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Boxing Youth Olympic Champion Peter Kadiru is a typical German | Flag and Family

Boxing Youth Olympic Champion Peter Kadiru is a typical German | Flag and Family

There isn’t really such a thing
as typically German to me. I have grown up here
and got a connection to it. Maybe I am typically German too. When someone punches you,
it’s like a picture being taken right in front
“The boy with the iron fists.” I’m 18 years old now.
I was born and raised in Hamburg. It’s a good thing that I
started boxing at the age of 11. Many people I used to know
don’t know what to do with their lives. Many didn’t graduate
from high school. Many take drugs,
a few are in prison or are just hanging
around outside. I know my goals and
what I want to achieve. The man in red is
Peter Kadiru from Germany. He lives in Hamburg. Two 18-year-olds between
two super-heavyweight boxers. Left-hand success from Kadiru. The first time I got punched
really hard, I was shocked. How can he hit you this hard
in the face just like this? Into the third
and final round he goes. It’s all smiles on the face of the
German contingent. What a left hook from Kadiru! Four-punch combination. In the beginning, I honestly
didn’t like boxing at all. The training was too hard,
everything all together was too much for me. I thought,
“I can’t do this physically.” Also mentally, I wasn’t
as strong as I am now. What motivates me now is
boxing being the sport where you can show your real
fighting spirit and your real character. Through boxing, I’ve made
a lot of very good friends. Boxing has given me courage,
made me more self-confident and I’ve become
more mature as a person. No-one has ever insulted
me because of the colour of my skin at fights. In sports,
only your performance counts. Ghanaian families
are always very big. A big part lives here in Germany
and another big part in Ghana. I have two younger brothers,
Jason and Joel, and an older one Kevin. Most of the time
I was the youngest one because I was always hanging out
with my older brother. And I discovered boxing through him. When my mother came here,
she lived in an asylum centre. A bit later,
my big brother was born. I’ll put it like this –
it was very hard for her as she lived in East Germany. Immigrants weren’t that
popular there. She had to fight through
a lot in her life. I also had a few German friends,
not only foreigners! I also noticed that
German parents weren’t as strict with most things. When my mother said, “You gotta be home at 9 o’clock,”
I had to be there. I can’t speak my mum’s
mother tongue, Twi, as well as her because as a kid I didn’t
learn it that well. It’s always a shame when
relatives come to visit us. When people from Ghana look at me,
I’m the German one. When people from Germany see me
I am the African for them. I box for the German National Team. I’ve won a lot of
medals for Germany, and therefore I also feel German. Sometimes I do notice glances
from people that are a bit older, not so much from teenagers. When people stare at me,
it doesn’t really matter to me. They don’t know me, they don’t
know what kind of person I am. They don’t know that I speak the German language
as well as they do. In the last two years, I noticed
that the younger boxers ask me for advice. Some said, “You are my role model.” This is special for me because
I am relatively young. I have no idea what would’ve
happened to me. Maybe I would’ve become
a drug addict or gangster. But what I know right now is
that boxing is extremely important for my life. Peter Kadiru of Germany has just
been crowned as the Youth Olympic Champion
in the super heavyweight division.

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36 thoughts on “Boxing Youth Olympic Champion Peter Kadiru is a typical German | Flag and Family

  1. some Germans would debate that he is german since he is obviously of African origin. being considered an American is lot different than being German as Germany is found fed by hemongenous peoples. the US has been a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures from its founding even with the dominance of the WASP culture.

  2. He won the U22 European Championships in March. Still going strong! 😀 I hope he can participate in Tokyo 2020 and continue to be a great example and role model for younger generations. 🙂
    It's sad he has to justify his own idetification as german. He was born and raised in Germany, he said himself he feels german, if that's the case, why does his skin color matter? Or the fact that his parents are from Ghana? Answer: it doesn't matter. I'm ashamed my country makes a young person talk like it does. Beneath our skin, no matter the color and origin, beats the same heart in every human. His heart is beating for boxing and I wish him all the best in his sports career and life.

  3. Ich finde es echt schade das es bei solchen guten Sportlern immer noch Stundenlang die Diskussion geben muss ob die jetzt Deutsch sind oder nicht.. Im Fußball juckt es doch auch keinen mehr. Er spricht wie ein Hamburger, seine Haut ist Schwart, er Boxt für Deutschland und wie ich sehe macht er das ganz gut… Also redet nicht nur darüber.

  4. ach ja, ausser sport gibt es nur drogen und gangster sein? armer Junge!! Du bist und bleibst afrikaner und darauf solltest du stolz sein!!

  5. Er kann nur (?) deutsch, er ist zZ des Videos seit 9 Jahren im deutschen Vereinsleben aktiv, er boxt für Deutschland, er ist sein ganzes Leben in Hamburg gewesen – was sonst als Deutscher sollte er denn sein? 😀

  6. Hä, man kann doch auch Deutscher sein mit ausländischen Wurzel?!😂 Er ist in Deutschland geboren, aufgewachsen, sammelt Medaillons ein, und repräsentiert Deutschland! Noch deutscher geht's wohl echt nicht💪

  7. Sie repräsentieren nicht die deutsche Genetik den Sport ist ein Wettbewerb der Genetik, sie steigern ihrem Ruf auf kosten der schwarzen Ethnie die eine bessere Genetik hat und damit kein Verdienst der deutschen. Was hat der deutsche für Boxen geleistet ? Er hat keine Eier…ein deutscher schaut zu wie seine Frau vom Flüchtling gefickt wird.

  8. Ich hab Jahrelang selbst geboxt. Ich finde ich bin sehr gut. Nächste Woche gehe ich endlich in einen Verein der wirklich gut sein soll um denen zu beweisen was ich kann und endlich wachsen kann.

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