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BJJ Fanatics: Our Story

BJJ Fanatics: Our Story

I forget the exact date but I was in my
late 30s I just got my black belt after class one day we had the hot
up-and-coming brown belt in our school and he challenged me to one of those
after class rolls the ones that everybody watches and it went horribly
for me he jumped on my back with both feet and made one of those like surfing
motions and like everybody in there laughed and it wasn’t the biggest deal
we’re all friends but it it was one of those where I got it handed
to me after class and I was thinking that was not fun
not long after that was scrolling through YouTube videos and I came across
a video of Bernardo when I finish college in my hometown my
Instructor told me: “Bernardo now if you want to live for Jiu-Jitsu it’s your time get
away from here go find a better place go train at that place that you can find
the tricks you know that makes people win the World Championship you know…
I had to leave my hometown to move Sao Paulo to learn more about jiu-jitsu to understand
more about Jiu-Jitsu to know more about Jiu-Jitsu… In this world it’s pretty easy
to reach out to the jiu-jitsu Stars I sent him a Facebook message and so I
coordinated with my school I hosted the seminar had him in town and I thought
his techniques were the most amazing thing that that ever seen. You
know what, this they were really cool and this was something that I could do so he
had to call me and travel me from New York to Boston to learn what I had to
teach him and then we were we were talking about it you know we were
talking like man look hey look what happened you had to move from your home
touch Sao Paulo to find knowledge and I had to travel from New York to Boston to
get knowledge so why don’t you create a website that will bring the bass the ice
and we ask them to teach the best techniques and everybody can learn from
there huh from their homes watching videos the goal is to just transmit
every bit of information that these guys have of what is essential to making the
technique work so anyone who’s struggling at home or anyone who’s
curious anyone who wants to get better can learn what the best practitioners
are doing getting interact with Bernardo every day I’m getting to interact with
Travis Stevens all the time now I get to interact with John Danaher all the time
which is absolutely amazing are we talking about one of the smartest people
in the world I mean he has knowledge at a level that I didn’t realize even
existed I was pushing Mike to show some interest in this side of thing
business-wise you know tying into something you love but I was just
skeptical of of how it would do and then we did that launch I want to say in
about in 2014 and then you know I was skeptical of the performance I
wasn’t skeptical after that people start buying we were it was pretty fun things
started to progress and it was really his energy that really decided to keep
pushing forward with with everything and he said to me Hurley honey said wow you
watch this is gonna get bigger than anything you’ve ever done before how can
you reach more people through visual genetics you know like how can we make
one guy who has never done it you two before watch one video and start doing
it how can we take that guy who is think about stopping widgets and maybe because
you’re watching one video and he learned one move then working next Lane training
he’s not gonna stop just because now he’s excited again
so dad that’s that’s my goal so how can I reach more people that’s the kind of
thing that I think like 24 hours per day know that you want to try to have all
the best practitioners the world on our website where you can just go there and
pick what kind of game best matches yours who do you want to learn from and
you can get better what I love about it is the community and seeing these people
be excited about what we’re doing and some of the names that have gotten out
there seeing the growth of the Facebook group basically just to keep growing
this community probably about six months after I had that original match where
the guy was kind of surfing on my back I said to him you know what why don’t we
have another after class I said sure and we went out again we’re friends with
each other but we had another one and it went very differently this time it
didn’t matter how old I was he didn’t matter how
it was one of those ones where I went through him like a hot knife through
butter I mean and what that really showed me it
wasn’t that I was that great it was the fact that how important the techniques
were and how if you weren’t a technique from the best practitioner in the world
it’s there’s going to be a very different result than then just trying
to figure it out on your own I think everywhere shouldn’t share as
much you should just possibly what some of the times that I share in your sheets
I learn as units because it many times that I’m teaching class I figure out
stuff that I didn’t even know that I do and then SOI I think sharing is the is
the key

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18 thoughts on “BJJ Fanatics: Our Story

  1. unfortunately the dvds are too expensive for me. maybe you guys could offer a different prizing model like netflix or so.

  2. For those that are complaining about the prices of the DVDs you have got to be kidding. Private classes can be anywhere from 100 to 350 dollars an hour. I wasted so much money on useless privates.

  3. Im from Poland. Without Bjj Fanatics i can't learn from the best . I have big respect for you Guys. Thank You.

  4. put your instructionals on amazon so i can get them…i am from el salvador ..i need the basic of bjj

  5. these guys are amazing teachers. They really break down the techniques in a way that is effective from beginners to advanced.

  6. the craig jones down under leg locks series is INSANE, tech for years, thank you for the "permanent private" =)

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