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What’s good love gang, okay. This is a weird rule this is not clickbait this actually happens A lot of youtubers do fake videos and I’ve done you know, my fair share of like faker staged videos This is not one of those. I try my best to avoid that this is real this happened today. It’s Sunday It’s kind of gloomy in LA. We partied last night So I’m just like taking a nap earlier like a little hungover and all of a sudden I hear some Screaming outside my house and this isn’t like out of the ordinary There’s always like someone like outside saying some crazy but this seemed like a little aggressive Almost someone’s screaming outside my house my roommate Andre pulls in and he shows me a video that he took of some really blond guy screaming He decides to push it England pussy, you know what you waiting let’s fight Let’s fight if I will drag you don’t go in Russia, but you can fight I will drugs and not just any guy Evon skin Drago from Rocky four. Yeah, that’s right. The Russian I couldn’t believe it go Although I’m feeling a little down a little under the weather. This could be a good piece of content So how to do something, right? So please enjoy the most spontaneous random thing that’s ever happened in my life But before you do that hit that subscribe button and copy red maverick hoodie the inspirer hoodie It just dropped today logo ball knock on /aa twirling in description. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re weird different unique That’s you rock that she’s proud of you logo ball that comes last shot for linking description. Turn those notifications. I friggin. Love you enjoy the Break I hate when people show – I Thank somebody that like prepared to look like a boxer yes, but as you no idea I think you should box them in the ring He’s joking like his hot girlfriend by the way is across the street filming so I can’t know he’s joy That’s what if that’s the prize I’ll tell you what I’ll box you but if I beat you I get your girlfriend I was literally in the midst of a Neighbor’s Uzis on it’s already on her Instagram like the view on the streets pretty good. You know, what if he’s a professional boxer? Whatever I Can’t read this shit. I don’t even know like what do you know no idea Rush it dress like Yvonne Drago. He’s in the street should Logan box him in the ring. Yes or no I’m sorry, you were breaking up. It sounded like you said. Yes I think I see what you see I’m not expecting this driving back here to do it like this. It’s the only way to do it real quick Last time or these shorts was the draw Not this time. I was supposed to go to Russia. Like I was supposed to be Russia right now slapping Russians Risk Document, you know just case if you die, you know He can’t sue us like like you once said like he died he died if he dies He dies, you know you get it you get it. So winner what we’re playing for. Is that woman, right? Yeah Yeah, you’d sign it. Yeah, yeah Perfect. All right. You ready to fight? Yeah Why are you doing this because You want to go to Russia door being in competition for Slav, you know, but he never quite before really a Russian guy You know knock him out. Definitely Foreign fighters doing You have been here before bro didn’t go the way you want last time a today is different iron you have been training since 26 minutes ago for this fight. He’s bigger than you. Yeah, he’s better-looking than you. Yeah, he’s stronger than you I’m saying is you are gonna go out. There you are gonna Go out there and then what happens And I said, there’s only enough headgear for you There’s no headgear for him and he said how come I must wear a headgear if you not wear headgear? You must not know who I am he’s really in character or maybe he’s actually goodbye he was like literally laughing dude There was no no fear what he was like, bro. You have no idea You don’t take it like V start showing any signs of you Good no, don’t do it Damn gentlemen, welcome to gloomy, Los Angeles, California For a three-round bout that will decide the champion in the right corner coming into the fight with an unknown record Of not applicable wins and not applicable losses the Red Cross who showed up on our front game boxing shorts Yvonne In the blue corner coming into the fight with zero wins 0 losses and one job. Oh Hi ok Logan My fighters meet me in the middle of the ring please for the stakes and the reading of the rules This is a non sation fight in the state of California All forms have been signed and Google has been notified the 3-round bound for the winners decided by knockout or our judges pillow Logan Paul pillow gingers a giant Blue I want a good clean fight. The winner of this fight will not only get the glory but the girl Courts with her consent. It’s 2019 touch gloves go to corners Five six seven eight in the quarters boxers One One two three four Dear quarters fighters One was a great round by Logan Paul clearly, he was the winner of round one. I got Logan Paul 10 points 8 points Thanks for all I appreciate the update Four five six Reporters ten nine point nine Oh Logan Clearly you know you trained really hard for this fight You traveled a long distance really impressed by your power showing up at the house. What were you thinking when you went in this fight? when I go in just fine, I think I’m gonna be in but I see Logan Paul is a extremely Seemly powerful and For sure if he if he real because high heel kick tomorrow and I think everyone here in Los Angeles and everyone here at the Maverick house thoroughly impressed by a fight Your skills II might drive on your and your confidence in yourself Why don’t you let people know back home where they might follow you because we are thoroughly impressed Yeah, I guess you can follow me Viktor crazy on inside, you know on YouTube Viktor TV on YouTube. I do most craziest pranks Let’s get the champion in here. Who’s who’s with his manager who just won three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Yes We did we got the money back that we lost during the chaos I fight he was gonna be rich amazing looks good to be on our way back on Google preferred Let’s talk to the tripod chance. So you were not expecting this fight today. You were home You were napping this man showed up at your house. Correct? What quite literally showed up at my house? Is there any reason to believe he’s not Yvan Drago at this point? I’m not sure. Hey, I loved you in Rocky four Yeah, I gotta give him props. The man has a big set of Russian balls on him Not a lot of people are willing to get in the ring and I’ma be honest. I feel sort of sort of bad He probably just came to Encino on a Sunday expecting to get some sort of content and I fucked his life up So I apologize for that If there’s any sort of headache we have ibuprofen and leave we really could could heal you in any way possible But overall I feel confident with this win. My first win I remain undefeated ksi. I’m coming for you I’m coming for you ksi and we are more than excited for that fight. Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say something else Yo, let me just say some other any youtuber who thinks they want to step up after I because I that It’s gonna be lethal I wanna be ruthless it’s a very fragile embark on slash shop and that is it from the champion guys We are more than excited for this ksi fight as he mentioned The red drop has just came to fruition Logan small Comstock and let me tell you our challenger will be getting a red hoodie for his girlfriend today Thank you so much for watching. Ladies and gentlemen Discuss the trade-off of the girlfriend how exactly will this take place? Head Back to napping Hope you guys enjoyed that Spontaneous event that just happening if you did hit that subscribe button low gang I freaking love you I live for shit like that not gonna lie. Shout out to him for real. I’m proud of him I don’t even know him loved him in Rocky Ford, though Hey, listen, I freaking love you guys and I will see you next time. Take it easy mister I’m a new robot Sunday oh Yeah, we got McDonald’s. I was eating McDonald’s Here with a beard for here in a chess city know we was here Stammering a fear like a deer when the car comin near in the middle of a row bit of beer

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  1. Logan Paul listen here. I hope you don’t just scroll by this as a random comment. I disliked you for many years, and I always thought of you as a buffoon. I even rooted against you in the first match against KSI. Today I see the discipline, the hard work, and the time that you have dedicated to cleaning your name into something worth speaking. I respect you today, and wish you luck in the fight to come. Just in case you needed to hear that you reached someone’s opinion well enough to eliminate my bias. Respect ✊🏻

  2. I'm sorry to say it, but you're going to lose again Logan despite being the better athlete. This fight shows you've learned nothing. You still get cocky when you're ahead. KSI is a rabid dog, he will not toy with you he will just punch you while you try to put on a show.

  3. 9:17. One word, beautiful. Compare this clinch punch to ksis knockout clinch punch. Logan punch is far cleaner and lands accurately and actually hits the guy whereas KSI just swings

  4. Fake news. All set up a week later the guy said and showed the contract he signed a month before.. that's why the guy kept falling so easy then laying there.. just like when he barely got hit in the arm he falls into the ropes fake as hell.. that's why you had to wear the head gear..
    FAKE NEWS…..

  5. wont even last in the amateurs. how long has he been boxing? a year? however good counters sneaking in that check hook. normal problems in beginners, u get to used to landing with your left you forget how to use your right. more slipping and countering instead of just slipping. take care of your balance when going backwards. good luck on being a youtube boxer but dont dream on trying out in the amateurs with this type of skills

  6. I think he should change the thumbnail to: i paid a "stranger" to come to my house to scream random shit and fight me for views

  7. For those of u who don’t know this is how they like show what they are capable of before the fight and Logan is actually pretty good

  8. 📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲
    ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كـثـيـر مـن الـشـبـاب يـبـحـثـون عـن طـريـقـة فــعــالــة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الـقـضـيـب
    وأنــا أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حـصـلـت عـلـى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح👍 والـمـنـاسـبـة👍 وهـتـشـكـرنـي بــعــديــهــا
    تـواصـل مـعـي وأنـا بــشــرح لــك سـر الـوصـفـة الـواتـسـاب *00212645752301*📲

  9. So… this guy gets knocked out by 12 ounce gloves while wearing a headguard.
    I don't know how I feel about that, logan.

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