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Boxing 2016 best of the year

Boxing 2016 best of the year

what is going on this is a boy Edward and today is the boxing fanatico 2016 awards we’re going to award the prospect of the year we’re going to award the knock out of the year we’re going to award the fight of the year and the fighter of the year so sit back relax and enjoy the show this is boxing fanatical year end awards let’s do this and now it has been a crazy year boxing guys it has been exciting it has been monumental not so great in terms of the of the matchmaking not all the fights that we wanted to see what we did still get exciting matchups and we’ve been good really good candidates for fighter of the year so we’re gonna go ahead and do a head-to-head because the best one sports all about that’s what competition is all about head-to-head I just give you the best fighter of the year might as well make it a little a little bit of a battle of some sort yeah okay let’s get into the first off we’re gonna do the prospect of your prospect in here was not too hard of a decision not gonna lie not to order the decision but I still make this a battle soldier here you’re going to see one of the prospects of the year Ericson Lubin bit and over here you’re going to see another prospect of the year Gervanta Davis japan today was only fought twice in 2016 but they were amazing knockouts so he’s proving his skills and his abilities with 16 wins no losses 15 knockouts he is definitely a candidate for prospect of the year and over here everything moving has been doing this thing as well killing it in the sport he ended up going 17 and 0 with 12 knockouts and have four fight in 2016 against really good competition considering how new years to the professional boxing scene is also going to be fighting in the danny garcia vs keep Thurman undercard which will be exciting and let’s see how good he does in that fight as well both are really really good and I want to see both of them excel in this sport because they really deserve it so my pic is gonna go to everything as box of fanatical 2016 prospect of the year so congratulations ericsson Lupin not only are you but fanáticos 2016 prospect of the year your this channels first-ever prospect of the year now let’s go ahead and move on to the knockout of the year now i know what you guys are saying that this is going to be easy considering that i already have a video one of the top five not gossip 2016 however that video was a little premature to say the least and there was a hundred knockouts that were phenomenal after that video was released however with that being said my selection of the number-one not go of the year in my 2016 knockout of the year video will still be going head-to-head in this versus competition for the 2016 knockout of the year so let’s go ahead and started off with Beyonce while there’s knockout over here this not got was insane lights out type knock out with the explosive punch of Deontay Wilder his glove in credible and we’re gonna have the anti while to go up against a side and down in explosive knockout of blanco just completely light out in same punch had to put this up against this bad boy here at this one is somewhat of a hard pic because both of these knockouts were really really good but have to go with Hassan as the 2016 box of fanatical not god of the year just look at this switching thing that’s happening to the sky right here this is incredible and let me let me let me bring that back bring that back and let me go ahead and do it put the sound and for the fight of the year we’re going to go ahead and bring out our competitors for this box of fanatical 2016 competition and what it’s going to be Francisco Vargas vs orlando salido and carl frampton vs 0 santa cruz now this fight here was absolutely phenomenal it was the phone booth of all phone boobs i’m talking about numbers head-to-head you know chin to chest and just banging out banging out people were getting a rock left and right it was an incredible magical is bloody it was sloppy it was just power shots they threw literally 1530 something power shots between the two they threw almost they threw around a thousand punches each it was like mind-blowing in terms of how much punches were being thrown and how much you know punches were landing and how many power punches were being thrown it is crazy i think it even set a record in terms of power punching in that way class for Compubox numbers unbelievable the car friend vs little santa cruz by however that I had it epicness toward the crowd chanting friend coming from junior featherweight moving up to featherweight it was pretty outstanding had the fans behind them it was back-and-forth friends and took the early round then Leo Santa Cruz got into the room took the middle rounds and then France and closing it out strong and taking the win in an incredible back-and-forth battle between Leo Santa Cruz and call friends so anyone of these two guys could win it and box of fanatical has chosen as the 2016 fight of the year one of the highest prestigious titles that you can win too Leo Santa food versus call france in this fight with insane deserves the title of 2016 fight of the year for the atmosphere created for just the street electricity going through this fight the back-and-forth the closeness of the fight the resilience and the ability to overcome adversity creating a much more epic story in my personal opinion then the Orlando Salido vs Francisco Vargas fight so congratulations call Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz you are crowned as box fanatical 2016 fight of the year and now the most prestigious award to the ended in box of fanatical year-end is the fighter of the year in box fanatical style we got two guys going head-to-head on this how we have Carl the jackal Frampton and on this side we have a sealy high-tech llama chanco both did really well this year had good fight both be high level undefeated fighters but only one person could take this title and that person is going to be the first-ever box of fanatical fighter of the year and this year’s 2016 fighter of the year is going to go to call ramp call friend did amazing in his fight he fought well keep equis coming into the fight where he was the underdog who beat him breaking his job then move up and fought Leo Santa Cruz in the fight of the year for boxing fanatical and then wins that fight and beats two undefeated fighters and takes both belt and becomes a 2 Division champion is pretty difficult to make the argument that call Brandon isn’t 2016 fighter of the year so there you have it guys those are the 2016 winners and we’re going to put them right here boom bol bol told and i hope you enjoyed it have a great one guys we will see you on Monday for the box and we recapped that will see you on Friday for another segments peace out guys

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