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Bison Baby & Boxing Baby Black Bear Cubs | Wildlife Conservation Photography | Videography Vlog

Bison Baby & Boxing Baby Black Bear Cubs | Wildlife Conservation Photography | Videography Vlog

H, This is Ricky Zen with In Living
Focus “The fine art of conservation” . I’m in the Tetons as you can see behind me
what a gorgeous gorgeous landscape this is and I’ve been filming all kinds of
wildlife… Pretty awesome! Check out that behind me is that not
beautiful… So let’s go! I am definitely gonna have to let the Bison
out of the bag, There’s absolutely no way that I can cover all the photography and
videos in this one particular video so I’m gonna go ahead and make a series of
videos featuring the wildlife in the landscape of the Grand Teton National
Park and also Yellowstone National Park you know what I love about being out in
the wild is you always get a surprise whether it’s a colorful rainbow a flower
or in this case a prancing deer please make sure that you like and
subscribe and ring that Bell because that Bell there on the right that will
actually inform you when I pose the next video and I really want to see you then
alright here’s a little quiz ago for all you little or you big kids out there who
knows the North American Indian name for the Bison if you know it write it down
in the comments below I used a nikon D a 50 and the Night
Court 200 to 500 millimeter lens if you like these photos and videos feel free
to contact me and I’ll be happy to give you some tutorials on how to use your
camera and/or how to edit some film and/or photography as you can see the bison cow is a very
loving and attentive mother and in tribute to all mothers out there here’s
a little song from one of my shows last forever and a promise to the dairies now the
only hideout for you and you that’s all do you know the difference between a
bison and a buffalo well these are bison they come from
North America and Europe the Buffalo comes from Africa and Asia plus the
Bison has a beard and the Buffalo doesn’t now look at these cuties where
do you think they got the idea to butt heads before we get to the bare
necessities of this video I wanted to share this beautiful duck this is a
golden eye does anyone know the species of golden eye on that this duck is if
you do write it down in the comments below don’t forget to Like and subscribe
so you don’t miss my upcoming video of this particular male golden eye and his
female partner and their beautiful romance now that is a black bear wait a minute
black did you know that black bears can often be brown blonde or even kind of a
gray blue black bears are the smallest of the three species of bear found in
North America the polar bear and the grizzly baby this beautiful Sal bear is not alone
she’s got two gorgeous little baby bear cubs what do we call a baby bear before
its first birthday a baby bear before its first birthday is called a coy don’t
you just love wildlife photography you’re focused on this bear and then a
little pine marten pops up out of nowhere oh here we go
I’ve been using Instagram YouTube and Facebook and this little bird insists on
tweeting this little bird just tweeted to me
that there is a female cell black bear and Ripley Cubs right there beer cups or in this case koi are very
good climber to have very very sharp claws and those branches up there they
actually conceal and protect them from predators right hands down this is my favorite
photo what do you think write that down in the comments Wow that was absolutely so much fun and
so exciting to be out in the Grand Teton National Park also Yellowstone National
Park extremely beautiful places to be the landscape the wildlife the weather
it was just so awesome I encourage you when you go out there bring your bear
spray bear spray is not only beneficial for you it’s beneficial for the Bears
you want to make sure that you always stay a hundred yards or more I recommend
a little more and bring a nice long lens I brought my two hundred to five hundred
millimeter Nikon lens along with my D 850 took some awesome slow-mo video some
4k video and also the photography I would encourage you to please like
subscribe and comment below you know when you comment I get to get an idea of
what you’re looking for and what you’re interested in what your passions are so
this is just as much about you as it is me or about wildlife conservation so
encourage you to definitely get involved I’m gonna be featuring a lot more of
these type of videos I’ve got some grizzly bears with Cubs I’ve got a two
cow moose with calves I got one that has twins pretty awesome of course that
golden eye is gonna pop up and he’s on a date in the video so it’s gonna be
really cool look forward to seeing you again so make sure like subscribe and
comment I will see you soon

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12 thoughts on “Bison Baby & Boxing Baby Black Bear Cubs | Wildlife Conservation Photography | Videography Vlog

  1. What and great video Ricky. The memories you made are priceless and you captured them to share with everyone!!

  2. This is so well done! We have watched it a number of times. You are an amazing photographer, videographer and musician! Thank you for all you are doing to make people more aware of wildlife conservation.

  3. Ricky, again you have given such beautiful insight into our nation's wildlife and why it's so important to do all we can to protect them. Most of us don't have the opportunity to see these gorgeous animals up close and personal. Through your avid photography, videography, music; we truly grasp the majestic beauty we hold in our hands and the importance of wildlife conservation.

  4. Awesome video. Love your work. Beautiful video and photos! I feel like I was right there with you (I wish lol)

  5. Great video, Ricky!!! It's educational and the sceneriy is breathtaking. Love the interactions of the Mother Bison and calves and the bears up close.

  6. Awesome Ricky ! Tack sharp. Your switch to Nikon was a great move. You are definitely in your element. Keep up the great work !

  7. One of the first videos I watched in your Wildlife series… love the baby bison and the mama bison chasing it and the baby bears and the mama bear, (really touches the heart of this mama) I've seen your murals and as always am awed at such talent.
    Whats next?

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