100 thoughts on “Cain Velasquez stares down Brock Lesnar: SmackDown, Oct. 11, 2019

  1. Funny thing is that why do I feel WWE will book Cain the same way as Asuka and Shinsuke,I hope not but still it's WWE!

  2. I hate how wrestling does this
    Cain Velasquez speaks english🤦🏿‍♂️
    Have no problem with him saying stuff in his native tongue but Vince c'mon bruh bruh

  3. Cain valquez speak perfect English .I think he was even born in United States.He speaks English without a problem .He speak English better then Rey mysterio it seems like . Seriously you tube Cain valquez interview all spoken in English .So, I don't know why Cain spoke in Spanish .And I don't know why Cain valquez needs an interpreter

  4. A stare down between Brock Lesnar and that random dude who nobody cares about that isn't even a wrestler. Good ol' WWE. Never making sense.

  5. Two words light on the tongue heavy in the balance Habibtan Rahman / Glory of God and praise Sobhan God Almighty)🕋

  6. Cain, be a wrestler of WWE always. Love the WWE & love your WWE fans. Always show to your WWE fans that you always love them & be a kind, good wrestler always. Love & enjoy the WWE.

  7. “Cain Velasquez took, by force, the title from brick lesnar”. Just think, by force. How else would he take a FIGHTING championship

  8. If Eddie Guerrero Was Alive , Rey Mysterio Would Of Brought Him!
    Like If You Seen Eddie Guerrero Vs. Brock Lesnar When Eddie Wins His WWE Tittle
    R.I.P Eddie

  9. Pause the video at 0:59 and see the dark line on the left cheek of brock. This line had made by Cain Velasquez, 6 years ago during his UFC match. Who notice?

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