47 thoughts on “Bring It!: Miss D Doesn’t Want Cheerleaders (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

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  2. Miss D can’t make her pick one like if she wanna do dance & cheerleading she can I mean it’s her life not Miss D life if that girl wanna do both then she can do both I mean you can’t determine somebody life that is a not blow 💯‼️

  3. Rittany if you’ve been on the team so long then you know how Ms D feels about committment, but they want to get mad when she holds her students accountable? These parents are literally crazy🙄

  4. There is no I in TEAM.. Work this out. Owner and Mom are two different roles…..Children who are supported with their bad habits take them wherever they go….MOM

  5. I swear Rittany is some kind of special….if it's in the contract you signed that clearly states no cheerleading , or other activities that can interfere with the dance team….then Rittany should not have allowed Christianna to do so. Yes, Kanarie was cheering too, but she wasn't on the Battle squad like Christianna was. When your on the Battle squad you have to be on your "A " game.

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