Done! I told you it would be quick. -I’m going home.
-Why? We’ll reschedule.
You’re not feeling well. No, it’s all taken care of. I always go at this time. Don’t worry. Do you have another bathroom? Use this one. Go on. You just used it. We’re still
getting to know each other. -It could be a turn off.
-Don’t worry. Go on. I don’t want to dive headfirst in your shitcloud. No, there’s not… -It doesn’t go up, babe.
-Did you light a match? It’s even worse.
It smells like smoked shit. I didn’t. You can go in. -Trust me.
-We just met. -I really like you.
-It’s not the right time. Easy. Just breathe. -Relax.
-I don’t want to. Knock it off. Look. This is where
the magic happens. This is great!
What did you do here, César? Let’s just say
I did number two. -In here? No way.
-Just now. Look at this. No way. César. César, look in here! It smells like rain. -Lemon grass.
-Yeah. It’s opened up my airways. I had bronchitis
before I used FreeCo. 5 sprays right before
you push it out and… It reminds me of my childhood
in my grandparents’ house in Mauá. With the tutti-frutti one, it’s like
taking a shit with Balão Mágico. -Oh, stop.
-What? César, you fold the tip
of the toilet paper? -My mother was very strict.
-I can see that. No hairs on the soap. The carpet is symmetrical. Come here. Sit down. It’s so warm. I warmed it up for you. I slid my hands on it
and went like… -I’m in love.
-Nah… I have OCD with bathrooms.
It’s my thing. -I don’t know what to say.
-Are you more comfortable now? Does that answer you? You’re crazy. You’re so hot. Oh, but the smell.
We had to spray it before. Don’t worry. It’s like a Melissa Store
in the middle of the forest. And he just came back
from a buffet. -I can’t believe it.
-He’s coming to pee. Hi, babe. Don’t lift the toilet.
Show her your skills. Hold on. Guys, I’m here in César’s bathroom.
Patrícia’s hooking up with him. Here we go. Look. This is great!
Ask him to fart, Patrícia. Fart, babe. You can’t smell it! -There’s no splash.
-At all! -I can get this close.
-Nothing will happen. Look.

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