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Breathing Tips Breath Properly for Fighting

Breathing Tips Breath Properly for Fighting

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Lee and this is Mixed
Martial Help. Today’s video is some advice for you to help you with your breathing when
you’re striking. When you’re doing different martial arts your breathing is going to be
slightly different, and what I mean by that is there are really two different types of
categories. You’ve got your combatitive martial arts, you know you’ve got your striking, you’ve
got your wrestling, your jujitsu and so on. And you have your martial arts that are based
around your health, your internal martial arts. Where the breathing is going to be different
based around putting different internal pressure on the organs to help with circulation and
so on. Today’s video is focusing on the striking arts. Now any beginner should be taught that
when ever you strike you should breath out. If you’re not taught this you should be able
to see it really, from watching people box, people fight professionaly. You’ll always
see that when they strike, they breath out. Now it’s always a fast exhilation, it’s never
slow and they’re never breathing in. It’s like trying to shift a huge weight off your
chest, you’re going to struggle if you’re going to breath in, while you push. It’s just
not going to happen. But when you’re striking, the way you breath is important because when
I’m hitting I’m at most risk of being hit back. That’s when I’m most likely to be hit,
is when I open up to throw a strike. When I come into the striking range. So you want
to be biting down on your gum shield ideally. If Im in the pocket and I’m throwing shots
I don’t want to be gasping for breath. If my jaw is open and I get hit, I’m going to
be knocked out and if not maybe a broken jaw. So you want to be biting down on your gumshield
when you’re here. So one breath in at the start of the combination, and then every time
you strike, you want to have a little breath out. So if you’re striking four times you
want to breath in, and then out four times. Don’t want to breath all of your air out in
one go. This is one of the reasons why most people are going to be breathing out through
their mouth aswell. Ideally you want to be fit enough to breath in and out through your
nose. But you’ll find as you start to push your level higher and higher it’s going to
get real difficult until you start getting fit. So train yourself through the day to
just breath through the nose. But when you’re throwing your combinations if you’re getting
out of breath and you can’t manage that, it’s OK to breath in through your nose and then
out through the mouth. If you’re really getting out of breath, step back, slow it down, yeah.
But to easily regulate your breath, breath in through the nose, and when you strike,
breath out through the mouth. It doesn’t really matter what sound it makes but make sure you’re
breathing out nice and sharp. Now like I said, there are lots of health benefits. When you
breath out through the mouth youre losing more carbon dioxide, obviously it’s a much
bigger hole, and there is less pressure than when you’re breathing through the nose. So
your diaphragm doesn’t work as hard. So you’re breathing out through your mouth, you’re losing
more carbon dioxide, which actually results in you absorbing less oxygen, which is what
you need for energy! So you’re messing that up, and also over time your diaphragm is becoming
weaker. So your lungs are becoming less efficient. When you’re breathing just through your nose,
your diaphragm really has to pull and your lungs really expand. So consider alll these
things, you wanna be breathing nice and sharp, but you also want to be able to bite down
on your gum shield, so there’s less chance of you getting rocked, if you get hit back!

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