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Bryan Dechart’s Reaction to Killing Norman Jayden [Heavy Rain]

Bryan Dechart’s Reaction to Killing Norman Jayden [Heavy Rain]

We failed the quick time events. And I really wish that you could have seen how poorly it went for us as Norman Jayden. It was rough. It was really rough. Some things were said- some words were exchanged,
and we’re still friends, but, um, I hate to tell you in this very moment that Nohrmen Jayden
FBI was crushed by Mad Jack. Hmm. And he’s not, he’s not gonna be in the rest of this, this game. He died. In vain. -Doing what he loved. (sighing) This is not going well for me right
now. (inaudible) Norman is so dead. (sighing) Oh man… I gotta cook up eggs
right now after Norman Jayden’s dead?! This is really fucked! I’m sorry, if this is, if we don’t have our
proper settings put on right now that this is a mature chat, I’mma say things like this
’cause I’m really mad that Norman Jayden is dead! I was looking forward to playing more of that
character in this game. And because I couldn’t shake my way out of
this Mad Jack thing, he’s dead! That’s too much for me. Alright, I gotta go make eggs. Bear with me, while I make some eggs. (Rog says something) I’m not gonna cry,
but I’m really upset, I’m really upset. And if he died while the stream was live,
I would have been, at least I would have had you guys there with me. But it just happened in the void, like, heheh,
in between- I’mma sit on this couch and think about how sad I am. (The saddest eggs in the world.) The saddest eggs in the world (laughing). You can just make hard boiled eggs. True. Alright, here, have an egg. (Or, poach them…) Mm, that’s a little more- Hashtag hugs for
Bryan. Thanks guys. -Awww~ I’m really sad about this, if, if, uh, thank
you. It’s okay. Aww, I’m gonna marry you. This is everyone’s hugs. Thank you, everyone in the stream, your hugs
have been delivered by Amelia. Uh, fun fact, in Paris they call an egg an
oeuf, I Iearned that. No, that’s just, that’s in French. In F- well you’re right, in all of France,
and other French-speaking places, they say oeuf. (both laughing) And now you know.

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