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Capítulo: Vamos a buscarlo | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

Capítulo: Vamos a buscarlo | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

DO NETWORK You’re 11 years old? Yes. You’re so courageous. Why are you being
so courageous? I want my mom to quit working
as a stripper. It’s a degrading job. I used to be married
to this guy. He introduced me
to drugs and alcohol and even brought
other women home. We’d have threesomes. She loved it. You should ask him
about his beatings! He put my life
and my baby’s life at risk. You’re having a baby? Yes, ma’am. How far along are you? Seven months. I can’t tell. English writer John Galsworthy
once said, “The value of a sentiment
is the amount of sacrifice you are prepared
to make for it.” Hello and welcome
toCase Closed.Did you get that? “The value
of one’s sentiment…” We need to gauge
people’s sentiments, because not all of them
are genuine. Let’s see how this relates
to today’s first case. Please bring out the litigants. I don’t think
it’s fair for her to be making
all the sacrifices when there’s someone else that should be
taking responsibility. All I’m worried about
and interested in is his mental stability. Everything else is covered. Good afternoon. -Good afternoon, ma’am.
-Good afternoon. Jesus. How old are you, Jesus? 11. You’re 11 years old. Is this woman your mother? Yes. Did you authorize Jesus
to be here today in order to sue you? Yes, ma’am. I’d like to have
this issue settled. Okay. Alright. Tell me why you’re suing
your mother Alejandra and what you demand in order
to settle this conflict. I’m suing my mother because I need to know
where my father is. – BIEN. YO ESTOY DEMANDANDO A MI
DÓNDE ESTÁ MI PAPÁ Y QUE PAGUE I demand that he pay for all
these years of child support. I also want my mom to quit
working as a stripper. So you’re 11 years old, huh? Yes. Back when I was 11… Is he really 11 years old? Yes, ma’am.
He’s a very bright child. You’re so courageous. Why are you being
so courageous? I demand change. Is it in your nature
to confront things in such a direct manner? Yes. – SÍ.
DE QUE TU MAMÁ ESSTRIPPER? How’d you find out
that your mother is a stripper? Let me explain. A few weeks ago… Well, I have a friend
named Jean Franco. He has an older brother. His older brother threw
a party recently. FIESTA Y EN LA FIESTA ELLOS
DOCTORA: UJUM. They hired a stripper
for the party. Jean Franco got home earlier
than expected and he realized that
the stripper was my mother. And he told you. The following day at school, he told me he’d seen my mom
strip dancing. What did you do when
your friend told you this? I didn’t know
how to react. I was in shock. I needed someone… I don’t know. REACCIONAR, ESTABA ENSHOCK,
with my mother. Did you speak to her? Did you think about
talking things out? No. In that moment, I decided I wanted nothing
to do with her. To make matters worse,
the rumor got around school and all of my friends
found out, too. After that happened,
I called my nanny… And you told her, too. – ¿HUM?
– SÍ.
– Y SE LO CUENTAS. Yes, I did. My mom arrived later
that afternoon and I had to… You had to confront her. OTRO REMEDIO, SINO…
INFORMACIÓN QUE TÚ TENÍAS. What’d she say? What was your conversation
with her like? She sat me down
and told me that she was indeed
a stripper. She needed the money
as a means of providing for me. It was the only way
she could pay for my violin lessons
and baseball. You take violin lessons? Yes. So you spoke
to your mother and she admitted
to what was going on. During her explanation,
she also mentioned that this was partially
my father’s fault. It appears,
according to what she told me, TAMBIÉN ESTÁ PASANDO POR MI PAÁA
QUE ELLA ME COMENTÓ, MI PAPÁ that my dad is actually
my uncle. I’m going to sit
back down now. I can tell that you’re in full command
of the situation. Let’s keep talking. So your father
is your uncle. Yes, my father
is married to my aunt. What did you tell your mother
once you found out? I didn’t know
how to react. I did notice
that she missed me, though. She seemed really sad. NECESITABA VOLVER A LA CASA CON
SENTÍA TRISTE, ¿NO? I went back home
and everything was fine again. I started looking for ideas,
for ways… ways to solve this issue. I don’t want my mom
to be stripper anymore. I’m being bullied at school and I also think
it’s a degrading job for her. I know it’s just a job and there are lots of people
who do it… But it’s different
when it’s your mom, right? Exactly. I agree. It’s not the same. What’s your solution
for this? The solution
I decided on, which is the reason
why I’m suing… is for my father
to assume responsibility. He’s living here
in the US now. My mother told me
when she explained everything. So you demand
that he pay child support. LA CHARLA MI MAMÁ ME LO COMENTÓ.
– POR LOS 11 AÑOS Y DE QUE AQUÍ Yes. For the 11 years
he’s been absent and for
the seven years remaining. Perfect. Sounds good to me. Besides, it’s your right. It’s your right to receive
child support. Quick question before
I ask your mother to respond. RECIBIR MANUTENCIÓN. AHORA, UNA
MAMÁ RESPONDA. Yes? Will this make you
want to meet him and form a relationship
with him? It depends on whether
or not he’s changed. My mother says
he’s an alcoholic and a jerk. Therefore, if he has changed…
then sure. If he hasn’t, then no. So that’s still pending. Right. Okay, understood. Let’s take a quick break,
Alejandra. – SÍ.
UN CORTO RECESO, ALEJANDRA, Y A When we come back,
I’d like you to respond. We’ll be right back
after this short break. I don’t want them to meet. I don’t want that man
anywhere near my son. He mentioned his father
is his uncle. Who is he? One night, he arrived… Hey!
Don’t listen in. Cover your ears. CASE CLOSED Jesus is suing
his mother Alejandra. He wants to know where
his biological father is so that he can start
paying child support, including 11 years
of retroactive child support. He claims that
with the extra income, his mother will be able
to quit her current job. He found out
about her profession in a rather
uncomfortable manner, to say the least. He found out through
a classmate of his that his mother works as
a stripper to make ends meet. Why don’t you tell him
his father’s name? Where is this man?
He needs to pay child support. Ma’am, first of all,
I’m extremely proud of my son. He’s a brilliant kid. I’m sure you realized this. This is a really difficult
situation for me. I don’t want them to meet. I don’t want that man
coming near him. He said he’s his uncle.
Who is he? He’s an aggressive,
alcoholic man. Is he his uncle? Yes. The circumstances
through which this happened are quite shameful. I used to live
with my sister. She’s ten years
older than me. So he’s your sister’s husband. He’s my sister’s husband, yes. – EL ESPOSO, EL MARIDO DE MI
DOCTORA: BIEN. He’s ten years older
than me, too. I used to live with them. I’ve known him
since I was a little girl. I always noticed
that he stared at me too much. As I grew up, I felt really
uncomfortable around him. You never want to believe
that the person will cross those boundaries. Exactly. I’d go to the kitchen
and he’d go to the kitchen. At night, I could feel him
hovering around. I refused to realize it… And your sister
never caught on to this? She’s really submissive. She’s submissive
with him, especially. He’s violent towards her. He’d always
get home drunk. My sister knows
he has mistresses, but she refuses
to break up her family. The things people do… -May I?
-Come here. The things people do
to stick to their ideals of what a family should be. That’s not the way
you do it, people. Ma’am, I don’t want him
to listen. One night, he arrived… Hey! Don’t listen in. Cover your ears. Ma’am, listen. I was alone one night
and he came into my room. I asked him
what he was doing there, but he just jumped on me
and covered my mouth. He raped me. He told me
not to tell anyone. I was really young
at the time. I was 18.
I didn’t know what to do. I was paralyzed. JOVEN; YO TENÍA 18 AÑOS, NO
PARALIZADA. Okay. I was afraid. My sister refuses
to tear her family apart. I had no place else to live. Okay. Listen up. What happened when you
found out you were pregnant? I found out I was pregnant
a few weeks later and I went crazy. I had nowhere to
go. I was desperate. The only thing I could think of was telling
a close family member, but my only living family member
QUE ES MI HERMANA. So you told her? I came up to her
and told her. She called me a slut. She didn’t believe me. She thought I had come on
to her husband. I ran to my room
and started crying. I wanted to get an abortion. I planned to do everything
possible to end my pregnancy. A few moments later,
she knocked on my door. She said she refused to let me
terminate my pregnancy. She practically raised me. I’m almost like
a daughter to her. She loves kids.
Babies are her weakness. So she insisted
that you carry it to term. Yes, she did. I was desperate not to. Can you imagine? Once I gave birth
to my son, she said we had to
present him to a judge and register him. I was furious
about the whole situation. I was just a girl back then. I was 18 at the time,
but they had raised me. I had nowhere else to go. So he registered him. Yes, he did. He has his last name. After that,
I moved to a friend’s house and I started working
and moving forward in life. I put in an application for
a US visa and residency. I applied multiple times
and was finally granted one when he was seven years old. I wanted a better future for us. Okay. So then you came to the US. You can go back now. So you arrived in the US
about three years ago. Yes, three years ago. You know what life
as an immigrant is like. It’s really difficult. I thought it was going
to be different. Before I left, I showed up
at my sister’s house and asked them
to sign an authorization to be able to bring him here
and they did. Right. I started looking for a job, but since I didn’t know English and I had no connections,
I got a job at a cafeteria. I wasn’t earning enough
to support us both. I needed to pay for my son’s
schooling and transportation. I didn’t account for all the
things one needs to pay here. Insurance, car insurance, gas… I worked at the cafeteria
for some time but once I noticed
that finances got too tight, I started looking
for another job. One of my coworkers
saw how desperate I was and told me she worked
as a dancer at a strip club. I decided to try out. At first, I was terrified,
but after a while, I gave in. I didn’t want that job. Let’s be honest. It’s a job
that pays well. -It does pay well.
-And it pays upfront. Okay. Did anyone bring
any witnesses? I did. Okay. We still have to talk
to your mother a bit more. Let’s take a quick break. We’ll be right back
with this amazing case. You have their address,
don’t you? You do have the address.
Don’t deny it. Come. – SÍ LA TIENES. NO ME DIGAS
VEN. LO ÚNICO QUE TIENES QUE Your only fear should be
not having the address. Give me the address! CASE CLOSED If you’re just tuning in now, I’m going to give you a quick
rundown of the facts. Stay tuned so you can appreciate
the depth of this case. Jesus is 11 years old. He demands to know the address of his biological father because he wants this man
to pay for child support in order to alleviate his
mother’s financial burden. He just recently found out that his mother
works as a stripper in order to support him. He considers it to be
a rather degrading job. Those are the facts
behind the case. So his father never paid
any child support. No, ma’am.
Never. I never told him
where I was or… But they know
you’re here in the US. Yes, they do. And I’m sure you’re aware
that they’re here, too. ESTOY AQUÍ.
ESTÁN AQUÍ. Okay. You have their address, right? Of course you do.
Don’t lie. You’re a young,
intelligent woman. I know you are. You know
where they are. But I refuse
to see them, ma’am. Listen to me. He’s a crazed man. I understand that. -What if he tries to take him?
-What if he’s changed? What if he takes him
and becomes a bad influence? I’ve worked too hard
TENIDO CON ÉL? Alejandra, you can’t shield
your son from the world. He’s going to come across
a lot of crazed people in his life. That doesn’t mean he’s going
to get thrown off course. I don’t want them to meet. Bring out
the plaintiff’s witness. I understand. However, his father
still has a legal obligation to pay child support. Your son is right
in that sense. His father must pay
for child support. I’ve given him
everything he needs. LA MANUTENCIÓN.
NECESITA NADA. He doesn’t need
anything else! That doesn’t matter! I’ll work overtime
if necessary. It’s not just the work you do,
it’s your schedule. I only see you
in the mornings. Exactly. You want to spend
more time with her. If she worked less, you’d be able to spend
more time with her. Good afternoon. Hello, ma’am.
Good afternoon. Your name is Rebeca. Yes. -How are you?
-Fine, thank you. Who are you? I take care of Jesus. -Oh, so she’s your nanny.
-Yes. That’s great. I’ve been taking care of Jesus
for two years now. I’m here because I’m quite conflicted
about their situation, especially his. You knew the truth all along. Yes.
Her and I talk a lot. You two get along well. CONFIANZA CON ELLA.
AMBAS: SÍ. Yes. I spend much more time
with him, though. Particularly at night. I often feel that he misses
his mother at night. He’d like to have her around
for help with homework A ÉL LE HACE FALTA LA COMPAÑÍA
HACER LA TAREA, PARA COMPARTIR or just to watch movies together
and play games. He needs more affection. Particularly at night. He sometimes wakes up scared
in the middle of the night and I have to comfort him
back to sleep. I feel she should
spend more time with him. So what you’re saying is, despite his level of maturity,
he’s still a child. He’s only 11. He needs time
with his mother. Or is it that you want
to have a father? It’s a serious question. Goodness, no… You want a father. ALEJANDRA: ¡NO, HIJO, POR DIOS!
UN PADRE. Yes. You need a paternal figure. Yes. Perhaps if your mother
had more free time off of work, she’d be able
to meet a nice guy who you could
spend time with. Do you realize
you’re depriving him of a father figure? I don’t want him to… He needs to pay
for these past 11 years. Do you really
want to meet him after all these years
of neglect? Bring out
Dr. Madeline Hernandez, please. I’m going to need
that address. I don’t have
their address, ma’am. Yes, you do. Aren’t you happy with me? Why do you want to be
with that man? This isn’t a matter
of happiness. It’s as simple as this. He wants to spend
more time with you, but you need to work
many hours in order to provide him with
an adequate quality of life. However, you’re depriving him
of one of the greatest things you can bestow a child with. Your time. Given what you’ve seen here, how would you analyze
this situation? Here we have
a very mature boy. His intellect
is highly advanced. I think he should be able
to meet his father. I can tell that he’s worried
about his mother. I also feel that he has
a strong need to know who his father is. It’s normal for children
to feel curious about this. They know when a parent
is missing in their lives. For him,
it’s psychologically important. As you said,
it’s up to him to decide whether or not he wants
a relationship with his father. SI QUIERE TENER UNA RELACIÓN CON
– YO TAMBIÉN LO CREO. Y TÚ NO I agree. You shouldn’t be afraid. You should only be afraid if you don’t give me
that address. Give me the address. You had it ready! Okay. Look. Here’s how I want to manage
this situation. Let’s see if we
can agree on this. At the end of the day,
you’re the plaintiff and I’m the presiding judge. I have what you want
right here, but I’d like to follow
a certain protocol. I’d like to give Production
his contact info and have them contact
your father. I’d like to ask your father
VENGA AQUÍ… No, ma’am.
– …Y ARREGLEMOS ESTO AQUÍ. We can settle this here. Is there another way to do this
that wouldn’t involve…? If he tries to hurt us,
we’ll come here, tell Ms. Polo about it,
and she’ll lend us a hand. Ignacio and Roberto
are here as backup. Listen closely. Don’t try to avoid
the inevitable. The day you decided
to have this child, who turned out to be
a true blessing, you knew deep down inside
that this moment would come. You knew he would want
to meet his father. Don’t avoid
the inevitable, okay? Let’s do it this way. Relax. Have faith. It’s your turn
to have a bit of faith. I rule in your favor. We will follow up
accordingly. For now,
this case is closed. We’ll open it back up to settle your
child support suit. Soon you’ll be able to spend
more time with your mother. Thank you, ma’am. It’s final.
Case closed! We’re going to take
a quick break. We’ll be right back
with more ofCase Closed.I used to be married
to this guy. He introduced me to drugs
and alcohol and even brought
other women home. We’d have threesomes. She loved it. You’d beat me, too! You should ask him
about his beatings! He put my life
and my baby’s life at risk. You’re having a baby? Yes, ma’am. EN PELIGRO.
– SÍ, SEÑORA. How far along are you? Seven months. I can’t tell. I’m not the one
who’s pregnant. My wife is. CASE CLOSED

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