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Boxing [FULL FIGHT] C Bruno / I Valentin | NY Golden Gloves拳击boxeملاكمةboxenボクシング ប្រដាល boxeo권투 มวย

Boxing [FULL FIGHT] C Bruno / I Valentin | NY Golden Gloves拳击boxeملاكمةboxenボクシング ប្រដាល boxeo권투 มวย

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s next bout is the women’s 119 lbs. novice class. The referee is Danny Gant. In the gold corner, Ingrid Valentin from Starrett City Boxing Club. Valentin works as a security
guard in Starrett City. She is a seasoned bodybuilder and kickboxer and has been boxing for a few months. Valentin stands at one bye. In the blue corner, Christine Bruno-Sangallo, of the the New York City Police Athletic League. Bruno-Sangallo is from Long Island and works as a home therapist for autistic children. She’s been boxing for about a year-and-a-half. Her record: one knockout. That knockout came in the semi-finals over Allison Smith with a straight right hand. Danny Gant is the referee. Taking their second job boxing two-minute rounds.>Referee: Go all the way back! All the way back. Hey
again making sure all the touches already Valentin then gets have a good time in the ring Christine Bruno got the reach advantage in this,
backing off Valentin has all kinds of balance problems. It looks like she’s not setting herself up right at all.
You see her leg get way, way apart. There’s no way you’re going to get
leverage on a punch that way. Bruno has been stepping back to
throwing some jabs and spinning around – just over the world I think Valentin might knock herself out. I don’t know no simply with the
women boxers, though let’s try to analyze it. You can see that there’s very little
defense. When they can hit, they really can hit. They’re not moving with the
punches and they get jolted when they get hit. they ask for the workout, for the discipline you
find some sport excited Right hand by first round
She’s already taking some punishment the wild Liana legs cookie man when I got careless and duck
party go wild with her punches and Bruno in the blue, Ingrid Valentin in
the gold. first weekend Valentin coming forward and mouthpiece is falling out. not replace it see It seems as if Bruno has a little redness under her eye. She does have the better technique.
institutions man Athena punches and bouncing came out real quick with this
she’s out of gas already again at his family’s controlling summary just
winging their way in her aggression after that initial 20 seconds of the
first the first round she was really the aggressor. Believe me, those punches hurt. Valentin ran right into a good stiff left hand. those hair is falling down in her eyes. but again the difference in this round
is the stiff left jabs of Bruno are outside of that bit just about even when
they go get the training poison ballot then this reminds me of a novice anyway
both it’s like she’s a very very tired and it’s only the second round. Valentin is real tied to have to give a
credit or trying she can’t pick soprano landed moving in in a standing eight count hey she is very, very tired, very, very
talented Oh yeah, she can barely walk out of the corner mercifully for her
no conditioning and really no skills First stepped in the ring a few months
ago. an awful lot of them the Bruno has been boxing for a year and a half of the
training Says her grandfather was a professional
boxer Anthony moon alone his champion Standing eight for Valentin seven hey
That’s a second standing eight of the match. Just a little bit of difference in techniques and with runaway able to stick that left hand out before suppose
the other hand make it all the difference in the world and here comes
the third one one more and it’s over. The crowd doesn’t like it. They want to see the action. Bruno collecting herself.
the crowd is not getting hit with those bunch of sin there’s another stiff look
at those stiff wants it that’s it I’ll give her the count and that’ll be the
mouth hey that’s it Dan Gant bounce it out I don’t think it’s dawned on Christine Bruno that she’s won yet. Now she’s got it.
Christine Bruno married in Sangallo. Her husband John in attendance.
She works as a home therapist for autistic children.
She’s also trained as a nurse. Went through Nassau Community College is an education major. and answered the family react when they see if you want to go
into boxing, she said they didn’t like it at first but when they saw I was serious about it they came around And what about the husband when they have an argument? I’d stay out of our way that’s him we better start training Christine Bruno-Sangallo, champion trained by Mark Weinman who has a couple of boxers in this
tournament. Doing some nice some nice boxing work. Referee: at Ko lady good show ladies
good job! Kevin van Meter will make the official announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, at one thirty two of the third round, referee Danny stops the bout.
The winner of the women’s 119 pound in the novice class is from blue corner
Christine Bruno! Christine Bruno-Sangallo will wear the
Golden Gloves home tonight! She is the 119 pound women’s champion as she defeats Ingrid Valentin. We’ll be right back!

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  2. Congratulations Christine Bruno; you are a awesome boxer. Also a shout out to my man who trained her; Mark Weinman, the Hammer!

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