Bruce Lee’s Speed Punching Exercise – Punching Paper

(martial arts sounds) – Okay, today I’m gonna
show you one of Bruce Lee’s favorite drill, And that is punching paper. (exciting music) Now, in Jeet Kune Do,
Bruce emphasize the speed, and snap of your punch. And a lot of people when they when they practice punching
paper, they actually try to hit the paper and
try to break the paper, that’s not the point. The purpose of this drill is
to actually not hit the paper and just use the wind of your blow. Now, to make something like
this is very inexpensive, you can simply get a
string and then get one of these hangers, for a couple bucks. They’re inexpensive piece of
equipment, and just hang it. I think some people might use
a piece of paper like this which is okay, I think that’s
a little bit more advanced. I think in the beginning,
use something like a napkin, you can find this in, probably
in any asian restaurant, a simple piece of napkin, just
like that, and you’ll hang it like this way. Now, for beginner, I would recommend you actually practice very, very close. And instead of trying to punch it at first you just try to elbow it. ‘Cause you want to get your
body position, you want to learn the posture, so it looks
something like this. Simply, you’re just trying to see. (martial arts sounds) So do something like that. As you get used to it and then
the piece of paper is moving, then you step maybe just a little bit, a little bit here, and then you learn, now I think a
straight punch would be a little bit harder, you
could to the back fist, it’s a little bit easier. So it looks something like this, right, just back fist, not touching it. And just relax, punch right, relax, just let the punch right. (choo choo) And then as you get better, then you can do the straight punch. (choo choo choo) Even tense, see, it doesn’t move. But if you relax, choo, choo. And that’s the punching paper drill. Very simple, very easy to
do, very, if you practice it, especially if you have
a heavy bag, you want to kind of balance it out
and practice your speed, do this drill. Okay, practice well, practice often. I’ll see you in the next video, by the way if you like this video subscribe to this channel, leave a comment below,
or ask me questions. I’ll be more than happy to answer them. See you in the next video.

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