BJJ and MMA are hurting Aikido’s popularity?

Hey guys, Preston here with another episode
of Grappler Going Abroad. Today I want to talk about an article that I read on Brazilian
Jiu-jitsu Eastern Europe. Talking about how MMA and BJJ had a direct impact on the popularity
of Aikido. Now I’m not an Aikidoka myself, I do know some people who practiced Aikido
in the past. I do practice what is considered “combat sports,” like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu,
Judo, and to some people, Shotokan Karate. I know some people view Shotokan Karate as
being a more sports style, which I don’t necessarily agree with. What BJJ Eastern Europe reposted
a video from youtube, which I’ll leave an annotation for, and basically what this video
postulates is that because BJJ and MMA and even so much as to say as Judo because competition
is at the heart of those martial arts, the art itself has had to evolve and change to
meet the demands of competitive sports with athletes continuing to grow, new techniques
being introduced from other sports So those arts have had to evolve due to competition,
due to the influence of sport. Aikido, because it doesn’t have that competitive aspect. There
are no Aikido randori competitions or kumite competitions, that Aikido hasn’t had the need
to evolve, and in itself has become a time capsule of techniques. But I don’t think it’s
just limited to Aikido. I think other koryu martial arts like kyudo and ninjutsu, despite
Masaaki Hatsumi’s questionable lineage, we’re not getting into that today. I think most
japanese koryu martial arts are a time capsule because their main purpose is not sport. It’s
essentially to maintain the culture of the martial art, to keep it’s lineage alive, and
to basically remain as a time capsule of a by-gone age of battlefield combat. So I think
a lot of people like Joe Rogan, who is openly critical of Aikido, I think what they are
missing is that it’s not mean’t to be effective in a combat sport like MMA, it’s more of a
cultural exchange than it is a cage tested fighting style. I mean that’s really all there
is to it. You can’t really compare BJJ to Aikido because Aikido’s primary purpose is
a cultural exchange and as a way of spiritually and physically affecting the people who are
practicing. But that’s all I have for you guys today. If you guys like my videos, please
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My name is Preston, and this has been Grappler Going Abroad.

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