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CannaBits 4 – Cannabis Caves?!

CannaBits 4 – Cannabis Caves?!

Hey guys, I’m Gabrielle. Back for another episode of Toke About It *intro music* This is CannaBits: cannabis news, tailored to the current social and political climates surrounding weed! As of last week, Nate Diaz is the most recent UFC featherweight champion. I’m still broken up about this. Diaz took home a pretty gnarly-looking right eye laceration among other injuries. But he also took half a million home in the bank, which he can enjoy on his 45-day long medical suspension ending on April 20th. Mmmmmhmmm Fo’ twenty! Enjoy your medical suspension, Diaz. That article was found on Mmajunkie, by the way, If you wanna get your MMA fix in today- head on over there! Have a drug test coming up any time soon? You probably don’t know, do you? That ‘s the scary part. This week, The Cannabist tells us how long THC actually stays in your system. The tricky thing about THC is that it’s fat soluble. What this means, is that THC is stored in your fat cells Now, you can’t get rid of all the THC in your body by simply shedding a few pounds, which isn’t easy for everyone anyway. Although every body is different, most regular consumer will have THC in their body for up to three months. Discovery News is proving the power of hemp! India’s Allora Caves have stayed strong for over 1500 years, due to cannabis! The Allora Caves house over 34 temples welcoming three of India’s major religions. Scientists studying the area found cannabis within the Allora’s walls similar caves in neighboring regions have been destroyed by burrowing insects I think we all should make our houses’ out of hemp! I smell a revolution… and it smells dank. Thank you so much for watching this episode of Toke About It. That’s all I have for CannaBits this week. If you’d like to find any of the stories we toked about today, or my social media links, that’s all found in the description box below. I’d love for you guys to follow me on Instagram so we can get to know eachother better! Let’s be internet friends! Share this video, and let’s give them something to toke about. *groovy music*

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