100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar delivers a surprise to Cain Velasquez and Rey Mysterio: SmackDown, Oct. 25, 2019

  1. It makes me want to relive the 2010 real fight on YouTube where Valazquez turned Lesner’s Face into a plate of spaghetti

  2. If I was Dominick I’d seriously stay away from Rey involving him in WWE events 😂😂😂 poor kid gets brutalised by Lesnar and finds out Eddie is his real Dad

  3. Heyman:look cain put a scar on lesnar
    Me:thats crazy
    Heyman:no look its a scar
    Me:i see heyman
    Heyman:but for real its a scar
    Me:okay damn

  4. All I see from Cain is standing in the ring, looking dumb. The dude does not look intimidating to me. He looks deformed.

  5. Rey need to bring in Stelio Contos for Brock Lesnar, he already has a sweet theme and his leaping double axe handle (from so far away) is devastating.

  6. Lek ahtrak
    السلام عليكم تحياتي لكم للجميع
    قانتي فاتحها جديد
    والقناة لطفل
    ممكن تشتركو في قناتي
    الله يرزقك كل واحد يشترك والرزاق الله وشكرا للجميع

  7. 1:36 When Heyman asked "Can you guess what Brock Lesnar has been doing?", I knew he attacked Dominik backstage…

  8. Never cringed so hard in my life lol…"O my God thats Rey Mysterios son again" Has this happen before?
    If so why haven't they come up with a protect Domingo at all cost protocol
    Did Brock take advantage of this Kid?
    Wtf is Cain doing?

  9. Another recycled storyline no surprise playing the part of David Flair is Dominic and playing the part of Undertaker is Brock Lesnar typical WWE and not ever being creative typical cut, copy and paste job

  10. Totally fake…
    I bet u lesner gonna lost or match will be unresulted… only a atmosphere has been created to entry the cane in WWE as a hero…
    Had u guess Dominic was more beated than rey but Dominic is still good but rey is injured now.. wwe want to new champion that they has been introduced as cane valesquaize …

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