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Cain Velasquez Returns: Rewatching his MMA Highlights!

Cain Velasquez Returns: Rewatching his MMA Highlights!

we are back guys this time around we’re looking at Cain Velasquez Cain Velasquez the former heavyweight champion of the UFC is making his way back to the sport after almost what is it it was back in 2016 when he fought last against Travis Browne fight would you want to KO in the first round but now he’s coming back against Dingaan oh what a fight to come back against you know Magan who is one of these guys who’s one of the biggest threats in the heavyweight division he was looking unstoppable until he met the champs steeper and a fight that a lot of people are actually putting Ghana win as they favored to win but steep a stop them in style baby and now essentially what you have is Kane making his way back and he’s first fighting he’s gonna challenge in Ghana it’s such a massive fight you know to see Kane at full fitness in all these ferociousness up against in Ghana it could be real I don’t know how it’s gonna go I don’t see though now it’s kind of off who knows what Kane’s gonna look like in this fight well we know what in Ghana looks like these days he seems to be you know after the steeper loss he was kind of on those things is he gonna go downhill is he go on a plateau is he kind of a backwards or is he gonna kind of break through the mental side of it and come back a better fighter it looks as though he’s broke through on the mental side because he seems to be improving ever since then so right now he’s got a face cam coming back who’s gonna be as hungry as ever I would imagine so it’s gonna be interesting to see it’s gonna be a cracker it’s gonna be interesting to see I can’t wait for this one the certain fights that come up every so often up because there’s so many carrots you don’t really get too excited at least I don’t get too excited for these fights a lot of the time but Kane versus in Ghana I mean this is a thought I could definitely get excited for so I said like Bessel back over some KN highlights see what he brings to the Octagon see some the beaten see is later on people yeah let’s watch some can mister Brown pry baby such a soft-spoken guy man he’s an absolute maniac he’s got that ferocious he’s got that ferocious heart they don’t ferocious drive he knows what it’s like to be dead poor he’s watch these parents go through that you know almost like in God as well you got guys like decease and the kin is the best fighter he’s ever trained with those fearless always representing the whole country even though he’s born in the States he still feels always represent Mexico this big head that looks like his head is it’s a huge portion of his upper body matching can mounting in my face is ghost-free key that is what he’d be Brock can’t even see man here’s another man who was supposed to big things slam slam slam this was one of the bloodiest fights man Jesus Christ distinguishes I’m not big apes are too much blood you know I’ve seen enough my own blood I’m just not into that I rather see decent fights not necessarily people getting cash to open an office mom I think plus every time I showed my dad MMA it’s always some bloody fight Stephenson sure in this looks like a butcher shop it’s a little bit a pattern between his fist in your head not much stairway to tokens you could tell within I think was about within two minutes satisfied after Stan as soon as Brock lost in a couple of the exchanges and we tried to go for the takedown once he started once K inside Lanham you could tell Brock does not like get hit and he’d Nora play he just had more play for a big man you know he just goes when he goes and he goes the pace he destroyed him this way to make you fucking jr. look like he’d met a baseball bat in an alleyway there you go man what a beast I’m looking forward to this fire in Ghana was gonna be crazy just as he came back I hope he’s fit let’s just pull like that I hope he’s fit I hope his body is training good I hope he’s back is okay I can tell you from personal experience man you got a bad back it’s the worst it’s just the fucking Morris cuz my lower back is screwed with my accident so let’s see what he looks like when it comes back if he’s as good as he was 100% back in the day you know three years ago four years ago who knows we can do he could come back and storm through his division so it’s great to see him back it’s great to see the guy happy fit and so far this fight is gonna be a cracker all right till next time guys take it easy

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1 thought on “Cain Velasquez Returns: Rewatching his MMA Highlights!

  1. Well I don't know about you. But for me the return of Cain Velasquez to the sport, if 100% healthy, is massive! And as for his fight with Francis NGannou, well that is massive too. Both physically and metaphorically!

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