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BMF Хорхе Масвидаль – Нейт Диаз. Плохие парни в деле.

BMF Хорхе Масвидаль – Нейт Диаз. Плохие парни в деле.

[Music] same previous attempts garage after all an ABR a duty of CBS tcellucci Tyrion a Caterham say Joseph or Hamas leader in eight years the WebLogic partner who there in a stolen ecologist Ofunato first director of oil by a table for problems where it’s david added by DeMuth many buddha will be right near dosterone appreader staring at a computer open a blue damn Tory toga width will be details not touch nama ghost as a stopper would say seriously boys upper Cosmo dreams are paid income it as a dancer is lit attaboy [Applause] so here is a pro dating to 2003 here is the consummate veteran Jorge game bred ma speed all arguably the greatest mixed martial arts athlete the state of Florida has ever produced longtime staple of the American Top Team in Coconut Creek Florida he’s got heart the toughness to go with it cardio an outstanding jab and a submission game to go with it this is one of the more well-rounded welterweights in the world and as such he has vaulted into title contention this guy is an excellent boxer and if the fight takes place standing he will have a distinct advantage with his striking skill [Applause] ready [Applause] he’s blacked out it drinks into chicks who but he’s not hands for days psychologically he breaks a lot of guys before they even make this rap though approaches the challenge that is make me a star he’s doing a great job of mixing things up here keeping it unpredictable round is underway and no surprise that his opponents guard is high he has done his homework he has watched film you know about these powerful overhand punches a big part of his game plan every time out see if he can get it going here early in this world he’s doing a great job blocking these shots effective punch there by Jorge Games red Moscow shot he counters with a big look [Applause] well he’s playing with fire here Joey [Applause] you might be out [Applause] he is getting off some huge punches here there’s swung with a haymaker all wheel and to the right hand [Applause] he’s hitting guard here big boy we dress up very nice yeah this ain’t good for mustard all how about that chin beautiful chat there by Jorge he read mosquito from using his jab effective there here Joe look out quickest counter shot [Applause] [Applause] effective strike thereby here’s a huge punch that stuns [Applause] now start off this round he might still be hurt he’s gonna want to look to be defensive and moved and employed getting hit and try to recover and there is one thing we also should consider and that is the swing of manias which is very underrated his submission game [Applause] [Music] that shot is blocked by 40 nice strike landed there by DX constantly a moving target [Applause] good combination so far from both man well he left his head open there Joe and he got trapped with that jab he was almost moving into it so let’s see if he can switch off the footwork here Joe and make the requisite adjustments and he connects them couple good shots here oh sure and the [Applause] Oh game break goes to the clinch now looks like they recovering mechanism here Joe he gets the Muay Thai clinch that knee might have landed there and from here transition to the more tight wrench he’s trying to stay up [Applause] another shot he’s in trouble really through a lot of powers that under cover of mist 90 seconds to a much different approach from here in round two took us a while to find the rain in his striking rhythm he has found it here and as a result has really picked up the pace in round two [Applause] dirty to go pulling back to the well with that left hand just out of range 10 seconds to go [Applause] and here’s a big strike to the head that stuns and here’s another devastating shot to the head that really does damage and here’s another shot to the head that really stuns [Applause] previous round right – doesn’t seem to be slowing down whatsoever [Applause] curcuma billion per billion bushels years Nicole tiramisu $1 touch to do my premise for the boil restrictive comunitaria an item yes one approaches the novel bio but piece of it is Numair canal so interests Matheny and the rest as they say is history big knockout win for him here tonight and here’s the end of the fight check it out again and here we see it again Clank right on the jaw well what a moment for this fighter here tonight a massive knockout on the sports biggest stage Seminole 5 Bruce Buffer is in there with the official decision ladies and gentlemen this contest at 36 seconds of round number three right so another big win for an 80s

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25 thoughts on “BMF Хорхе Масвидаль – Нейт Диаз. Плохие парни в деле.

  1. Перед началом просмотра не ожидала,что видео будет таким интересным.Много нового узнала.Бой интересный.Жду еще выпуски.

  2. Мощная и дерзкая схватка с до конца неизвестным победителем ✌

  3. Спасибо за интересное и увлекательное видео. Выглядит очень реально.

  4. Классно, во технологии шагнули. Смотришь как живой бой!

  5. Спасибо за интересное и увлекательное видео. Выглядит очень здорово

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