56 thoughts on “CAPTAIN MYSTERY WANTS A DATE | Wrestling With Emotions (Drunk)

  1. Everybody who is mad at him for drinking get a life and stop criticizing him for drinking he is a grown man so fuck off

  2. 4:35 Jack: answers that and starts dancing
    Me: There's too much gay! Too much already! I never thought there could be too much gay for me but apparently I'm too gay for this!
    Also me: If this is how he acts now… I have to watch him play Dream Daddy. Yes.

  3. Im not sure about this you're funny when drunk yes but you seem a little pervy tho. Jeez i can't imagine when he get full completely drunk

  4. Get and play WWE Wrestlemania XIX for the Gamecube! RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH and Remember….. Ate is just InfiniteT stood up! Also, when Radical Ray said "If you bagged a bodacious babe like moi, what would you do with my bod?" you should have chosen "Bronco Buster the night away, in the most gnarly way!" because a "Bronco Buster" is a move that looks like your opponent is sucking your balls. That's the Sea Slug/Gary from Shark Dating Simulator XL's finisher, LOL!

  5. Jack if you're drunk I swear you don't going to be the bonus 10 of a better YouTuber you're not your the same

  6. I enjoyed this based on the sheer fact that I love WWE, I want jack to play another wrestling game because a lot of them are really wacky, there's even a wrestling made by the same person who made Hard Time, Wrestling Revolution was it?

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