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– Round two, with the Aussie guy versus the Thai guy. (bell rings) And there’s the bell. (electronic music) Everybody, it is the 22nd of Feb, 2018. Sorry about the weird lighting,
I’m actually in a tuk-tuk at the moment. It’s about eight o’clock at
night, so I’m heading to the Chiangmai Muay Thai Boxing Stadium. There’s a fight, there’s a
series of fights on tonight from 8:30pm or 9pm tonight. I’m not sure how many hours
it goes for, how many rounds, or how many fights there are. But it’s usually, probably gonna be three or four hours worth. So I’m gonna take you in,
get you some good exposure so you know what it’s like in there, and if you decide to come to Chiangmai you can definitely check it
out for yourself, as well, and you’ll have a bit of
an idea of what goes on. It’s the national sport as
you probably know, Muay Thai and it’s definitely, even
if you’re not into Muy Thai, it’s definitely worthwhile
checking out the sport and watching it, and
watching it at the stadium. So, let’s do this. He’s on Red Bull. Anyway, you like my tuk-tuk? It’s like a little nightclub in here. Sorry about the lighting, but it’s probably not
gonna get much better. Alright, let’s do this. Let’s do this. (electronic music) Alright, guys, just arrived here. 100 baht tuk-tuk ride. That’s my tuk-tuk just there, right. He just dropped me off just now. Behind me on my right-hand side, that’s the Chiangmai
Boxing Stadium, just there. And you can hear the music as well, that’s the typical music that they play when they’re, during a round,
Muay Thai round, but anyway. We’re here super early actually, but they’ve got some restaurants there. I might go and check out
couple of those restaurants and check out how much the
prices are for tickets. I believe they’re around
anywhere from 700 baht up to 1,500 baht, which is between 35, how much is that? About 20 or 30 Australian dollars up to about 40, 50 Australian dollars, you know, for the “front seats.” I’ll get that confirmed later on. Alright guys, I’m gonna take a little
tour before it all starts. And I’ll try to film it and get as close to
the action as possible. (electronic music) So I just bought my ticket, my 1,000 baht ticket for ringside access so I can run around and film. Everybody’s rocking up in
tuk-tuks and taxis and, look at that, another taxi’s
just pulled up right there. It is, what time is it? Almost nine o’clock, maybe
quarter-to-nine right now. Anyway, so I’ve got a
1,000 baht ringside ticket so I can round around and film. You can buy a 600 baht ticket, as I mentioned before, to get a seat that’s further away, but it’s very elevated. I’m not sure if you could hear me before, so I’ll just kind of
repeat myself a little bit. The background music was
intense back there inside. Anyways, so I highly recommend
getting the 600 baht ticket, because you’ll get really
good views of the ring. Behind me is a place where,
like a little restaurant bar, not a bar, like a pub. Place you can have like
a few beers and whatever before the matches, you know. And it’s really nice. I’m actually getting some popcorn and for 40 baht I’m getting
a little bit of popcorn. I haven’t had popcorn for a long time, so I’m getting popcorn,
so I know it’s funny. Thank you, thank you very much. Cheers. Yeah? (electronic music) So the fight is about to start. The first fight is about to start at five minutes from now at nine o’clock. (electronic music) (announcing in Thai) (electronic music) Alright, going into round two, with the Aussie guy versus the Thai guy. (bell rings) And there’s the bell. (electronic music) My card, I’m leaving, it’s crazy that this thing is failing, it’s not even recording anymore. So I’m trying this for the third time now, anyway so I’m leaving
the boxing stadium now, just finished watching the last, well, there’s a couple more fights, but I saw the Aussie guy
who beat the Thai guy in a knockout blow and it was
good to watch an Aussie win. I actually had a chat
to him behind the scenes and it didn’t record so I’m really pissed about that. Sometimes that kind of
thing happens, but anyway, I’ll show you the bit
of footage where he won, the final blow, and then that was it. Really good night. I’m wrecked. It’s 10 o’clock at night and I don’t have the energy
to stick around any longer, so I’m gonna leave. I saw the Aussie and I’m happy with that. And that’s it guys. I think I’ve said that like three times because I am wrecked. I’m repeating myself now. So definitely come down
to a Muay Thai fight if you’re in Chiangmai,
Bangkok, anywhere in Thailand. It’s the national sport, it’s
definitely worth checking out, it’s definitely worth, you
know, paying the 1,000 baht, whatever it is. If you can get 600 baht
tickets, fantastic. But definitely check it
out, it’s a good, fun night. And you get to see what it’s all about, and even maybe do one or two lessons here. Don’t have to be
incredibly fit, just do it, try it, one lesson, two lessons, beginner. I’m not any good myself but I
give it a shot anyway, I do. I give it my best effort. Anyway guys, that’s it. Hope you enjoy the video and
I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Ciao. (electronic music)

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2 thoughts on “CHIANG MAI BOXING STADIUM ADVENTURE | 21-02-2018

  1. The circumstances of that knockout blow were pretty weird! It was almost like his opponent was just walking aimlessly around the ring, and then the Aussie came in from the side and smacked him before the opponent realised what was going on! Looks like they have fights 6 nights a week so will definitely check it out whenever I get to Chiang Mai!

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