10 thoughts on “Carmela Pesacane fights (lady vs man) in Pattaya boxing bar

  1. Uhm is she even a fighter, the punches were completely wrong(and insanely slow, even female teen boxers punch harder)? And you loose all stamina with this movement, especially with her build(muscles and fat).

  2. Dude fights like an idiot.
    Who the hells let his hands down like that and allows himself to be punched? And those sloppy hooks are more proper of a drunk Joe in a bar than from a trained fighter.

  3. ในอดีต ผมเคย ต่อยมวยอยู่บาร์เบียร์พัทยาใต้ ถนนเลียบชายหาด

  4. His strategy was to let her punch herself out. He's letting her hit him because she is a girl but also because they are wearing pillows for gloves. This is why he was just going for liver shots to tire her

  5. She is nothing to the man. He was taking her punches as a lollipop. He gave her immense chance. But if she had given him a single chance he knocked her out with a single punch.😃😃😃😃

  6. All this said it was visible both are trained fighters, even if the exhibition match wasnt good nor enjoable for anybody….

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