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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Beginners – How To Tie Your Gi Pants

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Beginners – How To Tie Your Gi Pants

How you guys doing? Greg Kalteich Drysdale Fight For Us Jiu Jitsu Team Zenith Jiu Jitsu I wanted to show you guys, I know it seems pretty silly but people that have never come in and done Jiu Jitsu before they put the Gi on the first time I’ve seen nine times out of ten people will go into the restroom and change and come back out and their pants are on backwards, tied incorrectly, so it’s kind of different so I thought I’d do a lil instructional so you guys can see drawstrings come from the back the little loops that you’ll have on your pants will be on the front So, you pull from the back and tighten them up you get them decently tight are you comfortable, pulling through all the loops you can snug it up a little tighter if you want again whatever your comfort level is and then its just like tying a shoelace pretty simple but some people have never put on the Gi they’re not sure what to do so I thought I’d throw it out there there just so you can check it out if you’ve never done it, thinking about trying Jiu Jitsu This is how you put your pants on!

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