Being a high performance athlete
in Mexico is not easy. You have to face many challenges
just for training. No government funding,
no uniforms, no food… But Mexican athletes
still shine and bring Olympic medals home. Let’s know
some of these success stories. Gerardo Ramírez,
here, please. He won a silver medal
in marathon. Tell us,
what is your story, Gerardo? Well, I was raised
in Tarahumara, you know Eating frijoles
and tortillas only, just now they give me meet. And my Dad, a drug dealer
killed him, long time ago, and I had to take care of
my 8 little brothers. We were 9. Wow! I’m sorry,
must have been horrible. Yes, a bit,
but when I see this podio, I think that all was worth it and waking up
at 4 in the morning, barefoot, to get to the worksite,
I’m a bricklayer, you know, I… Sorry. Sorry, sorry. This is a great story, Gerardo.
You’re really a champion. -Thanks.
-Thanks to you. -Thanks.
-Thanks to you. Also here is
Gabriela Morales. She is a world champion at… weightlifting. Tell us, how did you get
the medal, Gabriela? Hello, babe.
First, hi everybody. -Of course.
-Look, I’m from Ecatepec, in the heart
of the “Ecatebronx”. There we have well developed
what we call harassment. So, you get off the bus,
and run home, and viceversa, because they chase you there. Chain you. Once a bum
chased me with his dick dangling. The asshole was coming,
I walked faster… Suddenly I turned and said:
“What the fuck you want?” I grabbed him by the neck,
the dick, lifted him and threw him
to the other side of the street. “Chase this, fucker!”
A shouted to him. Then the coach saw me
and made me an athlete. And here we are, babe,
winning for México. Congratulations, Gabriela,
thank you for your story. Finally, we have, the story of Mateo Ruiz
de Baena y García. Three time champion at
equestrianism and show jumping. Hello, Mateo.
Tell us your story, please. Hello, Renata, how are you? I think the most important
is to honor Mexico and look at the future. Sure, but don’t be shy, Mateo.
Tell us, where were you born? Well, I’m from Sayavedra County,
far away… And soon I moved to a place
much more far away. And where did you live? A small island. Where? -Cozumel, do you know it?
-Yes, sure. Look, how did you get home
every day? Well, by speedboat. But an used one, Dad used it,
so it was used. And you know, the skipper
was a little rough, actually. I see. And what can you tell me
about the horse? My dad has
a horse farm in Dubai. I would spend
two weeks a year there, the two-week vacation I had
from my boarding school in Paris. I loved the horses,
so dad bought me them as a gift, but I think the most important
is to honor Mexico, through sports,
right, fellows? Of course!
Tell us, where do you train? -In other small island.
-Where? Aruba, but Caribe
is overestimated. A last question. Tell us, what do you eat? For breakfast, a kiwi cocktail
with edible roses. Is that what you want to hear? And vegan yogurt
with granola and fucking quinoa. Fucking quinoa that
also comes from dad’s farm. Ah, and dad’s boy
joins daddy there… Nice jacket, pretty boy.
Let’s trade. After this olympic moment,
back to studio.

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