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boxing [FULL FIGHT] Hamaguchi / Moreno 拳击 권투 boxeo ملاكمة ប្រដាល់ มวย boks ボクシング boxen मुक्केबाज़ी

boxing [FULL FIGHT] Hamaguchi / Moreno 拳击 권투 boxeo ملاكمة ប្រដាល់ มวย boks ボクシング boxen मुक्केबाज़ी

It is a mini
flyweight affair contested by
the females. It’s a six-rounder Marty Salmon is our referee. And introducing first off to my left, fighting
out of the red corner, she is wearing the blue trunks. She enters the ring with a professional mark
of 1-5-2 with three of those decision losses to the world champion, Vaia Zaganas. She weighs in at a ready 106 pounds. Coming to us all the way from Harlem, New
York. She is Deidre Hamaguchi! And her opponent, off to my left, fighting
out to the blue corner. She is wearing the black dark trunks with
the white trim. She is undefeated in her professional career, at 4-0 with 2 knockouts, after an outstanding amateur career. She tipped the scales at 106.6 pounds, and comes to us from Watsonville, California. She is Carina “La Reina” Moreno! Six rounds in the mini flyweight division. [bell rings to begin Round 1/6] [cheering from audience] “C’mon, Carina!” [loud cheering & applause from audience] “C’mon, Deidre!” “Carinaaaaa!” “Kick her ass, Dee!” “Kick her ass, Dee!” “C’mon, Carina!” “C’mon, Dee!” “C’mon, Deidre!” “C’mon, Carina!” “C’mon, Dee!” [bell rings twice to end Round 1] [loud whistling and cheering from audience] [bell rings to begin Round 2/6] [bell rings three times] Ladies and gentlemen, after six thrilling rounds of action, we go to the score cards. and the judges score it 50-53, 60-54, 60-54 A unanimous decision and still undefeated at 5-0, from Watsonville, California, Carina “La Reina” Moreno! Jerry Hoffman: Alright, Carina Moreno, you did it again! Were you anticipating to stop her in this fight?>>Yeah, I was. first two rounds I was trying to feel her out. In the third one, yes. In the fourth, Rick told me to pick it up a little, but she was, you know, kept on moving, kept on moving so it was kinda hard for me to sit down for that right contact I hit her with a ??one but then Icouldn’t come back because she was out of the way. Cuz she moves a lot so,>>We didn’t know that she was quite the runner, but she had to stay away from your power. so that was really her only alternative today but, are you pleased with your performance?>>Yeah, I’m pleased. I mean I think I could have picked it up a little more, but like I said, she kept on moving a lot. Cuz I’ve been practicing to set down on my punches more and throw three to four combinations as hard as I can and I couldn’t quite do it. because she was kind of a mover, so but next time I’ll work for the knockout. I almost had her last 10 seconds, I could see her fading back but…>>She was kinda waiting for the round to end, to get outa Dodge. But, you know, she’s a tough girl, and she fought Vaia Zaganas, like, three times, and went the decision. It’ll be interesting when we ask her how you compare to Vaia ‘cuz some day, you’re gonna fight Vaia. You know that.>>Oh yeah, oh yeah. I mean I’m really looking forward to her. I want to fight Vaia. I fought her in the amateurs and I beat in the amateurs. And when she turned pro, she said she couldn’t wait to get me in the pros So I’m really looking forward and I want to fight her. But I think the game plan for you and Rick is to take it slowly, get some more fights, get a bunch of wins under your belt, and then take her on when you have, oh, I don’t know how many fights it’s gonna take. Do you have any idea?>>Before we fight for a world title, we want to have at least 18 fights. You know, we don’t want to go out there like Vaia. You know, she fought for the world title when she had only 5 fights. To me that’s a bunch of baloney. If you consider yourself the top, I mean why fight for a world when you only have five fights? I want to be like a guy, like the gentlemen. They fight for a world title when they have 20 fights.>>But still, Carina, there’s so few quality girls out there. and if they call it a world title fight, it’s not like there’s a bunch of opportunities there for other girls, to get championship fights. There’s only about a dozen of you out there that are top notch.>>Yeah, it’s true, you know, there’s not that many. But, you know, if she considers herself the world champion to fight for a world title, how come she didn’t go fight Regina Hamlich? To me, she’s the top dog. She’s got over 50 fights. If I was gonna fight for the world title, I would have gone over there and fight her, and then I would have fought for the world title.>>Well, I think your plan is sound. You’re gonna get your foundation. You’re gonna get your experience, Then when you fight for the big marbles, you’ll have everything under your belt. and have seen just about anything anyone can throw at you. And I think that’s what it’s all about right now.>>Yeah, definitely. And, like you say, you know, She fought Sara Goodson. I fought her three weeks ago and I beat her. To me, that’s just a joke.>>Well, you just keep on comin’ on and just stay busy and hopefully you’ll get those 18, 19 fights before we can nod our heads there. and we just can’t wait until you get that big opportunity.>>I can’t wait for November again, and be here again at the Riot at the Hyatt. We’re really looking forward to it.>>Me too, Carina. Pleasure to see you again. Great job. And keep it going. Who knows, you may have 10 fights by the time November rolls around.>>Yes, hopefully I can move up to an 8 rounder.>>Carina Moreno! We know she’s gonna be world champion, it’s just a matter of when!

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