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Chael Sonnen talks Conor McGregor bus attack…

Chael Sonnen talks Conor McGregor bus attack…

Oh This Conor News is a, this is a mess from a lot of different angles you know? Start at the beginning here, and I’m only I’m only as good as the information We’ve got right now, so by the time you guys see this. I suppose it could change, but is Chiesa gonna fight? I don’t know how bad Chiesa is, I called him, straight to voicemail. I’m sure everybody in the world that knows him has been calling him today. Straight to voicemail, Apparently glass in his face and some blood was involved. He was bleeding, and If you watch the video he even says ‘I don’t want to touch my face.’ Anybody that’s ever dealt with glass, you go to rub something, you dig it in a little deeper, so good awareness by Chiesa. But what’s that mean? I’m speculate. What’s that mean? Is there glass in his, is his face cut? Does it go in his eye, and he doesn’t even know it’s in there yet until he gets to the doctor? I mean you’re dealing with some stuff that a commission is going to step in and Say the fight’s off, if it’s anything like that. So that there it takes one angle, that’s not good. Secondly, on the Conor thing, you know I’m seeing all this– I don’t know a ton about drugs, and I’m seeing all these people saying, ‘Oh, he was coked out He was clearly coked out. You could see his eyes.’ I don’t know a lot about that, I looked right at his eyes from the video. It’s not the world’s greatest video. I didn’t see that, I didn’t see what other people saw in his eyes. I’m not sure where the cocaine comes from, So let’s throw that one out. But let’s look at this a little bit more intelligently. Look, if if you’ve watched the news for 10 minutes in the last five months, For eight minutes, You saw the decision-maker saying, ‘We do not want people coming in here from foreign countries that are going to do bad things.’ That Narrative, any channel you want to do it, and this does get forgot sometimes, Conor’s a guest. Conor’s working on a, what’s it called, a P13 visa, P1C visa (Internationally Recognized Athlete). Either way, It’s privileged. If he gets some kind of a warrant out, He gets some kind of arrest where these, are these misdemeanors, and there are a whole bunch of them– You know, what did I hear? You got trespassing, he wasn’t invited to the Barclays Center. When he and his entourage came, he did not have a media day, so he didn’t have a credential somewhere– He stormed it, so okay, you get to hit him with a trespassing. Got the vandalism, that’s pretty clear. You’ve got assault, Depending on how bad things go for Chiesa. He’s rattled the lock, I mean you got vandalism, there’s a lot of big problems he’s gonna face. Are all of those misdemeanors? I mean, I haven’t got the foggiest idea. If any one of those is a felony, and I do know as far as assaults go it Comes down to the level of the injury. What’s Chiesa gonna do? Is Chiesa gonna just let the commission handle this and try to fight? Yeah, I know him pretty well. Yeah, that’s likely what he’s going to do. But what if they step in? What if they step in and go, ‘We don’t know about this, It’s too close to call, so we’re just gonna scrap it?’ Better bet your ass Chiesa’s gonna sue him Probably gonna sue him anyway. Probably gonna sue him anyway and win. But if he misses out on this fight, Has his license at all in jeopardy? There’s gonna be some lawsuits. You know, right now Conor’s gonna be grounded, even though He took private transportation to New York, if there’s a warrant out, that plane can’t leave the ground. If there is in fact a warrant out. There’s actually conflicting reports on that. Brett Okamoto’s come out And said, ‘No the police are still looking into it.’ But it hasn’t been official. So maybe Conor’s trying to get to that jet and get back to Ireland, but I’m gonna tell you right now, If he pulls that move, coming back into the states is going to be a problem until he can get this to go away. And I don’t know how long it lasts. I don’t know how serious anybody wants to get about it. I mean you never know, right? I don’t know. Does the bus company want to file a suit? Does Barclays wanna file a suit? Does the UFC want to file a suit? Does Chiesa want to file a suit? Is Chiesa the only one that’s injured from this? It’s all speculative, but it does go to a much higher level. I mean, that part of the story gets forgotten really easy. That Conor does not have a right to be here. It’s a privilege, and he does have to have the paperwork in place. So I just think there’s a lot more to this, Could complicate things, We’ll see where it goes.

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56 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen talks Conor McGregor bus attack…

  1. Finally,
    Khabib Nothinbutaminuteoff,
    got what he worked so hard for all these years. It takes a "special" type of fighter to win a belt like this. To enter into the contest with no threat of losing the match or belt and defeat NO champion.
    This guy truly deserves it. Perhaps we will witness him defend that belt by continuously dropping out of fights over and over again so nobody can win the belt which he did not win. Khabib Nothinbutaminuteoff the papers champion. Aka Chump Chump.
    Everyone fall in line the real chump is here.
    Mr Nothingbutaminuteoff. Do you have anything to say?
    "JES I JEW"
    Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor he must wait. Conor McGregor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor Conor McGregor

  2. Imagine if it was Jon Jones or another black guy that did this, we wouldn't be questioning what happens, we'd be interviewing them from jail

  3. and will connor's wife divorce him because he's a fucking moron who needlessly jeapordized their financial future. what a loser.

  4. If the UFC had any balls they'd strip Conor of all Titles and suspend him for a year and the US should revoke his visa

  5. Clearly Chael is familiar with this activity having seen his fair share on the mean streets of West Oregon

  6. If he really wanted to defend his chap….he would have went to the hotel where Khabib was staying, had them call his room or tweeted him and Kabib would have come down like a man and they could have gotten down…but this way was completely wrong and a bitch move.

  7. Yes, he's a guest here, but the money he makes for American businesses (not to mention tax revenue for Uncle Sam) FAR outweighs whatever damage he caused.
    Money is the bottom line, and it's the only thing Conor is going to lose from all of this. And he's got plenty of it.

  8. If khabib got out of bus, no way he would have made ufc 223 main event, a mot of people would agree that he made a smart move, now he can put that title on his shoulder and say f you mcchicks lol

  9. Conor McGregor
    21-3-0, 2 division champ, UFC
    0-1-0, Professional Boxing
    1-0-0, undefeated, undisputed king of fuckin up a bus.

  10. Chiesa is a fucking pussy he talks all this shit about "if he could get his hands on conor" Well conor shows up throws a Metal grate through a window, It breaks and makes him lose out on the fight AND the money. Then he sits on the bus and does nothing?

  11. He's not on drugs, Dipshits. Conner does what he wants you FUKN Nutt huggerz. He will NOT be convicted of any felony. He pays a big fine, pays off a few lowly fighters, Fights Khabib for 8 or 9 figures. You guys get to hold his Nuttz for whatever price he names..

  12. Those fighters and employees better sue the hell out of him. I wish I was there, I'd skull fuck him via a lawyer.

  13. I don't understand the law in the USA, when all this idiots with money they're aloud to do anything and the stupid judge tell him to pay only $50,000!!! What is for him??? Money pocket!!! He should put in jail!!!!! Any normal citizen will be in jail already!!!!

  14. How can a fighter, charged with doping and money laundering critize anything McGregor did? Just another bitter fighter, who is jealous of everything McGregor has achieved for the UFC and the money machine he has become.

  15. Chael,The cocaine issue is so obvious.. I've had my past problems fighting opiate issues myself so I'm not one to judge, but I've been saying it since he fought Aldo. Reason he is mad at Dana is because I'm SURE they've blown coke together before. Dana just probably slipped because he sees Conor losing control with it and slowly falling off a cliff. You can tell He has a very extreme addictive personality (I'm not a psychiatrist either lol). He needs to get his shit together to save his life at this point forget the legacy. I'm sure Chiesa was advised not to fight, since he'd make just as much suing Conor. Same reason Rosa considered not fighting as well. He got lucky UFC had record gate #s or their civil claim would have been massive (his lawyers can probably argue they !are more money with This stupid stunt of his if they try to use him saying he cost them pay per view $ for the last min cancelations). This will cost McChicken MILLIONS tho!

  16. A very dark day for MMA and UFC. I hope those who were injured by this crazy assault are OK. I have nothing but respect for the UFC and it's fighters. I hope the fans realize Connor's actions are not normal or acceptable by anyone in the MMA world. I would not want to be Dana White right now. I hope the kids who look up to McGregor do not think this was cool cause it's anything but.

  17. Very good point well made. He's going to struggle to get back into the States ever. His days in the US may well be over.

  18. Non American citizen Conor McGregor threatened life of American Citizens

    Jail time for Conor Mcgregor for 5 to 10 years
    Charge him with attempt murder, assault, threat on life , assault with a weapon
    Depart him from USA after jail time
    Put lien on all his belongings properties till he pays up

    William Morris Endeavor must sue him

    All injured people must sue him

    Ufc injured employee must sue him

    They must make an example of him so no one else will do anything like that in the future
    "Attempt murder " conviction for attempted murder requires a demonstration of an intent to murder, meaning that the perpetrator either tried to murder and failed

  19. And the most intelligent man in MMA speaks……seriously, listen to Mr. Sonnen. For a fighter, he is a remarkable human being!!

  20. Screw BK, Conor is about to be the new Mastercard commercial.
    Private Plane: $6,000,000
    Hiring people to bring to the UFC press conference: $50,000
    Using a Dolly to throw into bus window: $90
    Getting out on bail: $50,000
    The satisfaction of intimidation and terror: priceless

  21. he should be in prison! I thought the uk had a class system where the privileged get to do whatever they want……………well you have the same thing in the USA……….money talks!

  22. Chael is a damn beauty. Very intelligent, well spoken, asks all the good hard questions. He makes whatever he talks about sound interesting in his delivery, and he was a great fighter.

  23. Will the commission come after Connor with fines and suspensions like in the H20 bottle throwing party? Or is the commission not part of this cause he was not fighting???

  24. Give some credits to security people- cuz if they were not there-(and they stopped him throwing all metal stuff) McGregor will throw everything but kitchen sink at the bus' windows. Imagine- all windows broken, fighters bleeding and SWAT teams called on to stop the mass punch-up! McGregor in jumpsuit…smiling to the cameras…

  25. Connor's going nowhere regardless of what happens to him generally speaking. Another words this whole incident is way too much publicity to sen Connor on his way kicked out of the UFC and related associations. I agree with Michael bisping, they got to put together a Conor vs Khabib fight. Its way too lucrative not to at this point in time.

  26. Conor isn't even that great of a fighter… He hasn't defended his belts once.. he lost to Diaz first fight and at the end of second fight Diaz had him on the ground pounding him, the bell saved conor in that fight. He got lucky against Jose Aldo and never even had a rematch. He lost to Mayweather.. The guy has never won a fight that was a challenge other than the Diaz 2nd fight he barely won. Khabib will smash Conor.

  27. This guy should be on TV the whole time. Folk with trtaumatic brain injuries shouyld be encouifjjfdga;oijag;oiahgklhdfglidhfgklhfdanlidflg

  28. It's actually "felonious assault" since a weapon was used. Not sure how it'll play out but I'm interested to hear the outcome.

  29. Connor got around 100 million dollars. They wont last forever. And fuck that whiskey shit. After some time people will lose interest in him.

  30. You've been my absolute favorite in MMA for a long time. I'm super glad that you showed you have the ability to also break down a situation seriously and with a lot of thought. Love you 3000

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