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Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Rules For Success

– He was a martial artist,
actor, teacher, and philosopher. He is widely considered to be
one of the most influential martial artists of all time. He is often credited with
helping change the way Asians were presented in American films. He is Bruce Lee and here are
his top 10 rules for success. (intense music) – You see, actually, I do
not teach, you know, karate because I do not believe
in styles anymore. I do not believe that
there is such thing as Chinese way of fighting or
the Japanese way of fighting or whatever way of fighting
because unless human being have three arms and four legs, we will have a different form of fighting, but basically we have only
two hands and two feet. So styles tend to not only separate man because they have their
own doctrines and then the doctrine became the
gospel truth, you know, that you cannot change. But if you do not have style, if you just say, well, here
I am, as a human being, how can I express myself
totally and completely? Now that way you won’t
create a style because style is a crystallization, you know? That way it’s a process
of continuing growth. When I look around, I
always learn something. That is, to be always yourself
and to express yourself. To have faith to yourself. Do not go out and look for
a successful personality and duplicate it. Now that seems to me that
that is the prevalent thing happening in Hong Kong. Like they always copy
mannerism, but they never start from the very root of his being
and that is how can I be me? A good martial artist does
not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expand, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. When there is an
opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself. Often times people come up and say, “Hey Bruce, are you really that good?” I said, well, if I tell you I’m good probably you will say I’m boasting. But if I tell you I’m no
good, you’ll know I’m lying. I said empty your mind. Be formless, be shapeless. Like water. Now you put water into a cup it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle
it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot
it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend. In case you have missed the recent news, Jeet Kune Do, of which I am the founder has been elected and accepted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in America. This marks the first
time a recently developed form of martial art is nationally accepted though Jeet Kune Do is not thousands or even hundreds of years old. It started in around 1965 by a dedicated and intensified
man called Bruce Lee and my martial art is
something that no serious martial artist can ignore. I have no fear of opponent in front of me but I am very self-sufficient. They do not bother me and that should I fight should I do anything I have made up my mind
and that’s it, baby. You better kill me before. What was that, an exhibition? We need emotional content. Try again. That’s it. How did it feel to you? – Let me think. – Don’t think, feel. It is like a finger
pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the
finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory. – Well, you know, everyone
talks to me about Bruce Lee because Bruce Lee and I
were very good friends and we trained together
for like three years before he left for Hong Kong
to pursue his movie career. I didn’t hear anything from
Bruce for like two years. Then out of the blue, Bruce calls me. He says, “I’ve done
two movies in Hong Kong and they’re really successful. I want to do a movie
now with a fight scene that everyone will remember and I want to do the fight
scene in the coliseum in Rome and I want you to be my opponent.” At that time I held the world title and kiddingly I say to Bruce,
“Well who wins, Bruce?” And he said, “I win, I’m
the star of this movie!” And I said, “Oh, I see. You want to beat the world champion.” He says, “No, I don’t, I want
to kill the world champion.” (screams) – Thank you guys for watching. I made this video because
the B-Thong asked me to. So if there’s a famous
entrepreneur you want me to profile next, leave
it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know
which of Bruce Lee’s tips you find most relevant, most
helpful, most practical. Leave a comment below
and I’m curious to see how the discussion goes. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe and I’ll see you soon.

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100 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Rules For Success

  1. Hey Evan if your going to post something about my IDOL make sure you have your facts right…The gentleman dressed in yellow doing the nunchaku is NOT Bruce Lee…It's some guy pretending to be. I knew it as soon as I saw this video a long time ago. Even tho this makes Bruce look good it is NOT the Real Man. Sorry Bud!

  2. People continue to say “be like water” but I don’t think they understand what it really means it’s profound and very original. The ideology behind it you must be adaptable. The most adaptable is the one who survives. The one who rises to the top. Amazon originally was supposed to be an online book store… now look at what jeff besos has done! Amazing. Love it thanks again even for the amazing content

  3. I can't really say I know much about him. I'm too young to had a chance of meeting him and I didn't watch all his movies or interviews he gave. But I wish he wouldn't have died so young. Not because of how amazing his body control was, or how cool is movies were, but because of the wisdom he had. His philosophical approaches were really great. So much one can learn from him even today.

    However, we should not just learn from him, but further develop our own world views and not just solely based on his views. I think he would have wanted that. "Be like water"

  4. So he only made it to 32. Maybe the rules contributed… Yet, he made the largest type of impression in the books and will stay a legend.

  5. He is a true legend but this ping pong ball and match box videos are fake…Its not real bruce lee….Though i think he was much much better than this…

  6. I’m a fan of Bruce Lee, though I’m not sure if the pingpong and cigarette scenes are real- I had read the pingpong was made after his death by computer for a commercial, also with the purpose to honor his memory. Perhaps should be verified. In any case, I would believe he could (have) really done it.

  7. When i was a kid, i watched Bruce Lee, and it was amazing. Now these fights seems obsolete. I am more fun of IPMAN :). No disrespect to Bruce Lee of course, he is legend himself.

  8. Dont be afraid to be comfident in yourself in who you are and youre good points. Use them and devolp them. Whateber they are

  9. You miss the point. Do not look at the points individually for meaning. To grasp their meaning, consider their totality, and Apply them in the same manner.

  10. I love Bruce Lee, but the clip which he light up the cigarette with a nun Chucks and the ping-pong with the nun Chucks are fake and not Bruce Lee at all.

  11. Bruce my boyfriend of all time ❤️❤️ he was my first crush ever!!!! I’ve read so much about him, and more and more I’m convinced, HE WAS SUPER NATURAL WTH REAL POWERS that HE CHOSE TO ACTIVATE!!! We all have them, but very few activates them!!!


  13. I was tiny skinny guy but after a I showed how tough I am.. I'm one of the most feared kid in my class… Thanks to never ending legend and you, sir.. Of what you helped is the reason why I suddenly started to love my life

  14. My role model from my childhood days, still I keep his word in my life, what a impressive quote (be like water)

  15. Never realized Bruce Lee was so well versed and very intelligent GOOD human 🙏🥇✌️❤️ How about Clint Eastwood’s top 10?

  16. Fake video. Gentlemen , don't believe it. It has already been proven that table tennis game is absolutely a fake.

  17. Thank you so very much for such incredible video with an incredible man in the whole world! God bless you!

    Rest In Peace, Dear, Beautiful Person with a sunshine smile – Bruce Lee!🙏😌💚






  19. When he said, "I wanna kill the world champion", he meant he wants to kill the "world champion" ego that Chuck had, because that doesn't serve the bearer good.

  20. First things first,Joe Lewis regret that he didn't accept bruce's invitation about the way of the dragon now that chuck is a superstar.

  21. that was the single most impressive thing ive ever seen. not only was he hitting a ping pong ball with accuracy and consistency, but he was playing competitively. wow just wow

  22. I still wonder if anyone else can play ping pong with numb chunks or light matchsticks flying at them in a darker room lol

  23. When i will die, i will ask God that why he took Bruce Lee's soul too early. He was the only superhuman ever existed. He should have achieved more in his life. When i watch him now, i miss him and wish that i wanted to see him in real life and shake his hand. He is such an inspiration. We all love him. He is still alive in our hearts. The Immortal BRUCE LEE Forever!

  24. A philosopher once said
    " Dont fear a man who parcticed 1000 kicks fear the man who practiced one kick 1000 times

    – Bruce Lee

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