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Boxer Dog Breed Guide

Boxer Dog Breed Guide

I”ve had boxers for over 15 years now and
they’re great to live with. Love human contac, they’re really friendly, really good with
the children. And great around the house. Good house dog. Just brilliant to live with.
Wouldn’t really be without one now. When I think of a boxer, I think of you get
a lot of dog for your money. It’s energetic, high energy, and can really, really jump.
That makes it a fabulous companion. If that’s what you want to do, if you’re that sort of
family or that sort of person, then a Boxer may well be a good idea. If you like a quiet
life, maybe the Boxer’s not for you. And because they have got that energy, then it’ s important,
from a behaviour point of view, to deal with the training early on to get some control
in there so that you can use all that energy to your advantage and to have fun with. Poppy’s four years old now. She’s just had
her first litter. She had nine healthy puppies. They’ve all gone to good new homes recently.
Apart from the few that we’ve got left that are just waiting to be collected, and the
two that we’re keeping. My advice to anybody thinking of buying a
Boxer dog is that they are very lively, boisterous and lovely. They love human contact and so
aren’t going to be any good for anybody that’s out all day. They love walking, two or three
times a day out for a walk. They’re really, really great to live with. From the grooming point of view, a Boxer is
a very low maintenance breed. A Boxer has smooth hair and it’s very easy to look after.
All we need is a rubber brush and brush it on a regular basis. Rubber brush removes all
the dead hair, increase circulation in the skin and keeps the coat nice and shiny. They can have health problems. They’re susceptible
for heart problems. So you should always get them from heart-checked breeding stock, because
they can die quite suddenly from a heart attack at quite a young age. Roughly around the 18th
month-two year mark can be a dangerous point. But other than that, they’re quite a healthy
breed really. They make an excellent family pet. They’re great with the children, they’re
great around the house. My children have handled the puppies from day one and the mum’s been
great about it. She loves it. Loves the interaction with them. Wouldn’t really be without one
now, because I’ve had them that long. Like one of the family.

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13 thoughts on “Boxer Dog Breed Guide

  1. lets get the life span going again thats the issue with this super breed back in the 70-80's we got 12-14 years now I have friends that dont even get 4-9 years out of this great companion something went wrong in the lines in North America brain issues cancer and heart problems its sad to say but true

  2. my neighbour keep is boxer outside the house all the time either is sunny or raining i wonder if is normal

  3. We have farm so we choose this dog or not I am in from India so plzz tell me this attack working men’s or it’s friendly with everyone it is danger or not plzzz tell me

  4. The only thing I'd recommend is using a harness instead of a collar. Boxers are powerful dogs and they pull on the lead. A harness is allot better for them as the strain is distributed across their chest rather than their neck as you get with a normal dog collar

  5. My boxer is 7 months old now, but he is afraid of strangers. Please suggest how can I help him to reduce this fear?
    Thank you

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