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Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor Amy Campo trains for greatness in Ogden

Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor Amy Campo trains for greatness in Ogden

My name is Amy Campo. I’m 17 and I
compete in Brazilian jiu jitsu. I’ve been training for four years total now. I started when I was 13, but competing, only about two and a half. The first year and a half I didn’t compete, because … random issues. I train at Mori Training Center or more
known as Mori Academy. It’s in Ogden just right behind the Newgate Mall and I
train … during the school year I train two classes at night, usually, and
then during the summer, it’s at least two classes a day. Morning and night, usually
three or four. It’s exhilarating, you can progress in so many things and it’s just like 100 different ways to make yourself better what you are — mentally,
emotionally and physically — it’s all kinds of ways to better yourself here. So growing up, my parents weren’t really around … … my dad was off working and my mom
was always busy, so I really had to learn how to take care of myself and build
myself. But because of that, I didn’t have that much guidance. I didn’t really have
people to teach me. I had so much potential but I never had the
opportunity, and I think a lot of people around the world are like that. A lot of people have potential. They have so much potential, not only from this country but other countries. You see stories like this all the time. They’ve
got so much potential, the only thing they lack is the help and the opportunity
and the guidance to get where they’re going. So I’ve won NAGA. NAGA Championships
here and in Las Vegas. I was a silver medalist at Pan-Ams. Should have, could
have been arguably gold but silver medalist in Pan-Ams. Impact BJJ, which is just a little local tournament, that’s… won gold every single time I’ve competed
in that. I’ve competed there like three or four times. Any other local
tournaments I usually do very well in. I usually win the women’s and the…the
teens division and rarely do I lose to even a boy. So I think I will
forever be involved with jiu jitsu. because it is now my lifestyle and I
always plan to be either in a gym training myself or training other people
at this gym. I never plan leaving Eddie and
affiliation. I plan to make this my home, forever.

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