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  2. I was going to ask you this question in the comments yesterday then all of the sudden… BOOM! Turns out you had a video for it already.

  3. I'm finding it hard 2 work out I never get doms any more even if I do a grousome work out and I barely sweat like I'm serious I will do a half hour workout then do around 20 laps of the swimming pool and next morning I'm good is this normal I have been working out for about a year and a lil

  4. I wish I could get fit just by watching your videos god damn these exercises looks hella hard, Imma stay with the classic dumbbells, pushups, situps ecc.

  5. I know that this training is hard, but is really enough 11/12 min a day? Also, is it possible to lengthen recovery times during this type of training?

  6. Please hear me out.
    I’m age 17, weight between 48-50-52 ( it change often?
    I have been to the gym for 4 months now.
    But for the last two months my schedule has been slipping back and forth. Like some weeks i will train like 7 days a week INTENSE and then the next week i would take a rest for the whole week. Is that bad or good.

  7. You are INCREDIBLE & INSANE 🔥🔥🔥 can you please talk more about your discipline/mindset. There's just moments ppl want to give up so easily but how are you so determined to keep going no matter what???

  8. So was this round 1? Yeah right lol… that would be me done for the week… I wouldn’t be able to move for the next 6 days… Crazy strength 😉

  9. İn my country there isn’t any kind of these bars even in gyms .so I just fuck my trainers what a ignorance actually body weight train is best between all of them but I have no chance to perform these exercises.

  10. Hey man youve inspired me to start calisthenics and i want to do something small since im a beginner so i was thinking about 50 pull ups a day for right now and i dont know if i should have rest days for something so small or not ? Would appreciate anyone answering, thanks

  11. Respect Chris!
    If i was to do the very same workout, i would probably only leave the gym wrapped up in a bodybag 😵😵😵😬😬😬

  12. Here i am watching thist at 2:30 am while drinking jack daniels mixed with some coke and eating leftover Hawaiian pizza. Peace

  13. Question: What’s your insight on locking your elbows when you do pull up. I hear that you hurt your bone joints but I see that you do it on all your work outs like Hand stands too. Do your joints ever hurt ?

  14. "Practicing One Arm Handstands"…I hope the haters heard that! I've been doing two sets of the 10 x10 essential push ups almost each day for the past month and the results are amazing.. I don't care what haters say but the advice from this channel works for me.

  15. Nah. I train everyday for 4 months now and Ive made more gains than most do in that time. Maybe im not training as hard as possible tho

  16. I started going gym properly at the start of this month like nearly every day before i was on and off. I have been on a 7 day spree but if i stay inside the house all day and dont do anything it makes me feel like shit but i dont wanna overtrain either

  17. Was feeling guilty for thinking I needed a day off and came across this video. Was too fatigued to put in a good workout today, practiced my handstands instead and was able to do a few reps of unassisted handstand pushups for the first time. I’ll be technique training on my off days from now on because even then I’m still progressing

  18. hey chris i hope u answer me i do made an overwoking out and my body now cant do like before performance so plz can u tell me what to do plz plz plz i need help i know that video is from 2 years ago but idk what to do

  19. Our goal is to do 5000 proper pushups on our 60th birthday my imaginary friend has assured me if we do 1000 aday for ten years it shouldn't be a problem what do you think?

  20. I have a question ok I workout once a week doing high volume if I workout 2 times a week doing high volume will I get stronger faster compared to once a week

  21. This is inspiring Chris. I am pretty locked into your workout plans so far and I feel like anyone can get to this point. I really appreciate what you are doing for mankind.

  22. those hand pushups, do you need to able to do a standing shoulder press with about your own bodyweight to be able to do even 1? Or do you compensate with other muscles and are maybe able to do it with a bit less than that? I'm 100kg but i'm nowhere close to doing a 100kg standing shoulderpress (max 72.5kg, current max 65 after losing 16kg).

  23. Is your six pack natural or is it because you workout the wrong way? because I saw it’s not equal Please answer this question. I also want to know that as a beginner to do six pack, how many day should I workout per week and after that how many days I should workout per week and is it okay for me to workout for six pack 4 days per week?

  24. I train everyday a week.
    But i only go to gym 4 times a week(3 days heavy and 1 day calis). I also swim and do lighter exercises the other days.
    And moderate cardio everyday. Works for moi

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