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Carlos Silva: UFC Sale Brings MMA into the Major Leagues

Carlos Silva: UFC Sale Brings MMA into the Major Leagues

time to bring in the man the myth and
yes the legend the CEO of the world series of fighting Carlos Silva hello Carlos how you doing tonight? -Doing very well sir well you have been part of a lot of
major deals in the broadcasting industry when it comes to sports and
entertainment on the heels of what is the biggest
story in MMA history the sale of the ultimate fighting championship for four
billion dollars give us your perspective and your
take. -yeah you know it’s interesting because recently I heard that the
Cowboys were valued at four billion dollars and you know if you’ve grown
up here and sport the cowboys are america’s team and
they’re the sort of the benchmark around a value in sport and the UFC is just as
big and I think it it brings mma right up there in to the major
leagues the top five if you put you know the UFC and Bellator or and world series
of fighting into this sport called mma you know look it’s right there and I
think it’s amazing the job that they’ve done you know over the last 15-20 years
building it and it’s you know it’s a blockbuster deal there’s no doubt about it. How shocked
were you at the price four billion dollars? you know we’ve heard about it for you
know so many weeks now and you’ve heard different groups involved with WME IMG
was always there but there was a bunch of other groups that were in or out or
not in it at all I think what I was shocked about
isn’t that may be all of us had heard about it sort of inside MMA if you will but I was shocked at the
number like even the friends the family buddies of mine that don’t know anything
necessarily about the sport saying “oh my god I had no idea that that the UFC
and you know that mma was so popular in America” it’s like yeah guys like now you
understand what i do and i I’m glad you finally get it and look thanks to the
New York Times for doing that because when it’s in the New York Times it it
reaches that stature and that’s what happened on Monday when it got released is there any question as to the global
impact over me i know i I don’t I don’t know why other than it would just
continues to be sort of a big seal of approval that MMA is a major sport across I mean you name him
boss you know we were talking earlier about you know soccer and premier league
or the NFL and the NBA and all the get all the big leagues i think now you’ve
got the biggest player in what we all knew was a big sport now being told by
industry and the biggest entertainment you know I company and at the one that
makes stars is said this is worth four billion dollars and I think it just
shows that you know there’s not just Cristiano Ronaldo’s and others in that
guys like Conor McGregor and and other MMA stars can be on that platform and i
think it’s interesting what do you think the trickle-down effect is going to be
for organizations like world series of fighting and the fact that you have a
relationship with IMG handles your international distribution is this a
positive for wsof in the big picture I i absolutely and it’s a positive for
ma I think it’s a positive for wsof when we are in business with with WME IMG
they distribute our shows around the world they’ve been a great partner I’ve worked
with them for years and years from from my Olympics past and so I know them well
and along with what we do with NBC and NBC sports network on I just think I
were one that were one of the big three I even if we’re you know obviously below
that the UFC that is undoubtedly the NFL the space and we sort of show them you
know show and tell everybody that they built
the sport and and appreciate that they did but yeah I think it helps think it
helps what we all do in MMA and I think as a
result wsof benefits from it the two brothers are going to face each other. They’re not blood-related for what I understand they’re adopted their
adopted but grew up together from kids and and it’s a pretty interesting fight
Bas yeah i heard Phoenix Phoenix Jones right
I saw him fighting actually on youtube so police officers allowed this big
bully at the police step back and I said okay you guys can roll it out well the police’s watching is the
craziest thing ya know I think it’s a it it’s been coming together for a while
there’s obviously some tension there that may be all of us don’t really know
about and now they’re gonna finally you know
get into the get into the cage up and up in Everett Ray Sefo I think you know you we all
know Ray Sefo Ray Sefo as our president and matchmaker and Ray kind of worked it
with the with the brothers and you know Caros had fought earlier in the year down
in Memphis for us and he he got them together and it’s going to be a I think
it’d be a great fight there’s some great buzz in the marketplace about it nice i think it speaks to a question
that I think will will come about when WME IMG and it’s entertainment
background takes over the UFC but even with you as a promoter and and knowing
the space you’re now in these I don’t want to say necessarily gimmick type
fights but again this is a rarity it’s a four-door vs for her brother vs. brother
is that the philosophy that you think will take over the sport or the rankings
and the the purest spirit of competition still matter in the long run do you
think well you know I i I’ve been in I’ve been in sports my whole career so I
i really think the interesting thing that’s happened MA in the last five or
eight years has been that it really is a sport there’s rules there’s regulations were
protecting the fighters we don’t want fighter you know that the referees are
jumping in and and stopping about a time where they’re going to protect the
fighters and I think that’s critical for the mass market that it’s it’s a sport
and I think that’s what’s happened over the last five to eight years so look
will they continue to build stars look at some I think that is the most
important the NFL’s a sport and Tom Brady’s the biggest star and Tom Brady’s
married – gizelle and they’re you know they’re what it’s all about and that’s
okay he’s the greatest may be the greatest
quarterback everybody’s still but he’s already in the NFL i thinkin ma the the
you know what we see with conor mcgregor even ronda rousey their supernovas but
how long do they last on top and then where do the next stars come from i
think that’s the the question that’s been alright that’s part of sports and
entertain ya how do we build how do we build stars
and sort of the agony and defeat that they go through as stars and I think look there’s no one better on the planet
then WM w me IMG to do that and I think they’re going to take what is now become
a top five sport in the world and start to cultivate that so that maybe it’s there’s not just Rhonda and connor
and a few others there’s maybe more and you know and we think we’re part of
that yeah yeah yeah

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8 thoughts on “Carlos Silva: UFC Sale Brings MMA into the Major Leagues

  1. hopefully fighters can get atLEAST 6 figures now, all of them..or ATLEAST give the fighters salaries instead of just fight purses

  2. They will sell the UFC for far less within the next five years. This sale will not bring MMA into the mainstream, it will hurt it far more than anyone thinks. Also Dana White will quit within the first year when he's told to not do something that he has gotten away with for the last fifteen years. After that, they'll start to try to fix fights, bank on it.

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