100 thoughts on “Cain Velasquez comes to the aid of Rey Mysterio: Raw, Oct. 21, 2019

  1. This is terrible! Cain is a horrible entertainment wrestler! A great fighter yes, but he cant sell anything. His walk out is cheesy and his slams and punches look weak and pathetic. I hate that Brock and Cain try to cross their martial arts with the fake entertainment world. Just wrestle like everyone else and drop that gimmick. Brock looks lame as hell with his mma shorts/gloves, and I am a huge mma fan. But they are two different sports and dont need to intercede.

  2. No disrespect but I will go for Brock – again Cain – Cain is good but don’t have that physical for WWE – plus I can see Cain struggles against Benjamin so- I will go for Brock

  3. Something is not right with Cain , his body doesn’t scare or excite anyone , I mean dont get me wrong , dude is a beast and can beat anyone on this world , but his body if of a 14 year old …. he needs to start pumping some weights , if not , he is not gonna last long on wwe

  4. I'm not a WWE fan, came here 'cause Joe Rogan mentioned Cain was gonna be in the WWE and I had to see it to believe it…. What strikes me is how small Cain looks in the WWE ring (even when he's next to Rey)… goes to show what absolute giants the rest of the guys are.

  5. Dude they should have them try straight up grappling to start the match. Him vs Brock, or him vs Benjamin they all wrestled.

  6. It actually scares me that grown men pay money to go watch this. lmfao they're clearly not hitting each other, how is this interesting.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen now if that doesn't prove is wrestling fake to those of you believe it's real, because those same punches had brought doing cartwheels..but this guy get out unscathed🤔😔yep

  8. I don't understand why he gets a title shot when there's way more deserving wrestlers out there. Surely if he did win it wouldn't last long?

  9. Man i used to like rey but now he needs someone to protect him from brock lesnar and looks up to cain velasquez to babysit him

  10. Come on everyone saying that They were laughing bcz cain couldnt act well in the ring.
    Reality:If he really acted how to wreslte then ………


  11. This is AWFUL!!!. BRING BACK THE RIC FLAIRS, HULK HOGANS, and DUSTY RHODES we all grew up with. New stars are built over time with stories that suspend belief. Not some dude who decides he wants to be a wrestler.

  12. if story ended the match that Cain beat Brock it would be a joke. Cain look like he's playing fighting in there and Benjamin doing his part to make him strong

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