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Boxing Works: What makes this gym special

Boxing Works: What makes this gym special

I am Jason Park.
I’m a sports physical therapist as well as a Muay Thai coach
and a boxing coach. I started here at Boxing Works
when I was 15. So about 16 years ago. And I traveled to many other great gyms and had the opportunity to work
with a lot of great fighters. Which led me back to here where
I completed my graduate program. I became a physical therapist.
And now I work in both ways, both as a coach and as a
physiotherapist for a lot of fighters. We’re here at Boxing Works which is my
original gym, my home gym. One that I returned to after
I came back from Thailand and I continue to work with
a lot of the fighters to this day. One of the things that makes
Boxing Works really special is that we’re a traditional Muay Thai gym. What that means is
we try to train Muay Thai in lots of different ways but
a lot of the ways that is trained in Thailand. But when people say traditional
– What is traditional? Martial arts constantly changes. It evolves.
And you can see that with how Muay Thai was the original sport of kickboxing
and all these other Karate, Kung Fu, American Boxing they all had an
influence on Muay Thai and develop different kickboxing sports around the world: in Japan, in Europe, in America, in Russia. And now you see it, this blending
of the world again where Muay Thai people from Thailand, people from England who trained in pure Muay Thai rules with elbows and knees have to adjust to rules
like in K1 and in Glory. And that’s martial arts. It’s that it’s constantly evolving. One of the things that you’ll see a lot of our fighters have is that we work through the clinch, we work a lot of knees and elbows and we work a
lot of with the strong Muay Thai body kicks. But myself and I actually Brian as well we all have a lot of experience with Taekwondo, with Karate when we were in our younger years and now you see the value of it. You can see in the UFC, you could see in Glory. I have to pull a lot of things from my Taekwondo career to help my fighters who come from Kyokushin,
who come from Shotokan and having them adapt with my skills in
Muay Thai in this new world. Yeah, so we’re very diverse
and always evolving. Hi, my name is Bryan Popejoy. This is Boxing Works.
We’re in Torrance, California. My mission insists to produce the best possible not only competitors but for those that don’t compete I try to help everybody be
the best version of themselves. And how do you do it? Hello. A whole a lot of trial and error,
whole a lot of trying things out. While giving the respect and
acknowledgement to my teachers in the past. Trying to convey what I’ve
learned from them and also trying to sometimes think creatively and come
up with with other ways to do things that’ll help these kids, adults if you will achieve whatever they’re trying to achieve, achieve their goals. You train them in body and mind And how do you prepare them mentally for a fight? Mentally for a fight.
I think each athlete and each individual kind of has their own mental I don’t want to say issues.
I don’t want it to sound crazy. But everybody has kind of their own concerns. For everybody it’s I think it’s quite unique with
each person but if I had to pick one one element, one aspect that I think helps
everyone out is I try to create like a checklist for them in terms of:
Did you do your preparation? Did you eat well? Did you show up for training when
you’re supposed to show up for training? Did you do your strength and
conditioning work? And if you did these things,
if your checklist is in order then you should gain
a bit of confidence from that. Because you know you’ve done the work. And once you do the work
then it’s then easy to then it’s kind of just up to what happens. If you go in prepared you don’t have that doubt if you have your
checklist of preparation then then you’re good to go.
Or should be, hopefully good to go. And then double up with your own right knee. Bang!
And that’ll be pretty much the end of it. The other night all we did, we did a
much simpler …

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