43 thoughts on “Boxer dog does love his new sounds babble ball 🐕

  1. How long did that last? Mine digs at the squeaker relentlessly until he finally gets it then the toy loses it's usefulness. The best one I ever had was a cloth covered octopus but only because there were eight squeakers to attack. Took a while.

  2. I am so HAPPY to see his tail is intact and his beautiful ears aren't cropped. He is adorable. Boxers are THE BEST!!!

  3. My boxer had a squeaky pig, he would mouth it so it squeaked for two hours. How his jaw didnt get tired I dont know but the rest of were tearing our hair out.

  4. Boxers love playing Evert Time And they Area jumpers And they need this couses Kors of exersice Every Day! I know that, because I Haven My olen Boxer pumppu And she's such sweet Little girl!!🐕😘😗

  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣que hermoso perro¡¡¡¡,y muy inteligente,,,miro todos tus videos,muy muy entretenidos¡¡¡,felicitaciones

  6. At some point the squeak will languish and gradually lose its effect. That's when you have a disappointed and frustrated boxer.

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  8. My boxer dog maggie loved her squeaker toy and omg she would squeak squeak squeak ohhh my ears and drove me nuts but it made her happy lol😀

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