Breaking down the text of THE MYSTERY OF LOVE & SEX

LIA MORTENSEN: I was blown away when I first read this play. I don’t often feel like I read plays very well. [laughs] And maybe that’s cause as an actor, it’s hard for me to see it in it’s one-dimensional form. But this play, it’s so funny. And it’s so full of heart. And hope. HAYLEY BURGESS: When I first read the play I thought— I was extremely moved —and I also thought: “Wow this play is not going to work, unless there is so much beneath the text.” Because the text itself is gorgeous. But it’s difficult to follow. Because there’s so much going on. And there’s so much happening beneath the surface. LIA: And part of it is because it is hilarious at times, so you start to think, “Well, I guess I’m in a comedy.” And then… and then it’s not! And it was difficult to sort of… find the tone. I think we were all trying to find the tone, when in fact, when we finally got it, It was allowing the tone to change, at the whim of a line. TRAVIS TURNER: I actually sort of, chopped the play up in to beats. These sort of mini events that happen. And sometimes it’s over the course of a few pages, other times it’s like, a line. Or a stage direction. There were many times actually, where it was you know, sort of off of a look. And that was actually really exciting, and the word that keeps coming to mind is luxurious. Because you don’t often get that time in a process. KEITH KUPFERER: Configuration of the stage and the intimacy of the audience, it makes, well it makes me really kind of fine-tune everything. So that, it’s not too big and it’s not too small. There’s a fine line because You can get small, strangely enough, in a very intimate theatre. Marti’s done a good job of moving it around, keeping it moving and opening it up to the audience. HAYLEY: We’ve had people, everyone of us has had people come up to us at then end of the play and go, “I was crying and then I was laughing at the same time, and then I was confused.” And I was like “great.” Yeah… it’s not clean. And it shouldn’t be. LIA: I’ve been blown away by how accepting they’ve been with everything. They’ve been completely with it. And it’s because I think, the story is so beautiful, and the universal themes of family, and love, are really what’s the most important.

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