Cejudo Vs. Dillashaw: Top Three Fights To Watch On UFC on ESPN+ 1

the first UFC event of 2019 is being
held in Brooklyn New York and is headlined by a flyweight title fight
between TJ Killa shot Dillashaw and Henry the champion the
messenger Cejudo and it’s the first time that the UFC is going to be broadcast on
ESPN I for one am super pumped about it but here are my top three fights that I
think you need to pay attention to beyond the main event number three
gregor the gift Gillespie vs. Yancy Medeiros and a lightweight showdown
during the main card portion Medeiros has experienced a lot of ups and downs
during a lengthy career with the UFC heck he has even experienced a
rollercoaster of success in individual bouts like his 2017 fight of the year
scrap against Brazilian cowboy Alex Oliveira overall he has been awarded a
post fight bonus on five separate occasions before his last loss which was
to Donald Cerrone he was on a streak of three impressive finished victories in a
row of his 15 professional victories 12 of them were finishes he has surprising
power in his hands and a kind of creative submission game perhaps my
favorite thing about him is that he does not have great defense as a fan of the
sport you’ve got to appreciate guys who have large amounts of toughness but have
suspect defense because it makes for violent Affairs that are full of ebb and
flow his opponent Gillespie has absorbed less than half as many strikes as
Medeiros per minute and has never absorbed a defeat in his mixed martial
arts career in five trips to the Octagon Gillespie has four stoppage victories
and three post fight bonuses an absolutely incredible start to a UFC
career as a division 1 all-american wrestler you’d expect his MMA grappling
and top control to be fierce which it is but he isn’t one of those guys who just
wants to win with control time he has nasty ground-and-pound plus I love how
he is always looking to improve his position if you’re a fan of prospects
who put delicious ground transitions on display and will likely be in
championship contention one day you’ve got to love this guy Gillespie is a
gigantic favorite in this matchup but whatever ends up happening this fight is
going to be a great time number two John of stone Lineker versus Cory Sandhagen
John Lineker will be on the top three lists every time he fights until
he retires I mentioned the lack of defense being fun to watch
well linacre is that way as well he likes to eat a shot to the head and then
fire back his gigantic bungalow fist in a hook form to the body or the head of
his opponent early and often usually this approach deters his opponents from
throwing at him and then he takes over sure he lacks takedown defense but he
makes up for it by being more the absolute most exciting fighters on the
UFC’s roster Sam Hagen has only two UFC opponents under his belt but he is just
as many finishes and his last performance was fight of the night
worthy in that bout he fought his way out of one of the nastiest unsuccessful
arm bars I’ve ever seen the grit that this guy has is unparalleled
most fight fans agree that Sanh Hagen has a lot of potential to become a
household name at 135 pounds this fight guarantees violence and will likely see
a finish plus aesthetically it’s gonna be a bit weird because Linacre is almost
a foot shorter than san hagen that adds to like the circus nature of mixed
martial arts and number one donald the cowboy Cerrone versus alexander
Hernandez Cerrone is a household name and is one of the most popular fighters
in UFC history to have never been a champion whether it’s a highlight reel
level super Sayan combination TKO finish like he dazzled fans with against Rick
story or snatching incredibly quick submissions like he did his last time
out against platinum parry cowboy is always entertaining he has the most wins
in UFC history the most finishes in UFC history and second most post fight
bonuses in Zuffa history with those accolades alongside his persona it would
be criminal for me not to put him on this list the reason this fight is in
the top spot is because of all of what I just said but also because Cowboys
opponent Hernandez is on a breakneck rise to the top of the lightweight
division in just two appearances Hernandez has
quickly dispatched of been yelled are you Sh on short notice
via knockout and then handily outclassed Olivier Tobin Mercier there is so much
hype behind this 22 year old Brazilian Jujitsu brown belt who has a
bachelor’s degree in business finance according to wikipedia that he has been
as high as a minus 220 favorite over Cerrone in some books hernandez is quick
out of the gate Cerrone is a slow starter which could spell disaster for
the veteran but on the other hand cowboy has hogtied youngsters who are a bit too
big for their britches on a few occasions in the past
I predict a highlight reel addition to happen regardless of who wins and I
cannot wait to see how it plays out thank you so much for making it to this
point in the video my question this time is how do you feel about Greg Hardy
making his UFC debut at hashtag UFC Brooklyn tell me about that in the
comment section down below give the video a thumbs up and I will see you
during the SP nation MMA post fight show for UFC fight night 143 namaste

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