I’m trying to watch that by 10:50. – What Fantastic Beasts? – Yeah, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. – Oh, we’ll get you there by then. – Fighter, are you ready? Fight. (dinging) Touch gloves, let’s go. Alright. – (Dietrich) There you
go Dan, there you go Dan. (dinging) (laughter) – (Interviewer) Yeah
Dietrich, hustle, hustle. Alright, remember Mike you
have to take down with a kick. (dinging) That’s illegal spot. We’ve entered the second
round of martial arts. – Oh yeah, I’m done for
that one right there. – (Interviewer) That
could’ve been where the toes slapped your face. – That’s the toes right there. That’s the toe slap. I feel like we’re the opposite
of what’s going on right now. – Yeah, like I’m a fat, doughy hobbit that should just be smoking
weed and making you laugh not getting punched. – And I love big band
jazz and that’s kind of what I want to focus on, not violence. – And that’s, honestly
the light makes me want to puke a little bit. – Yeah, everything’s bad right now. Got a little bit of a headache. – And once again, fuck you internet. – Fuck you internet. (electronic music)

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