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Build MMA Strength Without Weights

Build MMA Strength Without Weights

Alright guys – I’m going to talk about body
weight training for MMA – specifically, how to get stronger just using body weight. When I do programs for athletes, in any sport,
but especially MMA and other combat sports, one of the most important things is being
able to get stronger with your own body weight, hence the body weight exercises – but what
a lot of people don’t understand about body weight exercises is that they always think
that to get better at body weight you’ve just got to do more reps. So, you’d do better with 50 pushups than
you would with 10 pushups – but that’s not the case. The truth is that just like in weight training,
if you’re going to do 5 to 8 reps, 1 to 5 reps, or 8 to 15 reps, you’ve got to do
pretty much the same thing in body weight training, even though with body weight training
you can go higher – but it’s pretty much the same concept. If you want to get stronger with body weight
training, you’ve also got to be able to use different variations, so instead of adding
– say with squatting, you add more plates to the bar, or get a bigger dumbbell or something
like that. For body weight training, instead of just
adding weight and stuff, you change the variation. Once you’ve changed the variation, things
might be different here or there, but it’s pretty much just the same, and then later
you can add things like weight vests to put even more weight on. So, you would use weight vests and body variations
– your main thing should be to use body variations, but by using weight vests you
won’t have to go through so many variations. Here’s an example of what I mean about being
able to progress to getting stronger – say, you’re a total beginner, you’ve never
done any type of training before, and you can’t even do regular pushups. You would start with what they call modified
pushups – on your knees, and eventually you’ll get to 10 to 15, or even 20 reps. The next pushup you want to do is regular
pushups, and if you’ve gone from one to the other and you’re still progressing,
you’re not going to be able to do as many regular pushups – you might be able to do
5, so you stay on the regular pushups until you can do more reps. When you can do 10 or 15, you move on to the
same thing but with another variation – the spiderman pushup. The same will apply and you won’t be able
to do as many, but if you can do 3 to 5 then you will be getting stronger. Start low and then get higher with the reps,
and then switch your variation so that you can keep progressing through the variations. Eventually your aim will be to do one-arm
pushups. Once you’re able to do those kinds of things,
then you can add weight vests and things. Not even with just pushups, but with any type
of body weight training – squats, pushups, pullups, make sure that you’re progressing
through the variations, as it does exactly the same thing as adding more weight to the
bar. Alright, that’s it for now guys.

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