Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Lap Sao Drill

Okay today I’m going to show you the JKD
trapping drill Lap Sao. So now this video I’ll show you how to do a Lap Sao.
How the technique works. I’m going to show you a drill and how to train again
the sensitivity how do you do this properly. So again I have Shin joining me
today. So with this drill is very very simple.
Shin is just going to usually I like to start off with just facing together two
feet together like that. So Shin would do — so I’ll do my punch again and
Shin would try to pull but instead pulling all the way out just pull kind
of like this yes and then I hit again you just pull. You’re practicing just
the angle of it yeah boom boom right. Boom boom boom now in any of the beat it
could be first one second one third one then you do your full motion. Okay so
slow yeah boom boom boom whenever if you like it
yeah pull right there. That’s a strike. Again let me
show you. Boom. I see his first beat nice. Could be boom boom boom now that one
before I leave it to off to the side. Try again one two – good good pop
three four right there see that. So that’s the drill. Now when you do enough
of it what happens is you don’t want to think. When you repetition thousands and
thousands thousands of times when you feel something you move. See that when
you feel something you move. So what happens is I I give him pressure you
move. If I don’t give you pressure — right there see that. So depends if I
touch now at this point is not giving me stuff so I’m just going to do it like
that right but if you push then I do. So this is this no thinking there’s no he
push let me think I think I should do that. It’s not the
point you do this enough but you do this enough you will know. And if you feel
like here this actually don’t do anything cause the opening is already
there. But no opening this also Lap Sao right. Right there’s also a Lap Sao right. So
that’s a Lap Sao drill make sure you practice, practice well, practice often
I’ll see in the next video.

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