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Boxing day live English stream from much Wenlock 2019 – In England

Boxing day live English stream from much Wenlock 2019 – In England

what are we live what’s going on
mr. Duncan what are you doing here people seem to be watching this they’re
having we’re having a lovely peaceful relaxing day we’re not doing a live
stream now I’m sorry you have to go away Boxing Day Boxing Day it’s still our
holiday I’m sorry stop disturbing us we want to be falling asleep on the seti
eating peanuts and mince pie yes we should be we should be just watching the
Guns of Navarone in Murder on the Orient Express that Star Wars Star Wars maybe
even have you been talking about Star Wars a lot the last few weeks mostly yes
I have hi everybody don’t worry we’re only
joking hi everybody this is mr. Duncan and mr. Steve in England how are you
today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so I think Steve
wants to climb inside the screen you can come a bit further back Steve I never
know where to stand you have to direct me okay I will I will letter I will
direct you so here we are then it’s become a tradition it’s almost like a
tradition now isn’t it you mean the Boxing Day livestream so
here we are live from the center of much Wenlock and the first thing you will
notice is that the place is deserted well all the shops are closed everything
is shut so it’s only yes really and a handful of people doing some local
shopping because there is just one shop open at the moment just over there so
Steve I suppose the first question should be have you had a good Christmas
yes I was tempted to say no then for a joke but I thought no I’ll say yes
because that is the truth and something’s very interesting mr. Duncan
I am interested as to why people are have to go to the shops on Boxing Day
because most people you would think would buy enough food to last them for
about two weeks people love shopping that’s it they
can’t stop themselves today buying I know but that’s the thing people are
addicted to shopping so even though this is now a public holiday there are
still people who are going out to the shops and it’s crazy it’s it’s it’s as
if they are addicted to shopping can’t even speak because I’m just I can’t
understand what they’re buying why that shops even open people don’t run out of
anything maybe they forgot to buy the milk yes it’s normally essential things
like like the milk I think that’s what it is it might be just milk bread things
like that so that’s normally what people run out it’s somebody just asked on the
livestream what I’m not going to tread on the tripod
about an inch away from the microphone that’s it he’s maneuvering me again I
just loved the way Steve is so aware of his surroundings
so we’re all you know I’m on planet Earth I think planet Earth that’s good
that’s all we need as long as Steve knows that we are on
planet Earth that’s all it matters to me somebody
just asked what do we do on Boxing Day presume they meant what do people do on
Boxing Day generally well most people are still half drunk from Christmas Day
because of course the day before Boxing Day yesterday was Christmas Day and so I
suppose we should mention that yesterday was Christmas Day here in the UK and I
was everywhere across the world see that was the second half of that sentence you
see he didn’t give me a chance to get it out so on Boxing Day most people are
still lying in their living rooms half drunk full of food and they are probably
watching some terrible television at the moment so we are unusual really people
are asking what is Boxing Day yeah I want to know what is the answer to that
well first of all the Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day but
traditionally it was the day when all of the servants and all of the people who
were working for the Gentry all of the rich posh people all of the servants
would get their money and the money would always be paid in a
small box hence the name yes so that’s it so that’s why we call it Boxing Day
so all of the servants all of the people that were doing the work for the
upper-class people like mr. Steve’s family and people at work also their
bosses would give them a Christmas Box on Boxing Day okay that with the money
in as well yes so that’s what would happen a bonus yes some sort of bonus
some sort of gift to say thank you very much for working during Christmas
that was a fruity sounding exhaust okay I just went by and I didn’t have time to
look at it not sure what that has to do with Boxing Day but there you go well
you know what I’m like when I hear that a nice rumbly v8 engine getting by so
Boxing Day and trying to answer the question that you were forcefully to
answer well people were asking you see yes people what do you mean people
Villas you me my lovely student Lisa’s my lovely students all around the world
so hello to everyone I’ve just realized Steve I haven’t got my reading glasses
on so I’m gonna book my reading glasses on so I can see the screen because
people are asking where are we well I’ll let you put your you mean our viewers
our lovely students I call them people yes people just sounds a little
impersonal we are of course in Much Wenlock few people we’ve already told
people people are still asking okay viewers you’re wonderful viewers but
there could be people that we haven’t seen this before or seen you before I’m
not usually here no Steve is normally an occasional guest on my show however I’m
always on the Internet I’m always on YouTube i-i’ve in fact I’ve been on
YouTube so many times over the years there is actually screen burn on
everyone’s devices with my face still burnt onto the screen that’s how often
I’m on the Internet that’s not the type of screen burn you would like no it
isn’t having to stare at my my face have burnt into your screen what’s
behind is mr. Duncan anything of any note nope there is an art shop but of
course that’s shut because nobody’s buying art during the holiday period
well no one’s buying art because it’s shit they’re not gonna buy it if it’s
shit our cafes shut as well so we can’t even get ourselves a cup of coffee
everywhere is closed shall we have a front view by the way it’s starting to
rain it is shall we have a front for you here we go so here’s the front view so
that’s what you’re looking at now that is a live view Much Wenlock Town Center
and they there is the only shot that is open today
oh it is about to throw it down oh we might need to write need to go over
there should I get your umbrella out Mister Donut there just just give me a
sec sleaziest you could you get my umbrella out
oh my goodness they said today that the weather was going to be very unsettled
and guess what it is unsettled so steve is now getting my umbrella out so all of
my lovely equipment I can’t get your zip undone mr. Duncan oh you don’t normally
have that problem I’m talking about the rucksack hi guys what a surprise we will
say hello to the live chat in a moment but the problem is we’re outside and
it’s starting to rain come on Steve by the way no one can see any of that
that’s better I don’t need to see it we have the umbrella now so now we are
covered with the umbrella and that’s it really so that’s about as exciting as
this is going to get it’s it’s raining well never mind
it could be worse I suppose snow would look would have looked better it would
but never mind it I fiddle probably only be a short shower and then we can
continue what are we going to talk about today mr. Duncan well it was Christmas
yesterday so that would be a good subject did Santa bring you any nice
presents mr. Duncan well I got one or two things some very unusual
gifts were delivered to me by Santa Claus and what were they are you going
to share these details with your viewers or not everything some of the things are
very personal you see like like one thing in particular I have something
that I really needed was a pair of socks and did you receive a pair of socks mr.
Jenkin I did I got some lovely new socks would you like to see my socks I’m just
trying to guide Steve over there he’s always pushing me around on the live
stream the point of the no the point of the this is not going very well the
point of the umbrella is not to keep us dry it’s to keep my equipment dry I
thought that’s the same thing shall I take it there we go
I thought I was doing a good job but yet again mr. Duncan is annoyed with me I
know I’m not annoyed with you should I push the microphone more towards you no
I’d rather you didn’t about touch don’t touch any of my equipment you know the
rules I wish I could see the screen this is terrible I didn’t think the rain was
going to fall suddenly well I can see the screen so do you want me to tell you
all the messages the lovely messages that are coming up you mean from from
people from your viewers that’s better yes yes the only shop that opened is the
despair supermarket yes yes that is the only thing that’s open what people are
buying I have no idea because people normally stock up well before Christmas
so why they’re needing me to go out today they must have run out of milk or
something there it is so there is the that’s the only shop
that’s open in Much Wenlock today so that’s why lots of people are going
there to buy milk and bread things that they forgot to buy yesterday maybe they
need some more beer oh yes that could be the case yes mind
you strange there are some odd people walking around today but we went past a
group of people on the way into the pub and we
smelt the distinctive smell of people obviously smoking drugs okay then how do
you know how do you know what drug smell you know what there everybody knows what
weed smells like when it’s burning okay because it’s everywhere now I can’t
believe people are smoking this in the street yeah in in the UK now just
blazingly smoking drugs I’m not sure if this is the most responsible
conversation a teacher should be having on the internet but there you we’re not
condoning it mr. doe look you can see the the big clock in the center of much
Wenlock and also the museum and there there are some cars going by as well not
many cars however there are some people who can’t resist they can’t resist going
shopping somebody just asked there do we want to visit Saudi Arabia well somebody
yes the name is gone so I can’t say there we go maybe a bit khalid says do
we want to visit Saudi Arabia well I nearly went to work in Saudi Arabia many
years ago really yes I didn’t know that yes I did I think I’ve told you this
story Khalid I was working in in in a hospital at the time in the UK and there
was a big advert that they wanted people to go and work in Saudi Arabia from UK
hospitals okay so I nearly I applied actually but didn’t go in the end ok
don’t think my mother would let me that sounds about right because you could
earn a lot of money going to work in Saudi Arabia like double the amount and
it was tax-free I think you still can so I nearly went I was very tempted but I
think I got a different job in the end and saved in the UK so I could have had
a whole different life in Saudi Arabia you know do you know what I’m waiting
for Steve I’m waiting for some rich Saudi prince who wanted to learn English
to invite me over to his palace and I can teach English in Saudi Arabia and I
can drink all the oil that I want I can swim in the oil I’m really looking
forward to that that’s interesting so maybe one day that
will happen maybe Carla died you a Saudi prince yes would you like to invite this
to don’t connect to and I please come is stay in one of your palaces and enjoy
all of the fine things in life it’s fine that maybe than here it’ll be hot though
mr. Duncan I don’t mind that I love hot weather or real rules Szczesny oh well
don’t say that to an environmentalist I don’t think they would agree with you
why well of oils sort of not in favor now you know a lot of environmentalists
are hypocrites because they they travel around the country going to these
protests but they all get in their cars to travel there you know they don’t
think for a moment that they might be a little and I will get the live chat up
mr. Duncan dear there you go there you just touch the screen and move it yes
somebody’s know somebody made an interesting point there smoking drugs in
public is legal in the UK well not not opposed idli now technically technically
it isn’t but untechnical e it is okay it’s so it’s quite strange actually the
drug laws here in the UK are very strange a little bit like they are in
the USA where some states are a little bit more tolerant than others so that is
one of the problems I think Steve is just punching can you stop touching this
screen it doesn’t work when I touch it you just put it there and move your
finger up and down okay are you talking about the screen I’m not sure what I’m
talking about it is very beautiful there I wish I could go there it is a bit
miserable today not least of all because we’re on your internet screen is that
what you call it nowadays the internet screen it’s not very good when I put my
finger on the screen because I seem to go over the camera
Saudi Arabia these days is very cold the cold weather we’ll all right so that
you’ve got like your winter period at the moment yes it’s strange I
I mentioned this the other day actually I was mentioning the other day that we
never think of the Middle East as being cold but at this time of year in the
morning it can be freezing it can be only a few degrees and it’s quite
strange you never think of Saudi Arabia or many Middle Eastern countries as
having cold weather but they do so when you say cold what temperature in Saudi
Arabia does it get yes I bet it gets very light and during the day during
your cold period I would like to know what temperature gets to well I do
remember a couple of years ago maybe three or four years ago there was
actually snow in certain parts of the Middle East
do you remember that I don’t it’s about three or four years ago they actually
had snow in the Middle East well I wasn’t gonna say it’ll be interesting
actually I wonder whether the heat it’s spreading from the Middle East to other
parts of the world like Australia if you’ve got anybody from Australia
watching at the moment that’s right I’d like to tell us about all the bushfire
yes that’s a long way though isn’t it it’s about 10,000 miles yes but I think
the heat is moving around the earth and maybe go into places it doesn’t usually
go to so so you think that the heat from the Middle East is going all the way to
Australia I don’t know maybe maybe we’re certainly not getting it here well you
got to remember also in Australia it’s summer at the moment so that’s the
strange thing it’s summer in Australia and it’s freezing cold winter here in
the UK isn’t it weird their seasons around the other way to us it’s very
strange isn’t it they’re on the opposite side of the world how different think
you can be they’re having their summer now and we’re having our winter yes
one of our neighbors gave us some very interesting presents a lady that lives
nearby her name is Martha and she gave us some some gifts some very interesting
hats and one of them is made now we’re talking about Australia you see you see
this this look this is all connected this is how I like to do my things I
like to connect all of these things together
so she gave his a hat and it’s made from opossum fur the fur of the opossum which
of course is an Australian animal so but it’s it’s very unusual the feeling of
the hat it’s it’s it’s like a it is like putting a dead animal on your head it’s
certainly warm I didn’t wear it today I should have done perhaps it’s it is just
like putting a dead animal on your head yes I think it was a blend of wool and
possum for yes but certainly very light do you feel it did feel very strange on
your head yes I decided not go today just drag that’s it oh there we go
right so it’s not so right okay it’s not cold so certain parts of Saudi Arabia
different temperatures but what is the temperature though but in Saudi Arabia
right now what is – no can you please tell us we want a live temperature
report from Saudi Arabia right now I’m holding Steve because my legs are aching
I wonder why I’m standing on one leg like a stalk maybe we should start
moving around in a minute mr. Duncan oh maybe yes I’m not sure okay
cold weather in Bangladesh as well the temperature is 5 to 15 degrees well that
that is surprisingly cold yes see we wouldn’t imagine living here in the UK
that you would have temperatures that low so I guess it’s 5 degrees at night
and 15 during the day yes 50 yes that still you’d need to go
outside with the jumper on wouldn’t you even with 15 degrees that’s not very
warm start to stop it’s not the most warmest see it’s 5 degrees here today
I’ll be honest with you it’s not the most warmest temperature Millett says go
to the copy coffee shop guys we’d like to but it’s shut yes everywhere is
closed it shipped Much Wenlock is closed the coffee shop is closed it’s shut so
we can’t go anywhere to get a drink mind you mr. Duncan yes the the spar
shop opposite yes does have a coffee machine in it now oh yes there is a
coffee machine in shop across the road so we could so we
could get a nice hot cup of coffee but I don’t really want to to be honest
because nothing beats a nice strong cup of coffee and the only place we like to
have that is it home to be honest because Everywhere’s closed so no I I
don’t want a weak watery cup of coffee Olivier says hi from Paris oh how
wonderful no don’t tap drag there we go hi Olivier I wonder how many
times today I’m going to say don’t tap drag we’ve got we’ve got somebody in
Ukraine okay apparently it’s it’s 25 degrees in Jeddah
okay then she’s obviously sound zero is that the capitalist not Euro be a jet I
like that well you’re selling me on yeah I don’t
know I’m asking so but I have heard a jet at 24 25 degrees that’s a nice
temperature I like Twitter yeah I think yes do you know what today you know what
would make today perfect if today the temperature was 25 degrees it would be
lovely but it isn’t it’s about 8:00 it’s about 8 degrees I think it’s 5 yes I
think it’s colder than that we never get snow in right why don’t you make coffee
at home well we would have done but we didn’t have time because we needed to
get out hmm do your livestream before it before it goes dark
go dark in about an hour and the other problem is that there are lots of rain
showers today so we thought we would come out whilst the rain was not falling
Jeddah isn’t the capital city what’s the capital city of Sandy Arabia we should
know Oh dad I think it’s read ok then are they having are they having the
World Cup in Riyadh I think they are in 2080
is it Riyadh somebody tell us is that the capital of Saudi Arabia you do
realize we’re gonna get we’re gonna get so many no viewers complaining we’re
gonna get so many keep viewers complaining yeah our lack of knowledge
well go into that yes yes had a yes we’ve had one no and one
yes yes to what though the capital of yes it’s true yes that’s
it because the the World Cup is taking place isn’t it Oh mr. Duncan you see my
general knowledge knows no bounds well you did have two guesses I mean
eventually the you know you know that the laws of possibilities you would
eventually name the right place there we go
fastened up that right let’s go back a bit okay then you know I really feel as
if Steve is going to disconnect this livestream with his big clumsy fingers
well yesterday we tried to do a live stream didn’t mean it went wrong yes
something weird happened yesterday we went out for a Christmas walk yesterday
and I decided to do a live stream but for some reason the phone wouldn’t work
he was doing some crazy stuff so I’m glad to see that the phone is working
today we went walking for about 20 minutes out to this spectacular place
mr. Duncan sets everything up and your phone suddenly went weird and you’d got
80% battery and then suddenly it went down to 10% I know it was weird
something my iPhone had some sort of seizure but it went crazy wow the Dakar
race yes that’s a famous desert race across across Saudi Arabia that’s a very
famous is that is that with camels that no it that’s with no that’s with cars oh
I see with cars with cars that especially set up – you see I knew that
you would know that because Steve is crazy about cars
yeah one of the gifts that I got for mr. Steve was a lovely calendar with lots of
British cars we can show that maybe on Sunday we’ll show that on Sunday even
though we won’t be here on Sunday because we have a special guest staying
with us ah so my studio has to be destroyed and
taken apart it will be no more it has the Dakar race that’s very famous I’d
love to do that that looks very exciting you have to have special ties and
everything to go through these go on the sand
and it’s a it’s a big test I would think I would have thought reliability of cars
I would have thought the worst place Steve the worst place to actually drive
a car will be on sand well it’s a it’s a test of a car of cars reliability if you
can withstand the Dakar race you can just about do anything and I think if
you’ve got yes yes and I think they they tend to say that because you need four
by four in the sand and in the desert what’s a four by four a car with
four-wheel drive so all of the all of the wheels are controlled by the engine
yes yes instead of front wheel driver the front wheels are powered or the rear
all and you need that of course in the deserts and I think the cars that tend
to be the most reliable in those situations are the Japanese cars I’m
just trying to think of the name of one particular one that always tends to do
very well in those conditions Toyota it’s the you are right mr. Duncan
it’s the Land Cruiser yeah the Toyota Landcruiser is it I knew that I knew
that yes yes that’s what we call a lucky guess by the way that was a very lucky
guess you know that Saudi Arabia is bigger than UK France Italy Germany all
together that is yes rather than gathering you would say don’t tap drag
nobody is bigger than them combined could everyone please tell Steve don’t
tap drag I’m teaching somebody walls in English here so when you put the word
gathering in that sentence you would probably put combined instead would be a
more suitable word would it not I don’t know I think that was saying what are
you talking about reading that your glasses kind of I kind of it what do we
talk you know Saudi Arabia is bigger than the UK what’s that France Italy
Germany gathering oh I see I mean growing now I think they mean combined
Oh getting together no just combined together yeah
I think what they’re saying is that the size of Saudi Arabia is bigger than
France Germany Italy or combined come from de mr. Duncan oh I see so it’s so a
combination of one group is the same size is en thing you are comparing it to
I think that’s trying to say that if you to look at the landmass area of UK
France Italy Germany okay then Saudi Arabia would still be
bigger I didn’t think standing in a wet Street
could be any more boring but somehow we are making it more boring than it should
be a lot of people wandering around well I’m just answering the questions on the
line is this your word of the day people why don’t other names when we say people
with Steve is talking about the public the general public walking around as
Bonjour a Rio Noel okay once you’re a Rio noel is that cuz your load its
joyous so it is hello have a joyous Christmas doing do you know that for
certain yes okay Giulio is happy happy in French
suddenly a lot of people everywhere yes and people they’ve all had their
Christmas they’re all other Boxing Day lunches and they’ve all come out for a
walk we are surrounded we are surrounded by human beings well there is a student
okay a student of mr. Duncan this is not what we normally do by the way normally
we do things in a slightly different way normally I’m in my living room a key
stand which says Javid sorry are we having two separate live streams here
normally I’m in my lovely warm studio but today because it’s Boxing Day what
are we doing Steve we are doing a live stream because that is tradition now it
is not yet you can forget about the Queen’s speech you don’t need the Queen
when you have two queens on Boxing Day there’s no answer to that
Andrea Drago says have you been to Margate no I haven’t but you obviously
have a new study there fan tastic Margate is a lovely seaside
resort very popular many people like to go to Margate during the summer holidays
hmm in northern Pakistan it is now colder
than the UK I would imagine yes you know you just I’m always surprised when hot
countries and you always think that they’re hot all the time are actually
sometimes colder than the UK very strange I think the Khyber Pass is quite
cold autumn ah there’s nothing there’s nothing colder than my Khyber Pass yes
we don’t get when especially when the wind blows up there those at the Urals
I’ve just heard somebody laughing out loud yes that’s probably because it’s a
local walking past when we say local we mean somebody who lives here
we’re locals what we are locals even though we moved here from China we are
locals even though we moved here from another place although many of the
people here they all marry each other you know they marry their cousins and
you know a lot of a lot of inbreeding somebody just turn around when you said
that mr. Duncan yes I know I can as they really turned him to they turn to one of
their heads around Oh calm is a very common name in Pakistan yes okay and we
have a mayor in a mayor England didn’t called Sadiq Khan that says it’s true so
some people like him and some people don’t like him well of course in the UK
we have a very large Pakistani population so that is why that there’s
nothing very multicultural here in the UK and so nothing wrong with us voting
somebody with the name count to be the London mayor that’s not what you said
last night that’s not true mr. didn’t was just making making things up as he
goes along I love I love the way Steve suppresses all his inner angst of course
you wouldn’t say he was he’s not Pakistani yeah that I think he was born
here in the UK his father wasn’t his father a bus driver
probably I want to say I went to say that Sadiq Khan’s father was a bus
driver Omar I just an average person so really to become the mayor of London
from from very humble beginnings is quite a thing I think it’s amazing
was he an MP before that I can’t remember I think he was an MP actually a
member of parliament and they wanting my hand my hand is now frozen I really I
really need my gloves Inigo is is saying hello from the Basque
Country in Spain I bet that’s beautiful I’d love to go to the Basque Country in
Spain okay warm and wet here in Moscow or warm well it’s what do you mean by
warm what do you mean by warm I suppose that’s because you do get
extreme weather in Moscow when you say warm probably five degrees is worn to
you yes judgmental it’s about five six degrees here today in the UK oh I’ve
done it again okay yeah drag don’t drop me latest asking about
the Queen do you mean the Queen or a queen at the Queen of England yesterday
gave a very interesting speech now every year this is one of the Christmas
traditions isn’t it Steve yes let’s step further back here because we don’t need
to always there we go so one of the traditions here in the UK on Christmas
Day is the Queen of England queen elizabeth ii gives a speech to the
nation doesn’t she she does and yesterday she was talking about how
difficult the year has been for various reasons the average common person like
mr. Steve and myself we are very common we are we are all thinking about the
things that have happened this year and let’s not forget that this year
politically it’s been quite a bumpy year in fact that’s what the Queen said the
Queen said hello my name is the Queen of England and all I can
say about this year is that it’s been very bumpy we didn’t actually watch it
no I don’t know how many people do now in the UK it used to be certainly when I
was growing up watching the Queen at 3 o’clock was a tradition everybody sat
down and watched the Queen but I don’t think they do these days you might watch
the highlights but I didn’t think people really take much notice anymore
no well the thing is because we have the internet and streaming lots of people
watch the Queen speech at different times so yeah Andrea our Andrey Andrey
drago says do you suggest going to Bristol miss Bristol is a nice place
built on slavery that’s one of the unfortunate things about Bristol a lot
of its wealth and a lot of its infrastructure and a lot of the things
that that were created there originally we’re actually on the back of slavery so
a lot of people don’t like to talk too much about Bristol well you could go to
Bristol have you been to the UK if it was your first visit to the UK I
wouldn’t say go to Bristol on your first visit you could come and see us in
Wenlock if it’s true come here come to much
Wenlock come and see mr. Steve and you can have a cup of tea with us everywhere
shut up not now yes if it’s your first visit I wouldn’t
say well you could just go just go if it’s a cheap flight just go I’m sure you
have a nice I’m getting the feeling Steve is not an expert on Bristol one
little fact about Bristol is that they have they are the first country the
first town in the UK to ban diesel cars okay so if you drive a diesel car you
can’t drive it into Bristol I had a feeling you you might know something
about cars to do with Krystal unless it’s a taxi or a bus I know one thing my
feet are freezing oh you should have worn some thick socks mr. Duncan no I’m
wearing some cheap horrible socks instead
so we didn’t hear the Queen speech there’s probably something in try out of
notes and interest in there yes you know we talked about how difficult the year
has been for her because one of her sins is in a little bit of trouble at the
moment yes of course and of course her grandchildren they they all appear to be
having arguments as well falling out so yes the Queen and of course her husband
was in hospital recently having is his piles removed see they’re saying that it
was something that was pre conditioned for a precondition do you know that
Steve yeah when Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh was rushed to hospital the
other day they said it was a pre-existing condition and I think I
think it was hemorrhoids but they just didn’t want to say it wouldn’t they say
what it was yes they didn’t tell us I I think it was something embarrassing like
hemorrhoids there’s lots of snow falling in northern Pakistan well we haven’t got
any snow falling here at all at the moment you see you see
you seem a bit obsessed with the temperatures in other countries
I am so we had some lovely gifts mr. Steve bought me some lovely colorful
socks which I might show you on Sunday if we are here but I don’t think we are
because mr. Steve’s mum is coming to stay with us which means that I have to
take my studio to pieces so Steve’s mum has somewhere to sleep yes you are right
that’s vodka man I think okay yes he is a very wise lady she’s indeed she’s seen
I think how many Prime Minister’s about 25 or something I don’t know you putting
these figures at your head yes because so yes she’s a very very wise indeed
could you could you just move back slightly because you sort of leaning
into their microphone they says I can’t understand why you need to have a royal
family what a lot of us think that yes there are people who are Royalists and
when you say Royalists means that you are a fan of the royal
family that’s right there are also anti Royalists and they think that there
should be no royal family we should actually live in a republic
so yes it’s quite strange isn’t it well interestingly enough you see Australia
well Australia you seem you seem to like Australia today
well bigger day they had a vote a few years ago on whether the Queen should
remain as their head of state and they voted yes they wanted to keep the Queen
because there’s been a very long running movement to try and get rid of the Queen
in Australia okay the head of state but she’s still she’s still there so I don’t
think it stopped raining mr. Duncan we don’t need the umbrella anymore who is
my here is my rendition of singing in the rain would you like to see a
rendition of singing in the rain mask mr. Steve takes a rest here we go and I
did it dad I’m singing in the rain just singing in a way mr. Steve he’s blowing
his nose what a pain he’s ready and wet okay Steve oh how he finished
I enjoyed that there were people around you see so I became suddenly very shy
and as embarrassed as a the Hollywood producer over there I
think wants to once you to sign you up for a film where is mr. Duncan go or we
can hear them birds singing well quite probably oh oh that’s very sad
mr. Duncan doesn’t know yet about Belarusian mother our thanks for letting
us know that’s very sad news indeed mr. Duncan’s is is doesn’t know that if he
did he wouldn’t be dancing around with his umbrella so I’ll tell him when he
comes back I’ve got some bad news mr. Duncan was that Belarus news mother’s
dying oh so that’s very sad you as you were
dancing around in the square of course you didn’t know that but that is very
sad news and we send all our best wishes – best wishes – Belarusian and ER and
her family at this what must be very difficult time I think so tickle Iran
Christmas mr. Duncan is in la-la land yes that is a very good phrase if you
say you’re in la-la land it means that you’ve gone a bit mad a bit loopy you
don’t know what you’re doing I’m not sure what mr. Duncan is doing actually
he’s coming back now hello from Paris the sky is grey you’ve got the same
weather as we have here a dealer says that you’ve got a lovely voice mr.
Duncan although he’s not looking too happy right now I’m not quite sure why
but here we go no aren’t you continuous to Duncan okay
then well we were doing a boxing day
livestream today and the weather is a bit bad today isn’t it it’s horrible
it’s gray and it’s dull and it’s not very nice at all they do like your
singing mr. Duncan I’ve got so many people on mr. Duncan do you think you’re
Frank Sinatra says satury no Frank Sinatra I’m more a more Fred Astaire I’m
a bit more a Fred Astaire use you can you can tell by my feet they’re
very light when I move around my feet are light like Fred Astaire and he he’s
Ginger Rogers well I think Steve is more he’s more than Ginger Rogers and I’m
more Fred Astaire well there we go oh hello
there are all sorts of people people are waving to his now that’s lovely you’ve
got fans we’ve got fans let’s down we are bringing much Wenlock square your
standstill did you see there to somebody to people wearing very colorful coats no
and they just made it by they won’t be able to see them because the camera is
not pointing at them well they you do you’re aware of what’s happening at the
moment are you really I’m sort of half conscious I’m half up here and half here
you know what I’m like mr. Duncan I’m never fully with it that’s true
but I thought my dance was rather nice well a few people did comment that they
liked it he’s off again he’s off again I’m singing and dancing in the rain
cause we’re going back later and I’m going to cook the leftovers from
yesterday we’re going to fry up the leftover we didn’t have Turkey we had
chicken yesterday I didn’t mention the meal yesterday we didn’t mention
yesterday’s meal Steve made the most amazing meal yesterday we had chicken
instead of turkey didn’t we we didn’t have turkey we had chicken we did we had
loads of vegetables and I helped I helped prepare the Christmas meal as
well so I I I was working very hard and of course on Boxing Day because there’s
always meat leftover and vegetables we fry them all up and put them into a
frying pan fry them all up and serve them up that way because it’s a
tradition bubble and squeak never waste food I hate it you know that’s one thing
I really hate Steve I hate it when people waste food I really do
Oh somebody’s asking you a question that’s a
you a New Year’s gift how do they do it well you can’t really do it unless you
know where I live maybe they mean you know on super chat or oh that sort of
gift maybe I don’t know do you mean do you mean money do you mean do you mean
foldable stuff that’s the best way so if you mean foldable stuff then then yes
yes please please send it don’t hold back don’t
hold back well you know how though mr. Duncan Wow
well you can send it through PayPal the address actually is underneath here if
you want to let this continue forever maybe you don’t want it to continue
forever maybe Steve has put you off doing why would I put anybody off how
can you hate this person this person is the most wonderful human being that I’ve
ever met in my life oh yes who’s getting fat mister don’t
consider eating mister okay maybe you revealed too much when you were do you
like stuffing turkey yeah no what are you saying there I don’t know what
you’re saying Steve you yeah doesn’t matter it’s okay no no no is this mr.
Duncan seems to be eating Steve share of the meal because he is getting fat let’s
have a look shall we I I’m not ashamed let’s have a look I think you’re holding it in mr. Duncan if
you knew how much chocolate we consumed last night you did eat a lot of
chocolate last night you’d be ashamed mr. Duncan bought me a gigantic bar of
chocolate and we ate half of it last night so yes you can send a donation to
PayPal and also on the super chat as well right now so you can actually make
a donation right now on the super chat as you are watching this lie
stream somebody that cattigan had a crush on you when you had a beard really
thousand intact I did I for a short time I I did grow a beard I was going to grow
on this year but unfortunately my beard is now white well thank you very much
Connie but it’s often mr. Duncan’s so that he can continue doing the live
stream so he will no doubt put it to good use in terms of equipment and and
maintenance of a very thing that’s needed that’s it for you to continue
doing your live streams for another year you don’t realize how complicated this
is it’s very technical we make it look so easy don’t we I’m not sure about that
mrs. I’m not sure either I don’t think I make it look easy you definitely don’t
make it look easy you make it look very difficult well thank you very much
Carver thank you very much indeed mr. Duncan has 80 percent body fat sis i
lee kwang thank you well that’s about right yes I mean the average is 20
percent so eight is no good is like I’m not fat I’m big-boned did you put on an
extra wheel says satury no oh yo yo yo your viewers are really laying into you
with the Dogu this is like some sort of rebellion if you lay into somebody it
means you would sort of attack them very you want to see if you want to see wanna
see you’re getting a lot of comments about your waistline mr. Duncan really
well we talked about this the other day of course after Christmas people
typically because they feel guilty that they’ve put on a lot of weight and over
indulged okay had too much to eat and drink over Christmas they go on diets
it’s very very common of course the 2nd 2nd of January people
all go on diets and they have a month quite a lot of people now have a month
when they don’t drink any alcohol so Jan January becomes like a dry month yeah I
call it a dreimann baby well Simon it means you don’t drink
alcohol you abstain or abstain exactly I like that word
if you abstain from something you avoid doing it maybe I should
abstain from doing a live stream for one and two people now want you to grow a
beard in 2020 look if you want to meet I tell you what I can grow a beard next
December and I can play the part of Santa Claus because my beard now is
white I don’t like that have to dye it maybe I’ll grow one and get a few more
fans I don’t have one when I was young I
don’t like having a white beard it makes me feel very old Palmira says did you
arrive at the square did we drive in today or do we walk in we did Drive we
drove in because the it’s so wet that we have to climb a couple of well one
particularly steep hill to get into much Wenlock and it’s very very slippery it’s
muddy and with all the equipment it would have been very uncomfortable plus
we need to get back quickly and I need to get the meal on that’s it and also
because well it was raining earlier and I don’t really want to walk into town in
the rain if you grow your beard mr. Duncan you would definitely look like I
wish I could sort of keep the chat on the screen for longer I don’t know why
it should stay on the screen longer shouldn’t it if you grow your beard mr.
Duncan you would definitely look like the first generation of natives in
Canada says kibe lol I don’t know what that means
what is this square it’s the square in Much Wenlock this is the square in which
boom lock as we have a little look around so there is much Wenlock town
centre you can see that it is completely it’s completely abandoned at the moment everywhere is shut there are no shoppers
there’s one shop open that we’ve already mentioned where you can go and get maybe
some bread some milk a few essential supplies to keep you going but as we’ve
said earlier it’s very unusual to go out shopping on Boxing Day because most
people have got enough of everything they’ve stopped at well before Christmas
so there’s the second cafe you can see t on this
where there’s cafes everywhere in which we’re not you never go short of a cup of
coffee and a cake or a meal in which Wenlock but unfortunately they’re all
shut between Christmas and New Year yes so they all shut on the 24th and don’t
reopen to the second surgery so many of the shops many of the businesses here
are actually closed at the moment even though there are lots of people
wandering around there are many people walking I think they’ve all had their
Boxing Day meals and now they’re coming out for a constitutional as we used to
say which means just a walk to make yourself feel better and healthy so
going back to the earlier question Boxing Day is normally a day where most
people relax they do very little because they’ve normally had too much to eat too
much to drink on Christmas Day Rafi has asked as what are your new year’s
resolutions my New Year’s resolution is to get better at doing this so I can do
it properly you’ve been doing it for 13 years mr.
Duncan you must be good at it pain I always try to improve what I do I always
try to do things better yes emolia all the shops are shut apart from one
because people in the UK because it’s a holiday people don’t
well actually Boxing Day is a tradition in the UK for the big department stores
to start having their big sales so this is a small town so we’ve got no big
shops no big department stores but if you go into a big town
Telford Rivini here or into London Birmingham all the big department stores
right now are having their huge sales mmm they cut 50% off whatever off
everything yes and people rush in on Boxing Day for the sales that’s a big
tradition in the UK very traditional but not here there’s no sales on there’s no
shops open there’s nothing here we go another another message dragged not tap
I’m going to have this tattooed on mr. Steve’s forehead so mr. mr. Duncan do
you ever go outside for enjoying New Year’s events not really we stay at home
and normally we go outside don’t we at midnight so no we don’t normally go to
New Year’s parties or anything to be honest so thank you for your question
but we can watch and we like to go outside New Year’s Eve and watch
everybody else’s fireworks cattigan says I live in London and it gets crazy
so I stay at home on Boxing Day well there you go because everyone’s out
there going is that right they’re going for the the Boxing Day sales
I bet it’s crazy in London imagine what it’s like in London I’d like to go there
today it’s very quiet here so if you want some peace and quiet come here go
to much welcome to Much Wenlock that’s interesting what’s this about something
scientific there by perfect society elevated levels of marker suggesting
brain damage following a bout of boxing yes this has been a big this is an
advertiser is spamming my father you’re reading out spam now I don’t know what
that is are you new to this internet thing but of course that is very true
that it’s been discovered that even heading a football rain down Tiber is
Garrett yes ok then you’re still talking about the spam that is true they’ve got
to be very very good yes Steve I’m glad that people aren’t posting other crazy
things on here bye for now mister don’t go easy was true
I’m going to the bank to put money into your account oh thank you very much so
Khyber is going to send a donation if you want to send a donation it helps
this work nothing like a prostitute we can paid
and I think there already I don’t think there are any round here Steve
you’ll have to wait beautiful parks in the city yes they do
exactly they do in London they have lovely parks inland and I would imagine
a lot of people go out in London on Boxing Day anyway just to just to go
outside and enjoy all of the beautiful parks definitely I think so
I’m going to try and do this again how cold is it now well it’s about five
degrees I would say it’s my feet are getting cold as well mr. doe I’m
freezing I am really suffering today hello Jimmy Lee yes I don’t often come
on these live streams with mr. Duncan I was there on Sunday you were last Sunday
a lot of people have been watching that it would appear that mr. Steve is
actually quite an attraction on my live stream and I think so no I think so
you’re too modest sometimes drag not tap yes you’re right I guess again yes I
keep I keep tapping you drag not tap iseman says what is this about well it’s
actually this isn’t mr. Duncan’s English teaching channel do you want to know
what this is about I’m going to show you let me show you
now what this is all about please move over Steve I have to show something this
is what this is all about it’s all about having fun having fun and learning at
the same time that’s what I’ve been doing here on YouTube for the past 13
years and that’s why I do this because learning should always be fun if you
learn if you have fun if you can laugh and smile everything becomes much more
enjoyable like this student you see yes learning should always be fun funny
everybody’s disappeared but we didn’t explain that this is an English teaching
Channel yes and you’re the the main host I am I agent Lee appear
I am mr. Duncan and so yes so there so he says I’m very humble I’m not sure
about that they do like your dancing they did seem to like your dancing mr.
Duncan my dancing is almost surreal libbing says that
they’ve found us on Google Maps we mean you can see is right now are we live we
are being watched from a satellite satellite in space Oh in Vietnam the
Lunar New Year is the most popular event yes yes you know all about just like in
China so the Lunar New Year normally happens in late January or during
February mmm it is true yeah I wanted to talk about that but mr. Duncan’s not so
keen however this form of Parkinson’s is associated with head trauma
well it’s been all over the news recently that I mean we know boxes
suffer from brain damage when they get old yes for even footballers they’ve
discovered now heading the football don’t you think it’s strange though if
you if you do something in your life that means that you have to get hit on
the head again and again you are probably going to get brain damage you
don’t have to be a scientist to work that out yes I I know but they weren’t
you know the the actual science of it is is being looked into more and more and
what they didn’t realize that even relatively low level hits to your head
like from a football if you’re heading a football okay it’s the repetition the
constant repetition of doing that activity that has long-term health
detriment to you to your brain but I mean footballers are getting it aren’t
they’re getting head damaged they’re getting brain damaged and they get older
just from heading a football which you think would be quite innocent thing to
do just beginning to wonder whether Steve has been hitting himself on the
head during his life certainly never played football I have played football
that might explain a lot but you I mean a football is quite heavy you you you
had a football it’s actually quite an impact I think so on your head so you
imagine doing that hundreds and hundreds of times it’s going to create problems
so they all have to sign contracts which say they’re not going to stop heading in
football so they’re all had to sign contracts to say that if they get brain
damage later in life they could sue anyone could
just made the football very light like a balloon maybe they could use a balloon
instead of a football so then their head wouldn’t get damaged their brain would
stay intact people are asking about your birthday mr. Duncan when is your
birthday my birthday is an August and his his birthday is in February and
that’s coming up quite soon thank you thank you for that comment comments men
yes today it’s an unusual one because we’re doing a livestream but not really
prepared anything we’re not showing words or phrases or idioms like you
would normally do eyes always I’m always prepared this is a bit of a fun Boxing
Day event just for all the fans that mr. Duncan has around the world yes so this
is something we’ve done for the past two years
I know do you remember the time we came here and it was snowing and everything
was covered with snow and it was freezing cold and we had to do a live
stream I don’t remember that well why does that not surprise me
what are your zodiac signs I think he’s he’s Virgo no oh well you still very go
anyway I go in Texas don’t really follow it but I am what am i I’m I’m Aquarius
Aquarius various the sea monster water bear not the sea monster the Water
Bearer I am Leo the ferocious lion I am
fearless and wild I’m very also very close to Pisces I’m only two days off
Pisces apparently Pisces is that is that the fish is that the fish oh I say
that’s also water related yes it’s strange that strange so I don’t know if
you are sort of very close to one sign yeah do you read do you if you’re
looking at your horoscope do you look at both of them so if your slap-bang in the
middle okay of the date of assigned you you could say that you’re but if you’re
like for exam I’m Aquarius but I’m only two days of
high seas and I read both Pisces and Aquarius
if I was into that do you realize astrology is a load of bunkum well
people like to follow it and if I was going to follow it would I read both of
them that is like saying that is like going home and reading your tea leaves
while a cattigan says there is a horoscope for if you are on the cusp on
the cusp that means nearly have a feeling you’re on the cusp mentally I
think on the cusp means that you are neither one way or the other you’re on
the case you’re nearly as we’re about to do something I think if you’re on the
cusp I think mr. Steve is definitely on the cusp he’s neither one way or the
other if you’re on the cusp it means you’re about to do something doesn’t it
that’s it it’s about to happen it’s about to happen like being on a
rollercoaster ride and you are about to go over the edge but quite often it
means that you are near the other thing happening the other ravenna satury know
is told everyone your birthday is the 12th of august that is correct it is
that is where my birthday is I will be another year older next year I will be
five years away from sixty next year I can’t believe it that sounds so old I
remember my granddad being sixty and I thought it was like he was from another
century Murray we have explained the origin of Boxing Day we explained that
at the beginning so feel free to go and watch that later on Boxing Day is when
all the servants get paid for the work that they did during Christmas there are
no servants anymore mr. Dongo some people do the workers that say work is
young workers sound like a communist and as every I think slaves people but some
people still have servants you know that only yes but I mean you know you are
aware that there is a an upper class ruling this country with an iron fist
go into that mr. Duncan I didn’t get notification says TS nor did we we
didn’t know we didn’t even know where we’re on come on this says Maria you’re
not more than 35 years old we look at that that’s the best comment we’ve had
to do we didn’t know we were on today we just found this mobile phone in the
street just standing around on its own so this mobile phone is is not ours it’s
just what we found come look I’m gonna repeat Maria’s message again okay
you don’t look more than 35 that’s wonderful thank you very much Maria
Maria Maria I’m saying hello to Maria live from at when Locke on Boxing Day
2019 isn’t it exciting cattigan says capitalist work is modern slavery anyway
that well yes you couldn’t you could read that exactly that way and a lot of
people do was were slaves to our jobs and to our paychecks and brainwashed
into buying lots of things what Steve I’m catechins comment there about
capitalist work is modern slavery and I do tend to agree
you do realize life life is slavery well though we don’t live in better
conditions and slaves you the problem with this country and this is something
I say a lot here in the UK a lot of people moan and complain but they don’t
realize how lucky they are to live in this country it’s a great country and I
always feel very lucky who’s Mary beard I started watching material and YouTube
by Mary beard I believe she’s a writer a poet and a writer oh don’t don’t tap
dragged if I can learn anything from today okay it shouldn’t be don’t tap
drag then so this is the thing this is going to be our new catchphrase don’t
tap drag drag I don’t don’t tap I’ve learned something
so I don’t know who marry be it is it she’s very well-known she’s from which
Wenlock she’s a local character for much benlloch she was writer poet that in
fact down the road just around the corner from here there is a house that
had her name on the front Mary beard lived at this house oh she’s not alive
anymore yeah I don’t know I’m not very good at history okay yes I be yes we’re
all getting that arena will be another year older we will all be another year
older but next year next year for me I think it’s it’s a big event next year
for my birthday because I will be all the fives Thank You hanane I don’t look
much older are you look younger how lovely that we like we like comments
like that that’s why you seem completely unaware of a microphone right well I’m
looking at the screen yes that’s fine mr. Duncan he’s always always ordering
me about on the live streams when I opened this livestream I thought I was
going to see two people boxing yes that’s that’s very good yes nursing day
doesn’t mean that’s when you have box well you might see people boxing by the
end of this livestream if we get too angry with each other if I stop if I
keep tapping and not dragging mr. Duncan might box me yes don’t forget don’t tap
drag don’t tap drag Thank You Maria for your comments we’re getting lots of
positive comments from people which is very nice
she is the lives I didn’t say she was dead yes yes you did did I yes I don’t
say she was dead ouu in certainly indicate I didn’t what
yeah maybe she’s maybe she’s walked past them we don’t even realize she could be
walking past what I meant is you don’t really hear about her anymore
I didn’t mean she was dead I didn’t say Mary beard was dead I don’t know she is
Oh mr. STIs facial features reminds me of mr. Cumberbatch he’s a he’s an actor
isn’t it he is an actor Benedict Cumberbatch you mean and speaker be
handsome is what you mean obviously thank you very much I look like a film
star mr. Duncan do you look at that all these lovely comments I’m getting from
people I look younger I look like a film star I don’t need that that’s all I need
for Christmas I don’t need presents I just need lovely comments from your
viewers dragged there we go somebody just put drag they’re living you just
put drag do you mean dressing up in women’s clothes or just mean me dragging
on the screen I think it just means you operating the computer well there’s been
a lot of comments mr. Duncan and mr. Steve you are the light of our life
thank you very much that’s very kind isn’t it
it is now can I just bring something serious in here we did have some we did
have some sad news earlier from Belarus here can I just say that our thoughts
are with you at the moment and it is very sad news so can I just say thank
you for letting us know Belarus yeah and we will talk more about this on our next
livestream yes we’re in the square – yes we are
unfortunately all the shops are closed today apart from the shop that sounds
alcohol yes it’s very much open the pub’s the pub’s are open yes if you’re
not going to a pub traditional English pub they are all open and there are lots
of people in there being very Merry thinking away drinking lots of booze and
some of them are smoking before they go in because we could smell it in the air
yeah apparently Steve knows exactly what marijuana smells like everybody knows
it’s Bo everybody’s tried it one seven they I haven’t most people have it
sister so you you smoke marijuana not going to admit anything mr. Duncan this
this is a very strange livestream they’re having here today apparently
Steve Steve is a junkie is a druggie didn’t you try the thing about life he’s
you got to try everything at least once and you know Peter my feet are now dead
I can’t feel my feet you better experience life to the full you got to
try everything it doesn’t mean to say you have to can continue doing it are
you standing in front of houses well it says Mohammed well they some of them are
houses most of them are shops but some of them some of them are shops on the
basement level and shops on the basement level and then the upper floors are
accommodation for where people live so you can see a row of shops there that’s
a rose shops across the road and then up above the shops there are flats where
people are living so yes that’s quite common in the UK in a town it would be
the ground floor and they’ve all got that Christmas lights on I don’t film
with them particularly bits nevermind it’s quite nice actually don’t come on
getting scared because all the local users are coming out and they might beat
us up I don’t you do realize we’re about 13 years old I don’t think 13 year old
boys are gonna beat us up somehow when there’s five or six of them they’re
probably caught for goodness sake if they’re a traditional Christmas cake yes
there is Maria oh yes there is a traditional Christmas cake in and it’s
made with it’s a very heavy cake made with lots of dried fruit raisins
sultanas currants it’s a very heavy solid cake and lots of people don’t like
it’s a bit like Christmas pudding actually Christmas cake isn’t it
it’s a bit like Christmas pudding but with icing on top I don’t know miss miss
cake no not everybody likes Christmas cake if you don’t like dried fruit you
would not like Christmas pudding you wouldn’t like Christmas cake or
Christmas pudding for that matter okay we didn’t buy it because mr. Duncan
doesn’t like it I can take it or leave it if you say you can take it or leave
it it means you don’t mind if you have it or if you don’t have it so we haven’t
got any Christmas cake no Christmas cake because I don’t like
it my mother used to make it it takes a long time to make to make a Christmas
cake you have to make the Christmas cake two or three months before Christmas and
then you you you have to let it store or in a tin okay and then it tastes nice so
you have to make it like two or three months before Christmas you can’t make
it the day before please like you I don’t forget to like my hands mr. Duncan
hat please like this livestream could you please now give us a thumbs up so I
want to everyone everyone who is watching the livestream at the moment to
give me a thumbs up can we have a like show some love to mr. Steve and myself
can you please show some love by giving us a big thumbs up thank you I’m going
to say happy birthday to Bruno is it Bruno’s birthday according to this lots
of people are saying happy birthday to Bruno hello happy birthday to Bruno I
suppose I should give Bruno a special dance what do you think for his birthday
if you must mr. Duncan who knows Bruno it is your birthday yes today it’s your
birthday hip-hip-hooray oh happy birthday Bruno I
hope you are having a good day and enjoy your birthday so yes well done have you
finished mr. Duncan I finished there when are we going mr. Duncan I’m getting
cold and hungry I get the feeling that Steve wants to go we will go in a moment
what time it is Oh what time is it on your new watch
it’s nearly half past three nearly half past three so we what we will go in a
moment I hope you’ve enjoyed this something different we weren’t sure if
we were going to be here today because the weather was a little bad earlier
it’s freezing cold it’s so damp and I have now lost all sensation in my feet
two people have now said that my nose is changing color if it is your nose is
going red you look you look like Rudolph somebody else said that earlier it’s
very funny but that always happens to my extremities in the cold but then your
nose is very big my extremities that means you’re sort of exposed parts that
your nose your fingers wrists and you talk about your extremities you talk you
mean your fingers and your nose and your ears don’t you don’t warm it up for I’m
gonna warm this mr. Steeves knows it for him there we go it’s that better and
warming Steve’s nose that oh I’m gonna blow my nose it is very cold we are
suffering here aren’t we mr. don’t I’m suffering if I get pneumonia it’s your
fault okay if I get pneumonia it’s your fault I think he’s getting colder and
calm we’re going to light the fire when we get back yes it’s freezin my nose
also blushes with temperature and everybody thinks I drink alcohol yes
well that yes yes if you drink alcohol your your extremities go red yeah let’s
have a look at my nose is my nose red let’s have a look shall we it isn’t my
nose what’s that I think there’s ghosting I think there’s a big I think
there’s a big bogey at my nose Serena says I’ve had too much wine I’ve had
absolutely no alcohol today whatsoever even though yesterday we had a little
bit of Porto wine yes we are crazy about Porto wine from Portugal so anybody
watching from Portugal we love your Porto wine
went there earlier this year and we’ve got a bit of a taste for it
mm mr. Duncan you might have drugged your nose of the tissue paper that’s why
no the reason I need the tissue paper is the cold is making my nose run hmm and
if you if you’re not used if you used to living in a hot country and you haven’t
experienced the cold this is this is the effect it has it makes you go red it
makes your nose run yes so you get all mucus mucus comes out of your nose it’s
like you’ve got a cold but you haven’t actually got a cold not very nice my
legs even the back my legs are getting cold all the way up I know I think I
think actually Steve we should now bring this to a close yes Murray Mario says in
Brazil we eat panettone with a Christmas tradition now we’ve started to see this
murió in for sale in the shops I’ve seen panettone I haven’t I’ve seen it in the
supermarket I don’t actually know what it is could you be sorry could you tell
us what panettone is no what is it is it kind of braddock it’s a kind of bread
mmm okay but I’m not entirely sure but we would love to try it it’s becoming
popular over here now in the UK don’t get pneumonia mr. Duncan ha red noses
day yes red noses day has arrived early in the UK because we’ve got red noses 6°
says rose it in much Wenlock well you must have looked that up it is it feels
colder because we’re standing on on cold slabs and the cold is is drawing up
through my shoes into my ankles and up my Italian
sweetbreads thank you for that cattigan originally from Milan usually prepared
and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in western southern Europe as well as
Latin America well it’s becoming a popular here in the UK because I’ve seen
it in the supermarkets and I think it’s something trendy people who like to be
trendy in the UK will be having panettone this Christmas because they
would be able to say oh would you like some panettone because that’s I can
imagine that can you mr. chair pretentious people in the UK offering
panettone – yes look how sophisticated we are Christmas Italian cake but I’d
like to try it while mr. Duncan I almost can’t speak I’m so cold no yes yes I’ve
seen it as well no yes I’ve seen it okay let’s wrap this up then let’s get some
panettone let’s go to the supermarket let’s go too much wedlock supermarket
and ask them have you got any panettone I don’t think they would have any mr.
Duncan’s on the move no doubt he’s going to sprint over and go in there mr.
Duncan and ask them have they got any panettone not do let’s see what reaction
you get I just wanted to move the camera a little bit so we are going now it is
time to say goodbye I hope you’ve enjoyed this I am now absolutely
freezing cold I think I’d feel any part of my body at the moment we’re rigid
with cold so we are now going I hope you’ve enjoyed this livestream something
a little bit unusual we’re going back home now to have a cup of coffee or a
cup of tea mr. Steve is going to put some delicious food on so Boxing Day is
happening right now and tonight we are having a lovely
Boxing Day meal so all of the food that we left yesterday we are going to fry
bubble and squeak Club bubble in squiggle and squeak we’re going to be
having in about I would say less than an hour from now I know I’m really hungry
cold and hungry we are going now I hope you’ve enjoyed this strange livestream
thanks for your company today I’m absolutely freezing cold standing here
in the middle of a deserted square and you’re not sure are you going to be
around on Sunday doing Eliza’s well I don’t know because your mum is coming to
stay your mother is here so I don’t know worried what’s happening everything’s
going to be very strange over the next few days so I’m not sure what is going
to happen hello here okay thank you very much thank you also to Kate again cat
again yes we’ve had lots of messages from cat again today thank you very much
for your lovely messages today thank you for joining us it’s been a little
different not the usual live stream something slightly unusual would you say
Pedro just arrived hello Pedro we’re going now going now unfortunately lovely
to see you answered Jamila and to everybody who’s been on today I’m
standing here in the freezing cold and I think I might have hypothermia guitar
Hiroko Tia’s Maria Irene mog mog thank you very much
everybody Thank You Maria thank you very much we
are going now I feel slightly relieved that we are going because my body is now
saying please mr. Duncan please take us into the warm because it’s too cold I
need the toilet as well here in the street and Steve needs a wee wee and
Geoff’s come on hello Jeff yeah Oh Jeff you missed me the other day
I was asking where is Jeff we haven’t seen Jeffrey Jeff for a long Davison
Jeff for ages well watch the live stream from when was it was it last Sunday yes
and I was there and I know you’d like to see me Jeff I
know you do I think Steve I think Steve you haven’t slammed I think you have a
fan well unfortunately we’re going cuz we’re freezing cold we’re hungry
we’re tired yes I need the loo yes so I shall let you sign off mr. Duncan okay
we are going now because we’ve been here for one hour and 25 minutes feels like
it that’s why I can just feel my body start to freeze another ten minutes and
we’ll need an ambulance anyway we’re going now thank you very much for your
company thank you very much for staying with us you can watch this again later
on and of course there will be captions there will be subtitles on this video
later and you can watch this as many times as you want I will see you again
soon this is mr. Duncan in England and also mr. Steve also in England standing
right next to me live in much Wenlock square saying thanks for joining us
thanks for watching see you very soon somewhere out there on the Internet
and of course until the next time we meet it’s mr. Steve saying to tower fan
out and it’s mr. duncan in england saying thanks for watching enjoy english
have a super-duper time whatever you are doing right now and of course until the
next time we meet here on youtube drag don’t tap as it’s the lesson from today
if there’s one thing we’ve learned today or at least steve has learned it’s a
drag don’t tap and of course guitar… ta ta for now 😎

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16 thoughts on “Boxing day live English stream from much Wenlock 2019 – In England

  1. Thanks for your lovely Boxing Day stream. So glad of watching Mr Steve, take care of your health Mr Duncan you never wear enough warm clothes, I felt freezing watching you.

  2. You made me good Misterduncan. I watched you singing in the rain and I laughed a little. I´m still sad but for a moment I enjoyed my time with your lively personality. I love you very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Hello mr duncan, boxing day traditional live stream was amazing.I was completely lost in that when you said hit like and then I did both look happy and cool…sad moments for bielorrucia.I'm with her in this hour of wishes from karachi, Pakistan

  4. It was a perfect live stream. I really enjoy these kind of live streams which are made in outside. Thank you Misterduncan and MrSteve. Happy new year.

  5. Don't tap.. Drag 😄 thanks for you both, you are amazing, I enjoyed this lesson and a very happy new year 💜💜💜💐

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