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Boxing Day in Canada, HA HA HO ** Rowdy Ravish **

Boxing Day in Canada, HA HA HO ** Rowdy Ravish **

like this video before i get punched today is boxing day in canada it doesn’t mean you have to box boxing is not mandatory but shopping is mandatory let’s go inside and i will tell you why i will tell you what is this boxing day everyone knows christmas santa comes on the christmas day and he says HO HO HO and he gives gifts to everyone and he brings toys for the kids so kids open their toys on the christmas day but 800 years ago in UK the servants didn’t open their gifts on christmas they didn’t get this opportunity on christmas they opened their gifts the next day the next day was called boxing day which was for the servants for people like me today is an off it’s the biggest shopping day in Canada lets go for some shopping this is Canadas favourite store they used to sell tires they still sell the tires but they are all out of stock 🙂 why are they all tilted? they are looking to the right the first one has an extension cable the second one doesn’t have the cap third one has missing extension what am i supposed to do here? take what i need from all three I really want to try this do you want to eat dogs? you get all kinds of dogs here veggie dogs its so full, how am i supposed to eat it i made a mistake by asking her to put eveything this is best buy you will get free phones here zero dollars for an iphone they are giving away $200 with this… don’t be fool, they ask you to sign a contract. its not free so this is the new DNA tester at home this will test whether you have hypertension or not. whether you are genetically hyper sensitive whether you are feeling hungry or not do not believe you hunger only believe this DNA test so from now on, before eating do this DNA test to see if you are really hungry only if says you are hungry then eat another revolutionary product this is mini tomato if you want to eat tomato don’t go to a grocery store go to best buy this is only 14 dollars you can plant it indoor only in 2 months you will get tomatos in future you will go to best buy to get veggies very good at one point this whole table was full of apple products. but people steal their stuff so they everything in this cage if you want to try this mac, all you have to do is somehow get you hand in the cage then try to use it somehow and get your hand out now if you want to try the iPad, somehow get your hand in and then somehow.. use pencil somehow then somehow get your hands out this one small one. can’t get my hand in quickly check the quality of the screen let me introduce you to my brother he in an award winning photographer he will… dude you won an award a long time ago so i will introduce you to my brother again he is an award winning… now i am going to introduce you to him… ok now i am introducing you to my brother lets ask him what camera should you get. the one you can carry with you. and its in your budget if you buy a $10000 camera and if it is sitting in your house, doing nothing then its no good the main thing is to carry it your cellphone itself is a perfect camera people know it already, show them the camera you like from the store. my personal favourite is the SONY RX100 they have the M3 i would suggest to go with at least mark 4 because it has some extra features. like 4K and slowmo i will show you this is the most number of people you will see in this rest of the day its all empty i think i have seen this person this guy makes videos. very nice videos. search him on youtube. Rowdy Ravish he just came back from korea ok lets pay now

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