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Brutal Beatdown! Fight To The Death Caught on Tape!!

Brutal Beatdown!  Fight To The Death Caught on Tape!!

and that’s the reason that you always wear underwear in walmart hey what’d you do that for slug bug oh I get it I broke into the zoo last night I fucked a monkey real fight faces of death brutal beatdown fights real fight fight compilation

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79 thoughts on “Brutal Beatdown! Fight To The Death Caught on Tape!!

  1. I just so horrible so are you saying that you should kill someone to get a Volkswagen??
    It's just horrible even if its fake

  2. This is retarted and dumb, because why are you just going to break both of their jaws then break his neck like he is nothing! He was defenseless!

  3. Well done I wqs searching for real deaths I click this one so I can have a laugh its obvious it was fake from the pic but not all see it funny as fuck tho upload more!!!

  4. Hey fucking idiot, you should go to Hollywood not youtub. To think some bitch ever thought that your video was funny except this one. She also a fucking idiot bitch.

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  6. Look close 0:18 to 0:25/ 0:28 was real and friggn Brutal. You can tell by the Knuckle Tattoo.
    The rest was set up !!

  7. Wish I could find the one where the guy cuts someone In half saying "you wanna die homes". It was funny cuz the visual effects were so bad

  8. If I don’t hear the guy getting fucked up breathing hard and gargling they’re own blood it’s not a fight

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