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BTS x Mattel Dolls Repaint & Makeover: Jimin’s Fan Dance Costume at MMA 2018

BTS x Mattel Dolls Repaint & Makeover: Jimin’s Fan Dance Costume at MMA 2018

Hello everyone! Thank you sooooo much for waiting for this video. As my thumbnail might have given you a spoiler, as always, what I’m gonna show you today is Jimin doll remake toward his legendary performance at Melon Music Award 2018. His dance moves just left all of us speechless. Not to mention his gorgeous appearance. I’ve faced many new challenges over the
past five weeks because I had to make five garments, and I also learned how to make yarn-wigs
and background drawings and so on. That’s why it took the longest among my BTS remakes. I started with his gray wig. I don’t wanna bore you with all the five-days-long record of that, so I’m gonna skip the details in this video, and instead make a wig making tutorial as a follow-up video. This modernized hanbok pants have quite a unique fly front that I’ve never made. I bought this second volume of the book to be able to make the desired pattern. Dolls’ bodies are three-dimensional, just
like ours, so we need to take different methods to measure them and render the measurements on a two dimensional surface. Tada! The hanbok pants are 80% complete. It looks like I somehow made a good job of the fly front. Do you wonder why there’s no process? I honestly couldn‘t film every single moment during this project. It was like, “Hmm..” “I’m gonna do a test for a while just to see if my idea really works.” “Don’t worry about recording.” “I’ll be back shortly.” And then I used to find myself having almost finished certain things. While the pants were all sawn by hand, this sleeveless was finished without needlework, using an adhesive lining. No walk-through for this, again. And the third one is a short-sleeved hanbok top. I roughly made this sample garment. I’m gonna make some changes to the design so the new version will get front bodices with different lengths. Oh, right. I tried this sewing-machine felt for the first time. It helped the presser foot to secure the fabric, and this made it easier to make straight stitches. You can simply tear the felt along the stitches when you’re done. Now it’s time to add the collar. I matched the front and the collar with dressmaker pins and saw them together at a sewing machine. Then I blindstitched the collar. And instead of leaving stitches, I finished the hems by applying thin coats of multi-purpose glue. It’s supposed to have coat strings here that are to be tied a ribbon, but I’ll skip that part because they’d be covered with
the jacket anyway. Finally, it’s repainting time~ Instead of using a hair dryer, I put the doll into boiled water to loosen the neck connector. After removing the head, I warmed it again. Then I scraped its hair threads with the blunt tip of scissors. Well, and at some point, I suddenly found out this cloth was leaving blue stains all over its face. I kept removing the hair, anyway. This is what’s found beneath the scalp. A bunch of hair strands. As these bruises didn’t get easily washed
out, I put the entire head into a small bucket filled with acetone, leaving it to soak enough acetone for 30 seconds. Fortunately, it really worked and even made it easier to remove the stock makeup. I went for a smiling face at first because I liked his face in this picture. But I couldn’t get any closer to the desired image while I kept drawing with colored pencils. And I didn’t like his facial structure that much, neither this time again. And the following day, I was at the BTS World Tour in Seoul. The concert was really fantastic and it was definitely the best experience of the year. There I saw Jimin on site, I mean, through the screen though. And I figured his image was rather closer
to this picture. That’s why I removed the first painting and went for somewhat nostalgic impression. Oh my goodness, I shouldn’t have tried this open-mouth style. While this only ruined his face, his eyes have become a lot better with the pastel makeup. I was thinking of re-repainting of the mouth, but I just decided to reform its shape. This time I sanded only by hand. The 80-grit sandpaper was a strong beast when it comes to grinding force, but it also left serious scratches on the surface. So I had to do extra grinding with higher numbers to cover up. I finished with sponge sanding and it took about four hours in total. To be honest, his chin has become a bit too shorter than I expected. I painted his lips in baby pink and then added some contouring again. I brought Jungkook over here to compare the degree of completion. Jimin needs moles, too. I compared the two again and added under eyelashes and lip wrinkles to Jimin. I finished facial painting with gloss varnish on his eyes and lips. As I already showed you in my last vlog, I visited the DONGDAEMUN fabric market to look for the fabric for Jimin’s bomber jacket. I picked up this gold jacquard and some ribbons. Now let’s move on to the jacket which is the key to the fan dance outfit. Hand sewing is one of the most relaxing things to do yourself, but also can get seriously boring when you just watch. So taking this opportunity, I wanna say thanks to those who contributed to the community by making translations. Submission of Spanish subtitles was unbelievably active. Andrea Seul Gi. You know I love you. ‘minmin’ helped with the Hoseok video, ‘cielo’ with the Jungkook one, and ‘l vs f partie’ with the Yoongi. (Spanish) Thank you so much..! uwu And ‘Farfalla Bianca’ gave me Italian translations for Namjoon and Hoseok videos. (Italian) It’s wonderful. Thanks so much!! There are still many other translations I
received, and I really appreciate every single contribution, but I just can’t figure out WHO did WHAT. So if you’re the one, please leave a comment under the announcement video so I can say thanks in my next remake video. Ta-da. A bomber jacket done! I like this. I’m gonna paint his shoes in black. Jimin was wearing leather sneakers at that time, but I don’t know how to make quality shoes yet. So I’ll just cover the original Mattel shoes
with black acryl. And of course, we can’t forget about the “fan” for the fan dance costume. I ordered this miniature from an online doll supply store. I wasn’t so sure if I could make it all red, especially the feathers part. At first, it looked like they became ugly wet and would never return to their original condition. But after completely drying, they turned fluffy again as soon as I brushed them with a pet brush. We’re almost there, but just a few more details could be even better. I wanted to add some silver stripes to the sleeveless. I don’t know why but I had this deco sticker at home. I cut it narrower and slightly sanded it to gain weathering effect. Earwear was no different from Yoongi’s. I just added a small stud to his right earlobe. For icing on the cake, I’m gonna hang this white scarf to his waist. This is also what I picked up at the fabric market. Holding the scarf, this sash will be tied around his waist. Oh, I love this outfit, too, when he’s dressed up just in hanbok style like this. I’ll show you his face more in details. Hold on. This is last of the last. I felt the need for decent background drawings. I retouched actual pictures of him by digital painting. Alrighty. Finally, shall we go see Jimin on the stage?

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100 thoughts on “BTS x Mattel Dolls Repaint & Makeover: Jimin’s Fan Dance Costume at MMA 2018

  1. I sincerely thank you all again for watching the premiere together with me. I didn't expect over 300 people would stop by😲..! It was SOOOO fun and INTENSE. I'm sorry for those who I missed names and didn't say hello at the chat room😭. I'll read all the chats again. See ya soon!

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    Since im not good on making had talent and i hope it will help you in future..loveee youuu😚😚

  4. Unnie.. you're the best!😘❤ I luv the jimin doll.. it was so realistic!😍 I wish BTS would see ur amazing work.. they'll be so proud of you..💞 I💜U unnie.. Wish u all the best! Have a good day/night🌷 ( btw, this is my first time commenting on ur videos 😅)

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