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Cardio Kickboxing : Cardio Kickboxing Hand Movements

Cardio Kickboxing : Cardio Kickboxing Hand Movements

In this section we’re going to go over the
basic hand movements in Kickboxing. The first is the jab. He’s coming out with his fists
at a horizontal angle. And you see his stance here is shoulder width and he’s got his left
leg forward, if he’s a right handed fighter. The next movement is the cross. He’s coming
across his body with his back hand. So what makes a jab a jab is that it comes off of
the hand that corresponds with the lead leg. And the cross, crosses your body from the
back fist. There’s also the hook. He’s coming around in a rounded motion, towards the face
or the ribs; and the upper cut, coming out towards the chin. And you see he’s pivoting
on his back heel to give him the extra power in his body and his movement instead of just
punching from his hand. So once again, there’s the jab, the cross, the hook and the upper
cut. Another basic strike is also the elbow. It can come horizontally or diagonally from
above the opponent’s body. So there’s also an upward elbow. So there’s horizontal, diagonal
and upward. And those are the basic hand movements of Kickboxing.

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