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Cat Lovers Answer Boxers or Briefs | 2016 Mens Fashion in Underwear

Cat Lovers Answer Boxers or Briefs | 2016 Mens Fashion in Underwear

Hey guys, it’s Daniel X Miller for the
Underwear Expert and today we’re running around Hollywood to ask cat lovers all
over the city our favorite question… Boxers or briefs? Today’s episode is brought to you by the
Underwear Expert’s Curated Underwear Club. Use promo code CATS30 for 30% off your
first month when you sign up. What’s your name? My name is Steven. What’s the cat’s name? His name is Frito. ( Cat meow) Awe, he doesn’t want to be on camera. Chris. Nice to meet you Chris. And it looks like we have someone here. Yah, this is Boris. Boris? Yah. Eric. Nice to meet you Eric. And I see we have a little kitty here. Yes this is Cat. This is Cat. Hi Cat. So, it looks like there’s fur on your
shirt… So can you take off your shirt? Ok, take off my shirt… So, Frito’s a little camera-shy. What kind of
cat is he? Um, he’s a maine coon. He’s a Russian blue. Which is why he’s got the name Boris. Female Abyssinian mix. (Long meow) Mm-hmm. So how old is Cat? Cat is about two years old. I got her about a year and a half ago. Fourteen. Fourteen?! Wow that’s a long time. And how long have you had him? I’ve had him about 8 years. Yah I got him when I was in college. Yeah, that’s why he was so shy. He’s a
rescue cat. So we have a favorite question we love to ask everybody and that is what is your preference, Boxers or briefs? Boxers or briefs? Boxers or briefs? I generally don’t wear underwear. If I have
to wear underwear, I will generally wear compression. Briefs. Just holds everything
together better and keeps it all tight and right. Boxer briefs. Boxer briefs? Usually
they’re the most comfortable. Why do you choose to not wear underwear?
It feels good. Yeah, cause it’s, like, free? What about a favorite brand? My
favorite brand? Well, I always wear Marco Marco. Ya know, gotta rep the bestie. Under Armour and Nike make good stuff. I like Rounderbum and then D. Hedral. I’m guessing you’re wearing D. Hedral by the way you move. I didn’t mean to give it away! What about a color? I like really bright colors. Black. Always black. Safe bet. Black, black, black all the way. Black. Usually. I just like it simple. What are you wearing today? I’m wearing Marco Marco. I’m wearing compression. Oh, you did decide to put some on? I did put some on. Great. I’m wearing black briefs by D. Hedral.
Can I get a peek of those? Just a peek? Yah. I mean… So why did you choose those today?
They’re really comfy. The one’s that he makes that are one of a kind are super
soft. Because I’m not wearing a belt and they give me a little lift from the back. So that’s why I chose to wear them today with these oversized shorts. Because I don’t generally wear underwear and it was a jockstrap or compression. I would have chose the jockstrap. So we have a question that we love to
stump everybody with… and that is What do you think you’re underwear says
about you? You know, I’m fun and sporty. I think that my underwear says I’m energetic a little mild to wild and extremely clean. I don’t know? Clean and simple. Clean and simple I guess, yeah. Except for the ones
I’m wearing right now which are flamboyant and fun. So that’s it for today’s episode of Boxers or Briefs. And in case you’re wondering, today i’m wearing trunks by C-IN2 which I got from the curated underwear club. Be sure to use promo code CATS30 for 30% off your first month. But what about you? What kind
of underwear do you wear when you’re kicking it with your kitty? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed today’s video give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel
for more content like this. I’m Daniel X Miller for the Underwear

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100 thoughts on “Cat Lovers Answer Boxers or Briefs | 2016 Mens Fashion in Underwear

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  2. the guy with the shy cat, well i know he is light years out of my league :b but we can only dream, he is so great looking and seems as a nice guy.

  3. this is so lame. no real reviews this is more like a interview for finding a date. not an underwear blogger expert

  4. This has to be the the best job danielxmiller considering your gay. You get to see guys in their underwear! You are so lucky! XD

  5. I'm sorry I'm watching all these videos and I'm starting to get a hard on for Daniel. That nigga is stealing my heart!

  6. Omg the guy with a Russian blue named Boris made me so sad I had the same kind of cat with the same name that died 2 years ago 😢

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