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Boxer Part 2: Shooting – Plan it, Shoot it, Edit with Gavin Hoey

Boxer Part 2: Shooting – Plan it, Shoot it, Edit with Gavin Hoey

In this video you get to come along behind the scenes on my boxing themed photo shoot. Hello I’m Gavin Hoey and you’re watching AdoramaTV brought to you by Adorama the camera store that’s got everything for us photographers and you’re watching another planet– shoe to edit series of videos well this is the middle video the shoot it video because today is the day of our main shoot and I’m at the local gym the boxing area here this is the same place we were for the previous video where we did the test shoot but today it’s the main shoot and you get to follow along as the shoot actually progresses so I guess I should set some bits and pieces up somewhere over there is our model who’s Roger and it’s going to be the boxer for the day and I’m going to be using mostly the eVOLV 200 lights, as the light to actually record this session, so let’s get some light set. Let’s get a model in. Let’s get shooting. It’s like, the first things first, I’m going to set the ambient exposure just to get you background about its background exposure first, start there so this is going to be no flash okay gives us a little bit of ambient coming through and then we’re going to fill it in with flash. Oh should I turn the light on, would that help? Probably, not true, hang on and I’ll turn the trigger on as well. Hey we got a flash. We’re in okay Roger, what I’d like to do is, just look into the light for me, square yourself up so the moment you’re kind of half on, half off that’s it, yeah, that’s perfect. Okay so we look pretty awesome, that’s great okay let’s let’s do something more exercising,. We need to get you working out slightly,okay pretty cool leave it to my test shot, okay hold on, hold on. So these are looking pretty awesome. I want to put a little bit of light in behind you, because it’s at the moment you know you’re okay but it’s a little bit dark back behind you, okay, Wow! Yeah that’s intense, literally can’t do it okay one, two, three, and gloves off yeah. Let’s get you in the ring. I reckon we do some push-ups and then back up again. I can do some I’ll do is we’ll just turn a little light on make use of the modeling lights, the modeling lights just help the camera pick up the focus when occasionally it decides, that’s so much better I think what we want to do is perhaps just get a sort of static shot view looking sort of heroic in the center okay it’s looking a little bit dark in the background a little bit of light back there okay so you’re going to be facing that way I just need to kind of a little bit don’t have the sound effects they were optional and then take a step backwards for me yeah you’re going to punch towards that whiteboard yeah okay so it wouldn’t be one of my shoots in this I had a bit of smoking as we were in an indoor location then the smoke should hang around really nicely I’m going to use my little shove a 1200 which is perfect for the travel for this sort of work and also it has a nice little variable output so I can have just a little bit of smoke or we can have lots of smoke I think we’re going to have lots can you start behind Rogers back that’s right and then walk back up towards them at plenty is it right if I put some water on you are you sure okay here comes amazing hey how close can I come until you actually be pissed out okay so I can come about that close that’s really scary. There’s more than one way to add contrast to an image and weirdly the more contrast I add, the more I like these pictures.

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34 thoughts on “Boxer Part 2: Shooting – Plan it, Shoot it, Edit with Gavin Hoey

  1. Roger looks like a great guy to bring with you next time you need to go into a sketchy neighborhood. 🙂

  2. Every video you do has useful content and cheers me up. These mult-part “planning to edit” videos have great content. Thanks!

  3. I was just thinking – you need sweat! Then you get the spray gun out – excellent! 😀 What a terrific and lots of fun video. Almost spat my tea out when you didn't finish your press-up 😀 Superb images helped by such a willing model. Especially loved the b&w shots. Great stuff Gavin. But then, it always is from you 🙂

  4. You continue to set the bar high. Wow, great shots. Love this whole mini series, keep 'em coming!

  5. Excellent video, though I have one small gripe, and that is that Roger could have had a mouthguard in some of the shots where he is throwing a few of those punches. Might have a slight bit more realism. But it's a great walk through the whole process of a location shoot. I could see a similar process taking place in a old school weightlifting gym or crossfit facility.

    Also, great sound FX. 🥊

  6. In the blue corner weighing in at 150lbs we have Gavin " the slayer " Hoey lol. Great work as always 😊

  7. Enjoy your videos but would have liked a bit more details on number of lights, position etc… Specially the backlit smoke

  8. Ohh! Mr Gavin Hoey, You did it again. I learn and I have a good time with the video. Greetings from Colombia!!

  9. Hey Gav, I know this revised format is still new but just some feedback for you…

    In the planning stage it would have been useful for you to go through your thought process on props. In this video you pulled out your smoke machine, chalk and water spray which I’m sure you planned ahead of time, but we didn’t see that element of planning in the previous video.

  10. At 4:03 of the video you switch on a lamp of the flash unit. Is this lamp part of the Godox Witstro AD200 unit?

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