[BTOB] 181201 멜론뮤직어워드 (2018 MMA) 비투비 무대 & 수상소감 중 포인트 장면 편집 (+eng sub)

2018 MMA BTOB’s acceptance speech
& funny, touching moment Melody~ Let’s sing together~♡ Be rich~! Eunkwang’s voice & empty space (T-T) 7 lightings sing-along ♡Eunkwang hyung!!!♡ Thank you! Hyunsik and Ilhoon look at Eunkwang’s empty space… All members look in the middle.(T_T) Hyunsik and Sungjae play behind Peniel. Replay slowly… 6 members, but 7 lightings… Another group was trying to comment on the award. Missing you, Only one fo..r… Broadcasting accident… error… (TOP 10) BTOB! Congratulations~ They pretended to be surprised and acted with emotion. BTOB’s thoughtful and cute reaction~ BTOB, who has recorded 3 consecutive hits, has been named the Top 10 of the Year in 6 years since their debut. Congratulations. Congratulations♡ I’m happy to see you guys happy♡ Haaaa~ The cheers of the fans were loud~ It’s the first time we’ve been in the top 10 in 6 years. Aplause, please!! I’ll sing for you until my black hair turns white. Ah, I have white hair now. Sungjae pushed Changsub away. Melody, thank you for always singing with us. Our Eunkwang hyung!♡ We’ll give this award to EK, who’s been training hard. No, don’t give him this award! Ah, I’ll just show him this award. (joke) We will continue to sing and enjoy singing more, please listen to our song and cheer up. Sungjae mumbled and passed 2nd leader the chance to speak. Today, I’d like to say something special to our members. It was our first time since our debut at the MMA. During that long time, we relied on each other when we were in trouble. Thank you members, and I love you♡ I love you mom and dad! Be rich! Thanks, love melody!! Thank you. I love you, melody~♥ I love you, Mr. Hong (president)~
(They almost forgot to mention the boss.) HAHAHA!
(Changsub’s cute laugh>_

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